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About Acne And Vitamin Supplements By: Januz Dee

It is a fact of life that at some time in their lives the majority of people are going to have to deal in some way with the condition of acne. For many it might hopefully only be a minor bother, but for others it can be a major issue to be dealt with. Although through the years there have been items discovered relating to its cause and how to possibly treat it (certain herbal remedies, prescription drugs), much continues to remain unknown about this condition and how best to deal with it. One of the long standing theories regarding acne that has come under scrutiny in recent times is whether or not a person's diet has a direct effect on their skin condition and does in fact bring acne on. For many years it was simply taken as fact that if a person ate a diet that was high in fat content, this would cause their complexion to be much oilier and would set the stage for acne to appear. Further research done over the years has established that there is in fact not any link between acne and diets that are high in fat content. It has been determined that the bacterial growth taking place within pores that are clogged is in fact the problem, and a person's diet habits do not really play a part in this. This then would be the prevailing theory for 20 years or so, until about the mid-nineties. Then, in 1997, another study was released putting back the emphasis on the diet and how it does have an effect on being a cause of acne appearing. That study which states that the body not being able to produce a sufficient amount of Coenzyme A to be able to break up those fatty acids producing seburn which brings on the acne was furnished by Dr. Lit Hung Leung. The enzyme Coenzyme A is what is responsible for taking the fatty acids and breaking them down. The fact of the matter is that the body does not produce vitamin B5 which is a part of Coenzyme A. This will then result in a shortage of the Coenzyme A and what is there will go about it's first function which is to work on synthesizing the sex hormones. This will then leave little or nothing left to deal with breaking down the fatty acids in the body. The net result of all of this is the body being left with too many fatty acids and too much production of seburn all leading to one suffering more acne. The test Dr. Leung conducted was done on 100 people. Those with lesser cases of acne received 10 grams per day of B5 and used a B5 topical cream with great results. For those with more severe cases of acne the dosage of pantothetic acid(B5) was increased to 15-20 grams per day again with outstanding results as well. The treatment was extended over a six month period with continuing great results. The bottom line is that at least based on this study, those dealing with acne would be well-advised to add vitamin B5 to their daily regimen. There is much positive to be said regarding acne and vitamin supplements. Of course, as with anything else concerning one's health, they should consult with their doctor and keep them in the loop. For more information about Acne Treatment, visit the Acne Treatments That Work blog site.

About Acne And Vitamin Supplements  

The net result of all of this is the body being left with too many fatty acids and too much production of seburn all leading to one sufferin...

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