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abandoned is a somewhat depressing song But I like to listen to alone ate classes and when that music is soft and I relaxed a lot


Beatris is the name of a friend I met in high school first She prefers to be called by its other name together the work of team


Chocolate cake was the first cake we buy all my friends to celebrate the birthday of one small party in the park was fun and we love the chocolate cake is so delicious


Dustbin near the library was empty then my friends we take a friend's backpack and threw trash after we threw mine and scared when the garbage truck came


roy khan is the former lead singer of one of my favorite bands unfortunately no longer sings in the group I love his voice and more the fantastic which placed each song I was very sad when you hear the news


L is a very smart guy and rare I love this character because he has long hair and not care about your sidewalk idologi and your life like me and his secret identity in the second argued with a friend by he


The teacher of geometry like me as I left get later and still I was doing well I discovered that book took the exams so I knew the results.


History is one of my favorite subjects and my favorite book of this subject is the tragicomedy I discovered when I stopped reading task Hot cakes I like eat heart shaped


iron man so handsome I like his character because he's smart and defects are also believed and I enjoy his sarcasm and tier also would like to have a suit of super powers


gaara I love my husband and my friends tease cute because it is not real but I like more than the real guys and kills easily I have many images of he


rain I get wet cause many leaving school the park one day it rained and I and two friends had we hit and we started to play water shoving me sick that day


vampire is a fantastic being that I like to be handsome and charming in the movie Twilight actors are very handsome and also are good but I rather like the werewolves


metal is genre of music that I like I like all music but metal is my referrals tease my uncles hear thrash metal with my cousins ​but we had fun dancing is funny to see my cousin


Strawberries are my favorite fruit at school used to eat yogurt with strawberries and chocolate chips seemed to many that otherwise would not eat


jump I like to jump through the halls of the school as a babysitter when everyone is in class is bad slide and fall and have tae later and could not kick well and scold you for playing


Chapultepec Zoo although I like to visit him very tired during the week not many people and can be visited safely is fun when you go with friends and do not want to pass by the area of monkeys



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