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UPPER LAFAYETTE ON THE MOVE... March 2012 Meeting Honored Marcelle Citron

Upcoming Events Fourth Annual Crawfish Boil Teurlings Catholic High School April 19, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. May Membership Meeting McDonald’s Headquarters 106 Oak Way Lane May 16, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

The Petroleum Club was jammed with Upper Lafayette supporters and friends of Marcelle Citron, our 2012 Philanthropist of the Year! We were honored to welcome the extended Citron family as over 100 people gathered to celebrate Marcelle’s many accomplishments. Congressman Charles Boustany’s personal letter commending Marcelle, as well as a Proclamation from Jan Swift and Marcelle Citron Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Parish President Joey Durel, made the event extra special. The generous sponsorship of IberiaBank, and a heartwarming talk by Jerry Vascocu, IberiaBank Market President, ensured a successful and memorable meeting.

Our guest speakers included Bill Bacque, Van Eaton & Romero, and Jim Keaty, Keaty Real Estate, who shared their insights on the Upper Lafayette residential real estate market. Bacque’s announcement that Robert Daigle and the creative team behind River Ranch are planning a Traditional Neighborhood Development at the former “Couret Place” at I-10 and I-49 caught the attention of all the media. Things are really on the move in Upper Lafayette!

Mr. and Mrs. William Rucks with Donna Landry

ULEDF Board of Directors & Staff

Adrian Baudoin, President Cherie Hebert, V. President Amos Batiste, Secretary Todd Citron, Treasurer Don Dupuis Ed Krampe Donna Landry Beau Phares Dwight Prudhomme Dwight “Bo” Ramsay Herbert Schilling Jerry Vascocu Monty Warren David Welch Jan Swift, Director

Jerry Vascocu, Iberia Bank

Todd and Marcelle Citron

Jake Delhomme to join us at Crawfish Boil April 19 at Teurling’s ULEDF’s fourth Annual Crawfish Boil will be held on Thursday, April 19, 2012 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Teurling’s Catholic High School, 139 Teurlings Drive in Lafayette. We are honored to welcome Teurlings’ alum Jake Delhomme, Houston Texan football star and beloved community supporter. Crawdaddy’s On-Site Catering will cater the crawfish and sides. We are grateful to Schilling Distributing Co. and Coca Cola Bottling Company for generously supplying beverages for the event. The talented Sean Trcalek will be providing our entertainment. You will not want to miss this opportunity to have fun and check out the incredible progress made at Teurling’s football stadium! Please invite friends and family to join us at this fun spring celebration. Tickets may be purchased for $35.00 per person ($20.00 per child) below. We look forward to seeing you there! Register online at fourth-annual-crawfish-boil or contact with any questions.

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April 2012

UPPER LAFAYETTE ON THE MOVE... Traditional Neighborhood Development Coming to Upper Lafayette The Traditional Neighborhood Development (“TND”) is being welcomed in Upper Lafayette. Situated at the crossroads of opportunity and place, off Pont Des Mouton Road at I-10 and I-49, a neighborhood of homes priced within an affordable price range of $150,000 to $200,000 is being planned by the team of Robert Daigle, architect Steven Oubre, and the investors behind the River Ranch Development. Still in the design phase and known simply as “Couret” for now, construction is slated to begin in early summer 2012. Approximately 60,000 square feet of retail space will be included in the Couret development and will offer a variety of stores and commercial business for the convenience of local residents. With business expansions in the area, such as Halliburton and Louisiana Platings in Scott, this neighborhood is perfectly timed to offer great housing options for the growing market. The development will feature the New Urban/Smart Growth architecture for which our friend, Steve Oubre, is well-known. Envision design for real people, with sidewalks, open green spaces, ponds, and other community assets which are attractive to young families, retirees, and anyone desiring an upscale feel at an affordable price.

Steven Oubre

At ULEDF’s March 21, 2012 meeting, Bill Bacqué of Van Eaton & Romero headlined the discussion on Upper Lafayette’s residential market and confirmed that Robert Daigle and team had purchased the Couret property. Think of the great advantages of living in this TND which has been identified by Daigle: location, location, location! Steve Oubre’s passion for developing family-friendly and gorgeous homes was self-evident when he shared his thoughts on the Couret project: “I view Upper Lafayette as being a blank canvas of unparalleled beauty. This project allows us to create a great neighborhood while spreading the efficiencies associated with sustainable planning in a broader net over our region. This neighborhood has the potential to outshine anything we have been involved with to date and I am blessed to be given the opportunity to be involved.” As Walter Pierce said in the Independently Weekly’s recent article on upcoming TND projects, “How cool is that?”

Letter from Vice President: Cherie Hebert We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Winston Churchill Right now there are still people in Carencro who have not recovered from last month’s flood. There are still people who are living in homes devastated by water that probably have mold growing in them. There are people with no insurance, no money for repairs and no place to turn. There are businesses that were under water and a city government that’s been over worked and stretched to the limit. As an organization that supports economic growth for Upper Lafayette Parish, we recognize the economic plight of this segment of our constituency. We acknowledge that there are still businesses and people in need. I, as well as many of my fellow board members, have pledged to give personal donations to assist those in need. We would like to ask each you to do the same. I encourage each of you to seek opportunities to help our neighbors in Carencro. Seek an opportunity right for you and you will find it. One such opportunity is to make a donation to the Upper Lafayette Fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Acadiana. Please click here if you are interested in making your tax-deductible contribution to our friends in need. Another way we can all give back is to SHOP CARENCRO. If you haven’t been to Carencro in awhile, take your family for a drive this weekend. Take them to eat out in Carencro, do your grocery shopping there, buy a tank of gas, stop at a convenience store or two, buy some boudin from several great spots. Seek service providers in the Carencro area when looking for a vendor. Give Carencro your help and your business. Your life will be richer if you reach out. BBR Creative - Partner and Brand Strategist

