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Chapter 7 – Forever Love

“Stop it! This is over!” Ares stopped Persephone as she lies on the ground. Persephone’s aura never surrendered, but she knew she was defeated. She stood up with her remaining strength and returned as Sarah…just as she returns, she fainted. Dan catches Sarah before she was to go down. Ares looked at Aphrodite, feeling all care at her…he knew she was safe enough…safe enough to go on. “Are you all right?” he asked. “When you are by my side, there is no reason to feel nothing but safe…right?” “I promise, I will protect you with all my might…” Aphrodite embraced him with love… Dan scoffed in the middle as he reminded them about Sarah and Charmaine, who were caught under the power of their ancestors. “God and Goddess, I don’t want to disturb your sweet moments but please remember we are in a middle of life and death, the descendant of Persephone is badly hurt…accidentally by your powers…” he said, smiling. Aphrodite and Ares looked at Sarah and Charmaine. It was then their appearance faded as they returned as Sheena and Bryle. They helped Dan carry the wounded ones and decided to carry them in Dan’s house. *** Early in the morning, Charmaine noticed that her wounds were dressed. Both of her hands were bandaged, she was lucky she didn’t have any fractures at all…she was more worried on Sarah’s condition. By her first sight she knew Sarah belongs to the Bridgeworth family…because she is Persephone’s descendant. In the lake near the house, Bryle and Sheena were talking while Dan inside the house was preparing for breakfast. Sheena wanted to ask everything, everything they are involved with. “I do not understand what we are now…” Bryle said to Sheena as he picks a pebble and threw it into the lake. The water is clear and pure; the fishes that were there are seen clearly and vividly. “I do not understand it myself but I know that certain part of me belongs to another…to the one which my life was created for…goddess Aphrodite herself.” “I never have spoken yet of the persona that is taking me…the one which you mentioned…” “Ares?” she asked him interestedly.

“Yes, Ares….in all of the people in the world, why did he chose me? Am I that worthy enough to be his descendant?”” he asked, seeking for the answer he wants to get. “Because maybe we are destined to be together and meant for each other, just as how Aphrodite is meant for Ares…” Sheena said unto her mind. She wanted to tell Bryle that answer, but she had the strength to hold back. She surely knew one thing in her heart, in the small time they were together with Bryle, she have fallen in love with him. Charmaine raised her arms slowly as she rose in her bed. The night was enough for her to recover her pain she have struggled to carry. “A martial artist like me can endure that much…for if the body suffers, the spirit flowers…” she uttered. She laughed as she opens the main door of their house and saw Sarah talking with someone on her cellphone. She heard the name of the person on the other line…”Higashi”. “I never have thought that the Bridgeworth have abandoned you because of the fate that you carry…what a fate they have given you…Sarah…” *** In the mansion, Melchior went to where Yuuri and Shizuka’s room is. Yuuri talked to him. There is rage and guilt in his voice. He demanded freedom for Sarah. “Melchior, she is our relative, your niece!” Yuuri reminded him. Melchior’s face never had any expression of guilt or remorse at all. He is cold and remorseless. “Persephone shall over rule her body and soul, soon going to ruin our family. There is only two ways to prevent it from happening, to die or to be controlled…neither of the two was refused by your hard-headed daughter, there’s nothing I can do…you are the father, suppose you should convince her join…besides, what she will join for is for the gain of the Bridgeworth…” “And what shall we call it!? I regret to be a Bridgeworth or a member of this crazy family anymore…never will I help you get my daughter…!” he yelled at him. Melchior calmly smiled and went away. *** The place was dark…there is no light that could pass to the place she was. She continued to walk to the dark way she was. She never heard any sound, any voice, just the darkness that enshrouded her. As she walks, she had visions in her mind as clear as the light of the sun and as vivid as those bright and happy days. Death…blood…hate…remorse…those are the visions that made up in her mind. A flow of blood…expression of remorse, beginning of hate…and portents of death…

