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Interview with a REAL Vampire By JannyCz published on Socyberty 2009 Š With the Vampire craze thanks to The Twilight books by Stephanie Meyers and T.V. shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries also base on books everyone is jumping on the Vampire coattails, but have you read the articles? Watched the news programs? Read the books? About those that identify as REAL Vampires? This is a true community and sub culture and more and more information on them is becoming mainstream and coming out of the coffin so to speak. There have been global studies done by Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC. Also Scholars whom studies this sub cultured community got deep inside, and composed the book Vampires Today: Truth About Modern Vampirism By Joseph Laycock ( So I went too searching too. To ask the tough questions and to listen

let them the speak. It’s open and raw. Not just snippets that portray things in a pretty paper bow. I want to open up and shed some more light on this Community, and the condition you might even say of the Real Vampire. Jannyc: Thank you for joining me. Father JP Vanir: You are most welcome and I want to stress that not every single thing I say is that of the entire Vampyre Community but some is my own personal opinions Jannyc: Ok gotta ask the question for all the Twilight fans out there you guys don’t sparkle do you? Father JP Vanir: Absolutely not; we may be different but we are not that strange Jannyc: Good we got that out of the way down to business. From my research before hand there are a lot of vampire types can you enlighten us on this? Father JP Vanir: Technically there are basically Psychic and Sanguine Vampyres BUT there are eve more types of Psychic Vampyres. Most are either Pranic (Energy or direct life force drinkers), Tantric (Sexual or Sensual feeders), Elemental (Nature feeders – I guess this is your real Vegetarian Vampyres LOL), Ambient (which feeds on crowds of people), and Emotional Vampyres which most give us a bad name feeding on the Emotions of people often stirring up negative Emotions in people to feed on. EMO Vampyres are often looked down on in the Real Vampyre Community. I however believe you do not necessarily have to pick and choose one type of feeding method and I practice just about every type of feeding there is to keep from starvation. Most have there favorite methods of feeding, choose not to feed certain ways, do not know how, or cannot feed certain ways for one reason or another. Of course there may be even ways to feed I don’t even know about. Jannyc: What are your views on the word vampire? Do you think it fits properly within the community? It all boils down to the basic need for energy so would not Energy drinkers be more correct a term? What is Vampirism

Father JP Vanir: My old friend used the word Pranavore or energy drinker but I am not about to let Hollywood and the media take the word from me. Vampires do feed on the living even in the mythology so it fits just fine. That is what we do. However we do not kill our food sources unlike Humans and other animals. We can only take a little at a time. Jannyc: Back what I mentioned in the previous question I want to go into that more. Is Vampirism a condition? Can it be a condition of the body and soul? Is it a choice or a need, requirement ect‌? Father JP Vanir: Yes; that is correct. I believe it is a condition of our Soul and our Souls are Vampyres in each incarnation. Jannyc: Most would say you all are crazy an there really is no need to drink blood or take energy. What do you say to this? Do you really feel physically feel the pain, lethargy when you go long time without feeding? FatherJP Vanir: I feed naturally and do not have to think about feeding. However if I am not around people for a very long time I will become extremely fatigue and depressed; there are many others who I have gone to the hospital because of not feeding and put on the heart transplant list. When I was in high school I had a mysterious virus the doctors could not explain that caused my pancreas to stop working and I now have diabetes because of it. They could not explain what happened but I have a feeling it was my inability to keep my body energized and healthy at that time. Again I can not force anyone to believe what they won’t let themselves believe so I just say do the research for yourself and believe what you will.

Jannyc: Could it not just be a placebo effect of mind over matter thing? I think there for I am? But then you never think oh I need blood or energy when you first come into the realization of what you are correct? Father JP Vanir: Well too many of those in the community have almost died from not feeding (Micheal Belanger for one) and everyone is free to disbelieve of believe what they will. I could actually care less as you cannot fully change the mind of most people and it is there right to believe whatever they want. It harms me none and doesn’t harm them so feel free to believe what you can and I have no intentions on changing the worlds view. I just ask that you do your research and not

blindly disbelieve anything. I evolved so far and gained so much in my Theological studies and path. Jannyc: To the ones that drink blood you don’t drain a whole entire body of blood like we see in the movies. It’s just a little you require and you take strict precautions correct? Tell me more about that process. Father JP Vanir: I rarely drink blood myself but I do have a Vampyr – Life Force Giver Contract our TempleUVUP Vampyrian Bible. Most Vampyres do not take too much and only feed every couple weeks or months. Most psychically feed as well whether they realize it or not to fill in the need they don’t get from constantly feeding on Blood. Jannyc: Now when you hear the word vampire you think Gothic, corsets, long dark hair and coffins, fangs with black fingernails the whole shebang. In truth Real vampires are not like that though some can be all into Gothic, emo, pagan lifestyle thing correct? Your doctor, mail man could be a vampire right? Father JP Vanir: Correct Jannyc: Sun sensitivity is a concern with most Real vampires too right? But once again unlike Hollywood you don’t burn ash or sparkle. Also there is the medical Prohyria which is often caused the vampire disease. Where does that all fit in. Father JP Vanir: There are some in the Vampyre community who actually believe they can feed on the sunlight. My own personal opinion is that the sun is an energy source for plants and animals as well as the Human animal; Vampyres in my opinion however are not completely Human but have a Vampyr soul (energy source) which is on a much higher but different energy pattern which cannot feed on the suns light as it is a much different energy source which we cannot handle as well but no it will not harm our human bodies. Jannyc: With the hype of the Twilight books and movies and TV shows it seems the topic Real vampires are getting out there more and more. I recently saw the television news show 20/20 have a piece about Real vampires. What are your thoughts on that? Think the community is being shown correctly? Think the condition of vampirism being shown correctly?

Father JP Vanir: I think we are being ridiculed mostly but I don’t think it is right for us to shun the media and act all secretive as we are NOT a dangerous cult. Jannyc: Thank you very much for taking your time with me. Its been a pleasure. Father JP Vanir: You are most welcome and I hope it shed some light on all who read this.

Interview With A Real Vampire  

With the Vampire craze thanks to The Twilight books by Stephanie Meyers and T.V. shows like True Blood and Vampire Diaries also base on book...