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Janny is a wife, homeschooling mama and blogger known for her chronic research abilities and maniacal vigilance toward truth-seeking.

ODM Group found that 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions, 90% trust peer or influencer recommendation, while only 33% trust ads.

She shares her favorite clean-living products, recipes and routines daily on Instagram. Janny's readers have come to appreciate her follower engagement and commitment to real-life transparency. A recipient of PCOS and MTHFR, Janny shares holistic tips and products to help others with similar struggles. She loves Jesus, an appropriately placed swear word, and West Wing reruns unapologetically.


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COLLABORATIONS Janny is available for sponsored blog and Instagram posts. Reviews of products meeting her standards are posted with unique photos after performance testing.

Whether it's informing people on toxic products, industries, or food and their respective "clean" replacements, Janny passionately pursues justice in every area while tempering it with grace and humor.

Past Collaborations: Austin Cocktails                       Mountain Rose Herbs            Encha Organic Matcha               Square Organics Harvey Health                           ThredUp Hope Organic Vodka                  Thrive Market      Josh Rosebrook                          Vital Proteins  Laurel Whole Plant Organics      Whole Foods Market Leahlani Skincare                      Zoe Organics and more...


T H E #J A N N Y A P P R O V E D  S T A N D A R D PO Box 191 Campbell, CA 95009

Organic | wild crafted                Free from:  Non-GMO                                  Isolated compounds Soy-Free                                   Endocrine Disruptors Dairy-Free                                Neurotoxins Cruelty-Free                             Other toxins/synthetics  

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Janny organically 2018  
Janny organically 2018