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The Kindle Wi-Fi is a budget e-Reader with basic features. It weighs less than 6 ounces and can fit in your pocket or purse comfortably. The Kindle with Wi-Fi comes with an attractive price tag that most people will find affordable. Controls - The Kindle 2011 has an on-screen keyboard that you activate by pressing a special key. It also includes a 5-way controller button similar to that of the Kindle Keyboard but centrally positioned at the bottom for navigation. The absence of a keyboard makes this model appealing and also contributes to it being light enough to hold in your hands for long reading sessions. Battery Life - The presence of an on-screen keyboard reduces the battery life, unlike the Kindle Keyboard, which gives you two months battery life. The new Kindle Wi-Fi gives you one month of battery life with Wi-Fi not enabled. A one month charge is however still enough to use your eReader while you travel or when on vocation away from electricity. Storage - The electronic reader comes with a storage capacity of 2GB. This is unlike the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire that have double as much storage space. The 2GB internal memory lets you save up to 1,400 books, which is still a huge library of books. If you happen to use up the internal memory you can save some books that you are not immediately using on the online Cloud Storage. You can then re-download them later at no cost. It is also worth noting when buying the Kindle Wi-Fi that the memory is not expandable. Display - Like the previous Kindles the new Kindle with Wi-Fi has an E Ink Pearl display that has become an industry standard. The screen reads like real paper even in direct sunlight without reflecting. If you like reading in the dark you will have to acquire a clip-on light, which are readily available in the market. Connectivity - The device comes with build-in Wi-Fi meaning you can get connected at home, school, your favorite cafĂƒÂŠ and so on. You will however be required to input a password when connecting to networks that are password protected. The electronic reader detects nearby networks and saves those that you connect to, making it easier to connect to them at a later date. Watch a video on how Wi-Fi works. Build-In Directory - While reading you can instantly lookup words without leaving your book using the build-in directory on the Kindle with Wi-Fi. You can also create annotations and bookmarks, which you can then edit, delete and share. No Audio - This model does not support audio, meaning you cannot play MP3s files, listen to music and use Text-to-Speech like you can with a Kindle Touch or Kindle Fire. However, together with get lost in your reading for entertainment, you can also play some games.

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Kindle Wi-Fi Features - Kindle 2011  

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