Sarah remembered that dream the last night. She just spoke with Higashi and contacted him and told him she was in her friend’s house, so making him never worry of her condition. “BREAKFAST TIME!!!!!!” called Dan to all of them. Charmaine smiled and shouted for happiness. Sarah wished it was like as happy as it is today of her life…she never wanted to see the visions again…never. They had their breakfast happily. The breakfast meal made Bryle and Sheena more energetic…it seems the food tasted so well. Dan received praises from Sarah about the food and humbly said it was nothing. “Liar! Admit you liked it…” Charmaine told him. All of them laughed as Dan covers his face, blushing because for the first time, as beautiful as Sarah praised his cooking. Charmaine and Dan decided to gather the four of them in the outside, where the small beautiful landscape which was also the backyard the Longfellow family used to talk before. Albert and the others were puzzled why they were gathered there. His face of puzzlement was noticed by Charmaine. She was to reveal about the cause of the gathering. They all sat on the long bench near the tree beside the bamboo lake landscape. Their face told about what is to be heard from Charmaine. “Now that you are all here, it’s time to reveal each of our identities, as you have noticed so far, you do not know much about me, what you know is that I helped you.” She told them directly. Dan was just there, listened to what his sister was telling them. “I am Charmaine Longfellow, as you all know. I grew up with my grandfather and my brother Dan here at this place. We went here because of a family dispute over the Bridgeworth family, which happened to be yours, Sarah.” Her sight was turned to Sarah when she told about her. Sarah wis surprised, but of course, knowing about the thing about her family, so then was the dispute. Sarah bowed her head and replied, “I do not know if they are my family anymore…still, I am surprised there was a family where mine had a dispute.” The others felt sorry about it too, they felt Sarah’s feeling of abandonment, but they remained calm and listened to Charmaine. “Unlike all of you, I have tried to fight my destiny. My grandfather wanted to escape the argument over the Bridgeworth family so we moved here. Unluckily, it seems that destiny had to finally made us meet each other.” Albert was more interested for Charmaine to explain what is happening to them…as to why their lives became abnormal since they were called the “descendants of the gods and goddesses”. It was his first inquisitive question. “Now that you have began to ask it, you must have felt unusual after you have discovered you have been caught in the drastic change that has happened over your life.”

“The goddess Aphrodite has explained it all but still I can not understand…we can not understand, why is it like this? Why is it to be us?” Albert asked, waiting for the right answer. He looked at the others especiallly to Sheena whom he have had conversation with in the hospital, in Aphrodite’s form. “Do you think it is that easy for the gods and goddesses to tell the answer and decide as well? What do you think will the person whom they would chose as well if it wasn’t all of you? You have been chosen because you have the blood of their blood, your blood connects with your blood, you are of one kind, it is undoubtedly a case of consanguinity.” “Please wait a moment, if we are the descendants and we are chosen, I have noticed that my ancestor, Ares always appear in the time out of my knowledge?” Bryle interjected and asked. “That’s right, even I, Aphrodite awakens at the time of the need I do not…is there a chance we can prevent the appearance of these gods and goddesses?” seconded Sheena. “I am afraid not,” Charmaine answered, raised her head into the sky and took a deep sigh before she looked at them again, “unluckily we are in this change and we can not change it, it is our destiny. Did Sarah had mistaken what she heard? “We” Charmaine said a while ago. “We?” she asked. “Yes, we…for I have been caught also by a call and change I was able to fight…” she answered. Dan looked at her and understood the situation she was before. “I am a descendant as well…but the goddess whom have called wanted to control me. In order to escape the reality of my destiny, I thought before to kill my self the time the goddess shall take control of me. The goddess knew of my plan and therefore releases her soul in my body and is now wandering our world for many years.” “What!?” Albert said in surprise. “Who tried to control you…? Who is this goddess?” asked Sarah. “It was Iris…the goddess of the rainbow.” “Another question…which we had in mind. Goddess Aphrodite mentioned me about this Hephaestus guy…why is it that in my case, only have I aquired the power of fire from him and yet Hephaestus never have controlled me…unlike Sarah and the others who were controlled?” “Aphrodite talked to you directly…? Well, that is expected. You are called as the Halfdescendants or the controllable ones. You have not been called by Hephaestus yet acquiring his power and ability. Please be informed that in the time Hephaestus has fully controlled you…you as a persona inside you shall be erased and vanish forever more. In the case of Sarah, Sheena and

