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Complete Office Cleaning Checklist

Office cleaning is one of those things that you only think about if it isn’t being done properly. If you use a cleaning service that is efficient and thorough, everyone can come to work and do their jobs in a clean and orderly environment and no one gives it a second thought. It’s when the office cleaning performance is subpar that people start noticing and complaining and seeing dips in productivity. Here’s a complete office cleaning checklist for you or your cleaners to follow so the office is always clean and running efficiently.

Reception Area The reception area is the public’s first impression of the business, so it must look good. Some of the important reception cleaning duties include: • Vacuuming and cleaning floors • Dusting and cleaning front desk and coffee table • Cleaning inside and outside of front door • Dusting computer, keyboard and phone • Organizing magazines and other papers • Emptying garbage bins • Washing walls and baseboards if necessary

Main Office Area The main office are is going to take the longest. Basic cleaning duties include: • Dusting and wiping down desks, tables and chairs • Dusting computers and keyboards • Dusting cabinets and bookcases • Dusting and wiping telephones • Dusting pictures and photographs • Emptying trash bins • Cleaning all glass surfaces • Vacuuming or mopping the floor

Kitchen & Lunch Room Since so much food goes in and out of the standard lunch room, keeping it clean has added importance. Be sure to: • Clean out the sink • Wash all dishes • Wipe down the tables and countertops • Clean the appliances • Clean the inside and outside of fridge • Empty the garbage • Vacuum or mop the floor

Washrooms In the washrooms: • • • • • • • •

Wash and disinfect the sinks Clean and disinfect the toilets Wipe down the countertops Clean the mirrors Clean the faucets Empty garbage cans Sweep and mop the floor Wipe down the doors and walls of stalls

Extras Along with cleaning the main parts of the reception, offices, lunch room and washrooms, a thorough cleaning service will also provide some extras to really make the job complete. Here are a few: • Watering plants • Cleaning off windowsills • Changing water in vases when necessary • Dusting blinds and light fixtures • Sweeping stairways

Choosing a Cleaning Service When looking for a professional office cleaning company to do your office cleaning, here are some things to consider: • Years in the industry • Number of employees • Any quality awards received • Reputation in the community • Reviews from current and former clients

References Jan-Pro is a professional cleaning franchise for offices and businesses. One of their locations is 1050 McNicoll Ave #1 Scarborough, ON M1W 2L8‎ (416) 291-8‎405. They also have office cleaning services Markham.

Complete Office Cleaning Checklist  

Jan-Pro is a professional cleaning franchise for offices and businesses. One of their locations is 1050 McNicoll Ave #1 Scarborough, ON M1W...