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The way to REACH compliance. With Trasys.

Executive Overview

REACH, which stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances, is a European regulation on chemicals and their safe use. The purpose of REACH consists of improving the protection of both human health and the environment through better and earlier identification of the intrinsic properties of chemical substances. At the same time, it is aimed at enhancing innovative capability and competitiveness of the EU chemicals industry. Concretely, the REACH regulation gives greater responsibility to the industry to manage the risks from chemicals and to provide safety information on the substances following well defined processes and procedures. Manufacturers and importers are required to gather information on the properties of their chemical substances and to register it in a central database run by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). REACH also calls for the progressive substitution of the most dangerous chemicals when suitable alternatives are identified. The impact of REACH is huge for many organizations, either chemical producers, importers as well as any organization using chemical substances in their fabrication process. In case product information does not meet the regulation rules, a company may be denied authorisation, registration, or the right to trade the substance within the European Union. Consequently, managing your REACH requirements implies the careful alignment of your IT systems in order to automate required processes, tasks and data feed in the ECHA database. The REACH workflow is powered by an IT system and the submission of a registration dossier is mainly organised through it. Therefore, being REACH compliant from an IT point of view includes:

Enterprises are obliged to register applicable chemicals on a central database, ensure they are responsibly handled and inform business partners on the status of their compliance.

Substances registration, which can range from some dozens to thousands of substances per manufacturer;

New applications that help tracking the safe usage conditions of the registered chemical substances across the entire supply chain;

Seamless integration of the applications and functionality with existing enterprise resources planning (ERP);

Keeping REACH-compliant documentation available for at least 10 years after the release of product.

Although many organisations still believe that reach compliance is just adapting workflows, it is a complete process which starts with a clear strategy that integrates IT, business considerations, supply chain structure and regulatory rules as a whole. This explains why the selection of a reliable partner is probably the most critical task to ensure an organisation doesn’t miss the different regulation deadlines and remains authorised to produce, distribute or use chemical substances. The chosen partner must have a large scope of expertise to help define a clear compliance strategy, project phases and milestones. In addition, the partner must demonstrate a sound knowledge of the chemical sector and its supply chain processes, and the REACH specificity as well.

The Trasys Way

Trasys is a highly respected leader in the field of REACH for more than 10 years. Trasys has worked, among others, for the European Chemical Agency and the DG Environment from the European Commission, for which it has developed and implemented systems such as IUCLID5, REACH-IT, ES/CSA/CSR or SIEF. Thanks to the acquisition of this exclusive experience, Trasys is also assisting other European institutions, industry associations, the chemical companies and surrounding industries to prepare their IT infrastructure and REACH-specific systems during the entire lifecycle, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. Trasys’ EuroREACHout offering provides an integrated one stop shop solution taking into account the most important aspects of REACH. EuroREACHout approach is based on a 3-phases roadmap: 

Definition of your REACH strategy including review of the existing strategy, impact analysis on the IT systems and adaptation of the strategy with new regulatory requirements and upcoming deadlines;

Definition of the migration plan from ‘as-is’ situation to the ‘must be’ one. It includes high-level scenarios and selection of the best options in terms of adapted IT infrastructure, packages and custom applications, and a detailed migration plan that takes both operational and legal timeline into account;

Implementation, deployment and maintenance of the REACH solution including integration with ECHA’s available systems (pre-registration, Reach-IT, IUCLID5…), integration with industry applications, consulting assistance for new regulatory guidelines and timelines, tailor-made new developments within the existing IT infrastructure, integration projects with either SAP or non-SAP applications, customized training and consultative support, etc.

Thanks to its unparalleled REACH expertise and understanding, Trasys also assists chemical stakeholders anticipating regular changes and requirements and ensure systems and workflows readiness in due time. Reach-readiness audits, for instance, allow for analysing the possible gap and evaluate the risk of non-compliance to REACH. And in case an organization couldn’t comply with new requirements in due time, for instance because of too short timeframe for implementing new SAP systems, Trasys offers hybrid solutions that ensure readiness in due time while continuing the ongoing developments.

SAP and non-SAP REACH compliance

Trasys expertise is unique to make processes and IT systems REACH compliant faster through automated registration process and advanced functionality to support collaboration with relevant authorities and business partners across the supply chain.

By combining huge REACH expertise with an unmatched SAP background, Trasys is probably the most qualified partner to help organisations roll out their SAP-based REACH compliant environment. By using the SAP REACH Compliance application as the core platform, Trasys helps chemical organizations track substances through their production, buying and sales process, showing which substances are used and in what quantities. Because it is integrated into all logistic processes, Trasys’ solution allows for upstream collaboration and communication with suppliers as well as downstream collaboration with customers to detect how they use a product and draw up exposure scenarios for specific substances. For non-SAP environment, Trasys uses other platforms such as ExESS or Reachway to support all aspects of chemical management and compliance to REACH guidelines and processes such as data collection & volume tracking, legal entity management, REACH volume tracking, REACH data entry, reporting, data exchange, chemical risk assessment, process flow & task management, and so forth.

The way to REACH compliance. With Trasys. Having worked on REACH-based solutions for the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency and dozens of chemical companies, Trasys has a uniquely proven, real-world experience and technical background to help you turn REACH compliance and readiness into reality. 

Trasys is the only integrator that delivers REACH-based solutions end-to-end, from assessment to business case to deployment to ongoing management, and with outstanding speed of implementation.

Trasys combines REACH expertise with strong knowledge of the chemical industry, related processes, risk assessment and compliance, making your chemical substances management projects successful.

Trasys doesn’t emphasise on just the REACH regulation, but also on the complete sphere including integration with ERP applications, document management, workflow, supply chain management, reporting, collaboration, etc. 

Trasys works with an extensive network of partners, each one chosen for a recognized expertise in a particular domain of the REACH processes.

Trasys is an international company headquartered in Belgium and with offices across Europe to guarantee both proximity of its customers and capability to handle projects on global scale. Trasys exceptional expertise is also helpful for non-European companies to understand -and comply with- REACH regulatory environment.

Trasys has gained experience for 25 years in a diversity of sectors and has an outstanding background in chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and energy sectors, this in either business, environmental or legislation domains. This experience gives customers the full guarantee that their REACH strategy and solutions are designed and implemented with a clear understanding of their organization’s specificity, supply chain processes and business objectives.

Trasys’ deep knowledge of SAP allows for seamless integration between SAP applications, SAP technology and REACH-specific applications, processes and IT requirements.

Case studies Case 1: 

Client : An international group specialized in chemicals, plastics and pharmaceutical, present in 50 countries and employing over 25.000 people

Challenge: Adapting the company’s IT systems to support the requirements coming from the REACH legislation and integrating data from purchasing, sales, production, R&D and regulatory departments

Trasys solution : In a first stage, Trasys performed an IT strategy review to examine the impact on the client’s applications and systems. A plan has been then submitted or adapting IT systems to REACH, including integration with the client’s SAP environment. Trasys also performed a prototype implementation of the “Substance Volume Tracking” module on top of the SAP EH&S modules. The result is an integrated ERP solution linking information of the different departments so that information available in one department is automatically available for the registration process, resulting in significant reduction of redundant tasks and related cost savings. In the same way, the solution implemented by Trasys helps the client track and monitor all REACH relevant changes within the substances it is producing or using.

Case 2:

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