Bryle, they are called the Direct descendants or the uncontrollable ones. Grandfather said to me before that they have the most dangerous and powerful powers if they were to be uncontrolled…to think that they can fully manage their way to control their descendants. The risk of having your life in danger is almost 89 percent. Beware not to be controlled fully…or you will die.” “What is the cause of all this…we have already had the most suffering we can imagine!” Sarah asked, intoleratedly confused in her situation. A voice from the nowhere answered her. “Because of a call some persons have made through their minds that were diluted for the hunger of power, minds that wanted war, hands that wanted power and souls that wanted eternal despair for the weak…Gilbert and Melchior’s dark plans…” It was Higashi! He carried with him a sniper rifle which he uses to track down the enemies that will kill or danger his life. “Higashi! Thank’s you have come…but why carry weapon such as that?” Sarah called him, embraced him tight and had the smile on her face. “Dangers are everywhere, the moment we let our guard down, it is our weakness and we shall fall.” Charmaine welcomed him home, introduced herself and Dan. There they learned that Higashi have traitored the Bridgeworth family because of the plans they execute he can not take to do anymore. They never realized the time was fast enough and manipulated, they were tired the whole day. Albert fully understands his life now…he is a descendant…a half god…he goes home happy and contented in his life. Sheena and Bryle was on the same room…with the separate two beds. Sheena is to go home after she would have a talk with Bryle, who is lost in thought and mind this time. Sheena sat on the chair facing Bryle who is sitting in the bed…looking at her. The staring moment was not fast, it was as if the time would stop in their season of staring at each other. In Bryle’s mind, Ares is contacting Aphrodite from Sheena…whom two bodies contacts to two different souls… “Aphrodite…no one will be able to separate us…no one…” “Ares, you are my forever love…” Sheena stood up from silence and bid goodbye from Bryle. It was already late at night, she must go home…her parents must be worried about her. Bryle smiled and looked at her walk away from the room. He was happy to be with her…her lovely face, smile and the love that he carries inside her heart is deeper than the sea.

Sarah, the one who was so confused at the moment looked at Higashi. They stayed for the night in Charnaine’s house, like Bryle. Higashi has already had his good night sleep, as Sarah looks at him smiling. She can not understand her situation, where she was caught in this “drastic change” in her life. Torment and despair have been imprinted in her mind when she remembers her family. The oath they have made to care for her forever is forsaken, fake and void. She looked at the green book placed in the table of her room. She opened it and read some of the lines in the middle of the book. She was surprised, for it was about the life of Persephone and her mother. Her tears started to flow as she reads the story… “Demeter, the goddess of harvest, controlled the seasons performing divine function of nourishing the earth, her daughter Persephone always by her side. One day, Hades, god of the underworld saw Persephone and instantly fell in love with her. He asked his brother Zeus for help, and the two of them concocted a plan to trap her. One day, as the child played with her companions, they caused the ground to split underneath her. Persephone slipped beneath the earth and Hades stole her to the underworld where he made her his wife. It is said that after much protest, Persephone came to love the cold blooded Hades. Consumed with rage and sorrow, Demeter abandoned her divine functions in order to look for Persephone. She went to Helius,the sun god and demanded the name of her daughter’s abductor. Helius told her it had been Hades, and said he thought Persephone might have done worse for herself. Far from being comforted by this information, Demeter continued to wander the earth in misery. Vegetation languished, animals cease to multiply and the hand of death was everywhere. With all of existence under threat, Zeus intervened, sending his messenger Hermes to demand Persephone’s release from Hades. He agreed to let her go only in the condition that Persephone spend just two thirds of the year with her mother, and return to him for the other third of the year to live as his bride, queen of the underworld. And so it was arranged that Persephone could be with her mother Demeter for two thirds of the year but would spend the remaining months with her husband. Accepting this compromise, Demeter agreed to let seeds sprout from the earth for all but three months – the time known as winter – when Persephone was with Hades. Thus Demeter and Persephone, Mother and Daughter are together, the earth flourishes with vegetation but when Persephone returns to Hades in the underworld, the earth becomes a barren realm.” “How nostalgic Persephone must be to her mother…” she uttered unto herself. Demeter loved her daughter so much that she wandered into many years, many places just for her daughter to come back, as she seeks her from all over the places in the world. If it could be this way as she is now, she must have been the luckiest daughter in the whole world, but it was the opposite, she was abandoned.

Chapter 7 - Forever Love  

“I do not understand it myself but I know that certain part of me belongs to another…to the one which my life was created for…goddess Aphrod...