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Call for Contributions for a Book entitled: Teaching with Team Projects in Higher Education To be published by: Informing Science Objective of the Book This book will provide a resource for sharing the examples of good practice in using team project work for learning in many disciplines in higher education around the world. There are many benefits of learning through a team working activity, including developing employability skills, but often the benefits are difficult to accomplish because there are issues that arise in the team working that prevent the full benefits from being achieved. In addition today’s graduates will be working globally, so experiences through open, online, distance and flexible learning provide valuable opportunities to develop virtual team working skills. Contributions to the book are invited that present good practice that has been used to help in achieving benefits of team working, so that the book can be a valuable reference and resource for researchers, academics and administrative staff in higher education. Chapters of the book will consist of either:  

Original research into various aspects of teaching with team projects or Cases of practice highlighting particular good practice or team working issue.

We are particularly interested in contributions that address the following topics, though this list is not exhaustive: 1. Management – strategies and tools for teams to use for project management, and ways in which students manage their project progress. 2. Assessment - issues of individual participation, how to assess learning, skills and personal development. Assessment of process and/or product, and fairness in group assessing. 3. Organisation - team size and composition, supporting with sessions such as lectures and tutorials, sourcing projects, ways in which tutors monitor progress and provide guidance. 4. Development of skills - using team projects to provide opportunities, getting students to recognise them, and reflection on learning and self development. 5. Differences from the workplace – preparing students for global team working. Research chapters should be original research, and not have been previously published, or under consideration for publication. However, previous research may be rewritten to focus specifically on one or more of the topics above, for consideration for this book. The research should address one of the five topics listed above, reporting completed research, clearly stating the issue being considered, the context of the study, literature pertinent to the study, description of the empirical work, results, discussion and conclusions, which indicate the significance of the study for tutors wanting to use team projects in their teaching. Research chapters are limited to 5000 words, excluding references.

Cases should describe an example of using team projects for teaching, demonstrating good practice or an approach to solving an issue in teaching with team projects. The case may address one or more of the five topics listed above, or even all five topics. Cases are limited to narrative no longer than 2000 words, excluding any references. Cases in the form of posters are also welcome, as this is an electronic publication, so readers will be able to read posters. We are particularly interested in hearing the student voice, and contributions from students are welcome, especially looking at the topic of managing team projects. Selection criteria for research chapters: Fits in with the topic suggested Is no longer than 5000 words Demonstrates original research, based on appropriate literature Clearly concludes with findings that readers can apply in their teaching. Selection criteria for cases: Fits in with the topic or topics suggested Is no longer than 2000 words, or a 1 page poster Clearly demonstrates good practice or identifies issues in teaching with team projects Submissions of chapters and cases will be through the Informing Science web site, and will be opened in December 2012. Please use the templates provided for submissions. Details will be posted on the TeamEmployability blog

Email Janice for more information, or to ask about your contribution on Important dates: January 31st 2013 – submission of abstracts for research chapters February 14th 2014 – notification of abstract accepted to be written as a research chapter February 28th 2013 – submission of cases March 31st 2013 – submission of full research chapters based on accepted abstract April 7th 2013 – notification of acceptance of cases April 30th 2013 – notification of acceptance of full research chapters May 31st 2013 – final versions of papers to be submitted, ready for publication

Editors: Dr Janice Whatley, Lecturer in Information Systems Chrissi Nerantzi Academic Development

Call for Contributions  

"Teaching with Team Projects in Higher Education". Call for contributions to an edited book, to be published Summer 2013.