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Congratulations, you're the excited new owner of a Kindle and, the same as the time I got my original Kindle, I'm certain that you can't wait to park yourself down with it and start reading! And yet have you thought about sheltering your newly purchased purchase using a Kindle cover? The sad thing is, your beautiful new gadget is fairly prone to dings, scrapes and falls. However don't worry too much because we here at Kindle Accessories Hub have produced a summary of the 10 best Kindle covers and cases around to deliver your device all the styling and care it merits! Critical Note: When selecting any Kindle accessories ensure that they are for your Kindle model 1. Amazon Lighted Leather Kindle Cover Offered in 7 different colors in genuine pebble-grain leather along with a gentle grey micro suede interior and including an integrated, retractable LED light, these covers will change your Kindle in to a eye-catching accessory along with giving reading light any time you require it. Coming in at 8 1/2 oz (240g) they're definitely not the lightest case on the market nor the cheapest yet it's worth the cost to have the inbuilt illumination. On top of that the light only switches on when pulled out of the cover and doesn't need new batteries as it draws power via the Kindle itself! Price: $59.99 2. Amazon Leather Kindle Cover Similar to their lighted cousins above these cases can be found in 7 different colors in real pebblegrain leather and just like them they will keep your Kindle nice and protected in a very trendy looking package. Without any incorporated lighting they weigh in at a lighter 6 oz (170g) as well as at a lot less costly $34.99. Price: $34.99 3. M-Edge Prodigy Leather Kindle Cover Basically the preeminent cover for stylish on-the-go Kindle users. It does not matter much if you are at a meeting, at the office or working out the Prodigy Jacket offers refined and stylish security for your Kindle. With a Kindle appropriate mounting method together with upper and lower elastic ties your kindle will be retained firmly in position. Including internal spaces for storage of paperwork, business cards, etc and full use of all ports although shut this really is one of the greatest cases that can be found. Price: $25

4. Pad and Quill Kindle Case Should your Kindles plastic exterior has you aching for the classic days of bound books then consider the Pad and Quill Case. Every cover is hand-crafted with bonded leather and wood to look like an original book. Price: $49.99 5. Duragadget Leather Kindle Case with Stand Incorporating protection with additional capabilities this case supplies protection from hits and bumps while you're on the go plus a built in holder allowing you to put your Kindle on a desk, table or other even surface once you get there! The versatile arm permits a variety of angles so that you can create your optimum reading experience. Price: $23 6. Waterfield Kindle Ultimate SleeveCase This case is a superb choice for travelers, being TSA checkpoint safe, so there's no need to remove your Kindle from its case for security checks. Meaning you can rest easy that although you may still be given a pat-down your Kindle will unscathed. Price: $49 - $55 7. BUILT Kindle Sleeve The BUILT Kindle sleeve offers a wonderful replacement for the business leather look. Its neoprene structure and built in bumpers gives a high level of protection and furthermore allow it to be machine washable. Available in lots of colors and patterns. Price: $29.99 8. rooCASE Super bubble Neoprene Kindle Cover Much like a kangaroo securely holds her baby in her pouch, the rooCASE Kindle Cover features protective solutions for your delicate Kindle. The rooCASE developers work with their end users needs in mind, making certain their cases are not just robust and stylish but in addition have convenient pockets for your other Kindle accessories. Price: $14 9. Oberon Leather Cover If you are hunting for a Kindle case straight from a fantasy realm then Oberon Design undoubtedly has something for you. All of their covers are hand crafted from leather and pewter and along with their original designs ensure you will never mix up your Kindle with another persons. So far as

individual styles go, these cases are it. Price: $69 10. Timbuk2 Kindle Messenger Bag Ok, this is not exactly a case yet the Messenger Bag deserves a mention. Created specially for the Kindle 2 (also holds the Kindle 3), it's available in three variations and it has an abundance of space for all your odds and ends in addition to a waterproof liner. Price: $69.99 Hopefully you have now seen a fantastic case to protect your Kindle and can start some reading! Speaking of, why don't you go and visit our guide on Where to find free eBooks for Kindle? Or if you are hunting for more ways to accessorize your Kindle, look at our article on the best Kindle accessories. As always, from us here at Kindle Accessories Hub, Happy Reading!

Finally, if you would like to know more about Kindle accessories please check out Kindle Accessories Hub at, for all your Kindle news, reviews and information!

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The Top 10 Kindle Covers and Cases  

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