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“America is experiencing an environmental awakening; companies that make being green easier will be rewarded” According to recent studies, customers are now beyond simply ―being concerned about the environment‖. A 2009 Nielsen study says: ―Over half of respondents have changed their daily behavior in the past six months to address climate change‖2 A vast majority of customers say a business environmental practices are important in making key decisions including:

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Our Signature Green Boxes have become a hallmark for clothes recycling throughout the San Francisco Bay Area (and beyond), attracting and encouraging individuals to donate and recycle clothes at many convenient locations.

the products they purchase (79%), the products they recommend to others (77%), where they shop (74%) where they invest their money (72%). We greatly appreciate the support of all the companies, organizations and private donors that have donated space for collection boxes. We would like to especially thank the following entities:

I dropped off some clothes & shoes earlier this week. I was so glad to see something set up which is so convenient for me (at Giovanni’s Produce and Market in El Cerrito). Jacque B.

“Americans reached the turning point, Businesses need to catch up”1

Since 2003, we have been operating this community service program free of charge to participating companies, organizations, cities, colleges, schools and other entities. With more than 800 boxes in parking lots and along storefronts across all the counties of the Greater Bay Area, we collected and recycled over 6 million pounds of clothing and shoes in 2009 alone.

Campus California is a private charitable organization as defined under section 501 (c)(3) of the internal revenue code. Donations to Campus California are tax deductible. Tax ID # 94-337-1033

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7-11 Stores 76 Gas, Shell, Arco, Chevron, Valero— Through individual franchisees Tri-Ced Community Recycling Center Bonfare Markets Les Schwab Tires Kragen Auto Parts Mission Neighborhood Centers San Francisco UHAUL Grocery Outlet Baco Realty Inc. (Security Public Storage) Bank of America Redwood City School District Foothill College, Los Altos Bay Counties SMART Recycling Center, Sunnyvale Pepboys Auto Zanotto’s Family Markets Many Elementary and Middle schools in San Francisco, Oakland and other school districts

We will deliver a freshly painted and clearly marked collection box to your premises and assign a collection driver for regular service. The pick-ups will begin the same week. Our drivers are diligent and are given a strong incentive to pick up every piece from the collection box. If there is ever any overflow, please give us a call and we will respond usually within a few hours. It is our promise to keep you and your customers satisfied with our service. If for any reason you choose to have the bin removed, we will do so within 7 to 10 business days.

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Solid, Safe, Secure Our steel collection boxes are custom made and are designed for safe and easy use. They feature a large one-way security chute at the front, similar to the one used in a mailbox. Bags of clothing or loose items go into the chute but it is nearly impossible for others to reach in and remove them. We know that having a secure collection box is a key functional quality. Simple donation instructions are painted onto the front plate of the security chute. A pick-up is scheduled every time the box is expected to be filled at 2/3 of its capacity, ensuring the public is always able to deposit donations into the box. The bins have a 4x4 feet footprint and stand 6’6‖ tall, roughly the size of a vending machine.

Serving Your Customers And Those In Need Our donation boxes offer a solution to the problem of what to do with clothes that are worn but not worn out. Donors also know that their donation has environmental benefits and will be used to help those less fortunate than themselves. Campus California is dedicated to empowering the poor and marginalized peoples of developing countries. We use the funds generated from selling the collected clothing to support training and placement of volunteers in development projects in Southern Africa and Central America. This program is a life-changing experience for the ones participating as volunteers, as well as for the people directly benefitting from the work of the development projects overseas.

An average donation box gets around 1000 customer drop-offs per year. For the high-end locations this number can be as high as 10 000 or more.

Since 2003 Campus California has been providing Bay Area with clean and convenient way to recycle clothes and enjoys the support of a long list of satisfied customers and hosting businesses. With our 24–hour service guarantee, you can rest assured that every concern will be addressed promptly and to your satisfaction!

Campus California

According to a two-month survey of 935 customers at one location; forty percent stated that they had come to the premises only because of the donation box.

Currently we service over 900 locations, our crew of diligent professionals is able to pick up from any number of locations in all counties of the Bay Area and beyond. Visit us at for more information.

Campus California 15501 San Pablo Ave G323 Richmond CA 94806 510-932-3839

Together, we can make a difference one shirt at a time!

2011 General Handout  

Given to potential sponsors to introduce them to the recycling program