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If you don't already have a dedicated e-reader and you've been thinking about getting one, now is the time to take the plunge. There are some great deals available on these handy little devices. So if a dedicated e-reader is your cup of tea then you've already decided that you don't have to have all the latest bells and whistles of a tablet in order to satisfy your literary sweet tooth and with the two biggest players in the dedicated e-reader market, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, entering the Tablet wars with their latest offerings, price points on their previous models are even more attractive. Leading the Market The Pew Internet & American Life reports that dedicated e-Reader ownership increased for May 2011 to 12% compared to 8% tablet ownership. The touch screen ebook reader has all of the great features that made its predecessors outstanding plus touchscreen functionality. Electronic Ink Advantage Electronic Ink technology has become fairly common among dedicated e-readers and is featured on Kindles touch screen ebook readers too, but this feature is still at the heart of what makes a relatively small screen easy on the eyes and enjoyable to read. Versatile and Portable The built-in versatility allows the reader to customize their reader: like the options of font size; typeface; screen orientation (horizontal or vertical); and text-to-speech. And if you are like me, one of the most helpful features is the active Dictionary that allows you to immediately see the meaning of those less than familiar words that you frequently run across when reading that magazine article, newspaper, or book. And battery life can last up to two months. Flexible Connectivity In addition, the WiFi and free 3G connectivity make the touch screen ebook reader extremely flexible when you want to link up to the Internet and share a document or images or to the Kindle Store when you are ready to make that next purchase for your library. Over 1 million books available for purchase (including best sellers) plus recently announced lending library from which you can borrow a book for free. Touchscreen Feature But what makes this e-reader stand out from its Kindle predecessors is the Touchscreen

technology. This feature really brings the e-reader into the ease-of-use realm that we're all coming to expect as a result of the smartphone onslaught. The old Keyboard and Navigation buttons are replaced with smart, easy touchscreen actions like tapping the screen or sweeping your finger across the page to navigate the options; turn the page; or activate the on-screen keyboard. No Better Option There are several e-reader options from which to choose and there are some very good deals available. If you are ready for a dedicated e-reader then you can't go wrong with a touch screen ebook reader.

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Is a Touch Screen eBook Reader Right for You  

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