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Senshuu No Yuki; Hades and Persephone A Mythology-Romance Story By: Janrae Mendoza Sarah Bridgeworth lived a normal life. She enjoyed everything on earth with her friends and family. One time, she felt she needed a new twist of her life. She wanted to do something she never did before. She never knew that what she wished, has already been granted. Gilbert, her grandfather, and other family members learned that when Sarah turns 17, she will awaken the goddess they feared from generations, the goddess Persephone. To prevent Persephone from awakening inside Sarah, she is planned to be killed by her own father, Yuuri Bridgeworth. Before Sarah was about to be shot, Persephone awakens. Unknown to Sarah, her best friends, had been intervened with Persephone’s coming. She realized that she is not the only descendant of a goddess but also her friends. Together appears Hephaestus, Aphrodite, Ares, and Poseidon. Along with them, they must discover the other descendants living in the world before Gilbert controls them to become weapons of war.

Senshuu No Yuki (Cover)