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April 2012

UPPER LAFAYETTE ON THE MOVE... Our Neighbors affected by Carencro Flood Need Help Stacey Judice, editor of Community Chronicles and Upper Lafayette supporter, summed it up so poignantly: “We have lost so much.” The details of loss are devastating: Appliances, furniture, mattresses, sheet rock, photos, clothes and personal items, all soaked and a mess. “We are not sure what we can salvage, but we are working hard to dry things out and assess the damage,” Judice said, on her second day without sleep following the unprecedented flood. Entire neighborhoods found their homes under several feet of water following a downpour of rain in a very short time. Because the land is on relatively high ground and not zoned for flooding, hundreds of families did not have flood insurance because it was deemed unnecessary. This has truly been a once in lifetime epic flood, of a 500 year epic proportion, which happened so quickly there was no way to halt the water from entering the residences. To view the video taken aerially after the flood, click here. All photos were taken by Peter Piazza, Daily Advertiser. You can help make a difference by making a donation to Upper Lafayette Fund, to be administered by the Community Foundation of Acadiana. Each donation will be recognized as a tax-deductible donation and will be distributed via a donor advised fund to a deserving 501c(3) non-profit organization, church or school which has is directly helping the flood victims. Please click here to make your tax-deductible contribution. Thank you and please keep all flood affected families in your thoughts and prayers.

All photos by: Peter Piazza, The Daily Advertiser Volume 40, Page 3

April 2012

UPPER LAFAYETTE ON THE MOVE... Aileen Bennett on Essential Business Skills The skill they don’t teach you in business school. There is a business skill that they don’t teach you in business school, that isn’t talked about much, and is disregarded by many as a weakness or something that has no place in business. It is not asked about in job interviews or mentioned on resumes but stories about it get out and spread like wildfire. It is kindness, simply kindness. I may be seen as a pushover, or not as shrewd as my competitors but I decided when I set up my business many years ago that doing the ‘right’ thing by others would be an important part of the way I ran things. I’m not talking about kindness as a business plan, not helping people as part of a publicity campaign but how you treat those you encounter on a daily basis. Those who may never even mention it to a friend let alone put it on their Facebook page or contact the press. Little kindnesses that may not even be noticed - they matter more than you think. Business can be stressful, days are full of minor misunderstandings and people coming together that have conflicting agendas. It is easy to fire off a quick email stating your displeasure or describing how angry you are with the way someone else is acting. It is easy to act impulsively and complain quickly because you didn’t get what you want. It is easy to pick up on all the errors people make and demand they are fixed. It is much harder to separate your immediate emotion from the experience, to look at the bigger picture and the importance of the relationships you are building. It is harder to look at how you can solve the problem quickly without belittling anyone or making any snap judgements. It is harder, but it is worth it. It is worth it because relationships are vital to your business. Deal with the problem in the best way you can without making judgement or saying anything you may want to take back later. Write kind emails, if you have to send them to a colleague, coach, or friend that isn’t emotionally involved to filter them, then do so. Once the situation is no longer urgent, or no longer makes your blood boil to think about then have a conversation with the person or people involved. You may learn some things you didn’t consider earlier. You don’t have to be wishy-washy and accept bad service or incompetence from anyone, but it makes sense to solve the problem with as much honor and respect as you can muster and then review what happened later. Kindness, humanity and humility are essential skills not only in business but in life. How you treat people is a measure of who you are. It may not always seem the most obvious reaction to things going wrong, but it is the one that will serve you best in the long term. This article was written by Aileen Bennett and first published in The Daily Advertiser on 4/12/12. It has been reprinted with the permission of Aileen Bennett. Aileen is a graphic designer turned cynical motivational speaker who is obsessed with clever ideas and the creative process. She is a published author, columnist, award-winning speaker and English. She helps businesses create, develop and launch ideas to help marketing, culture, customer service and profits. You can follow her blog at Aileen also was a guest speaker at our first annual Quest for your Best symposium in October 2010. Jan Swift’s interview with her may be viewed here. Volume 40, Page 4

April 2012

UPPER LAFAYETTE ON THE MOVE... Upper Lafayette May 16, 2012 Meeting to Focus on Entrepreneurs What is it like to be a young entrepreneur? We all talk about the how our community helps mentor, guide and assist business start-ups. But what is it really like to be just starting out, not wealthy, but of course smart and loaded with enthusiasm? Ready to go with your idea, as they say, but how do you get it done? Our May 16, 2012 meeting will focus on Entrepreneurs, and will showcase fun and engaging young entrepreneurs in our community! Please join us at McDonald’s of Acadiana’s headquarters, located at 106 Oak Way Lane (near Eraste Landry/Foreman Dr. intersection), for a complimentary luncheon catered by Charley G’s and Marc Krampe! Their hospitality will make it an event you will not want to miss. Dr. Joby John, Dean of UL’s B. I. Moody III College of Administration will moderate the event. Guest speakers are Zachary Barker, President/Owner of Acadiana Sports Leagues and Brian Bille, owner of Kinetic Marketing and social media guru. The first 70 people who RSVP to may attend as our guests. Thanks again to Charley G’s Restaurant and the generous management team working with the Krampe family.

Zachery Barker

Brian Bille

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April 2012

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