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==== ==== Great Canon Specials ==== ==== Does the Canon SX230HS have a Great Resolution and Does It Deliver Great Pictures?

The Canon SX230HS has been engineered as a new 2011 model; this camera is a high end offering within Canon's PowerShot series. While not as trim as some of the other cameras within the same lineup, this device is really powerful, offering the user good resolution, and the ability to capture extraordinary images, whether recording or capturing still shots. This mid-sized camera packs a lot of features inside its sophisticated, contemporary housing.The Canon SX230HS is basically a pocket-sized camera, but it has a thicker width than other cameras made by Canon. The corners on this device are rounded, giving the black housing gentle curves at every corner. The black housing is accentuated by a sliver border around the camera edge. Since this camera weighs more than many pocket-sized cameras, it feels bulkier and more durable when it is held. It is equipped with a retractable lens, a pop up flash, a 3 inch LCD display on its back panel, zoom controls, a tripod mount, a slot for memory cards, a compartment for the battery, and it has a shutter control button. It possesses a CMOS sensor inside, a USB port, and it can store images on SDHC, SDXC, and SD cards.The Canon SX230HS has four different aspect ratios, a burst mode, and it can store files ranging from 63KB to 3084KB in size. This camera has a flash range of 2.5 feet to 11.5 feet, two focusing modes, and 12.1 effective megapixels. It operates off of a rechargeable battery comprised of lithium ion. This device has an ISO range from 100 to 3200, a minimum resolution of 480p x 480p, and a maximum resolution of 4000p x 3000p. It uses eight white balance settings, a 4X digital and 14X optical zoom lens, three self timer settings, an auto and movie mode, and it has a number custom image presets. This camera even has a lot of manual controls for customizable settings.The resolution on this device is definitely superior. The Canon SX230HS also has an autofocus feature to ensure clear stills with every shot. It also comes with Dynamic IS mode and image stabilization features which help to eliminate blurring or issues with camera shake. You get about ten different resolutions to choose between with this device, all with varying aspect ratios of 16:9, 4:3, 1:1 or 3:2. This device is also GPS enabled with a GPS tracker feature; you may now label your photos based upon your actual coordinates. You even get plenty of in camera editing and manipulation tools making this gadget well worth its price.The Canon SX230HS has nicely sized buttons for operation, since it is easy to manipulate. Stills are included your choice of resolution and every pixel is presented in a flawless fashion. This camera is a superior point and click option, but it works equally well for anyone who appreciate manual controls. Weighing all of 223 grams, you will want to take the SX230HS with you everywhere you go; it works as a great picture taking tool for the on-the-go individual.

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Great Canon Specials ==== ====

Does The Canon SX230 Have Great Resolution?  

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