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The leader in the eReader market is Amazon's Kindle line with over 60% of the global market according to Peter King, Director, Connected Home Devices service in the Digital Consumer Practice. Although not the newest edition to the Kindle line of ereaders and tablets, the Kindle Touch is the premiere touch screen ebook reader. There are many features that make this a great dedicated ereader. Kindle Touch Lifestyle Design -The touchscreen display puts all of the ereader options at your finger tips. Page turns; notetaking; word definitions; or shopping all are conveniently accessed right on the screen, right when you want it. You will notice that this is a significant advantage over the Kindle 2's buttons and keyboard for navigation. -People love to read when they are relaxing, traveling or on vacation, there is no more convenient way to take all of your favorite reading material with you than with the Kindle Touch Screen eReader. The light weight (7.5oz) and slim profile (6.8" X 4.7" X 0.40") make it the ideal size to slip into a tote or carry-on bag. -Long battery life allows you to use it anywhere. There is no need to worry about staying near an electrical supply, the exceptionally long battery life provides for outstanding portability. A single charge can last up to two months. -Large memory can to store a "library" of books. The 4GB of storage means that you will never have to decide which book to leave at home. Your entire library can go with you, up to 3,000 books. Winning Technology -When on the go or in the convenience of your own home connectivity to the Internet is effortless with the built-in Wi-Fi capability. The Kindle Touch finds the nearest available wireless network and easily connects even with those networks that require a password. -If you are in the market for a specific book; have a favorite author or just browsing for something interesting to add to your library the Kindle Store provides over a million books to choose from; the books people are wanting. No need to spend the time and gas money to run to the bookstore, simply connect to the Kindle Store and browse for your book then click the Buy button. Your book will download in seconds and most will cost less than $10. -Electronic Ink technology is just like reading a printed page. Sometimes the compact size of the

Touch causes concern as to the readability of the compact screen. Electronic Ink technology makes the Kindle e-reader the easiest reader of all. It is just like reading a printed page, the letters are crisp and clear and easy on the eyes. There is no lag time when turning the page. It retains the nostalgic sense of being curled up with a good book -In addition, with E-Ink there is no problem with screen glare from sunlight or a brightly lit room. Since the screen is not backlit like a computer screen it eliminates screen glare from the sunlight or a highly lit room. "Make it Your Own" Reading Options -Something your favorite print book does not allow you to do is change the size or style of the print when it is not to your liking. The Touch allows you to adjust Font styles and Text size to suit your need or mood. -Another great option is the ability to download your own documents to your e-reader and carry them with you. -In addition to documents your favorite photos and images can also be transferred to your reader and the display is crisp and fully zoomable. Helpful Tools like Search & Dictionary -Immediately explore a word definition with the built-in Dictionary. If you are like me, you are always coming across new words or unfamiliar words as you read. There's nothing like having a good Dictionary close at hand. With the built-in Dictionary it cannot be more convenient to find the meaning of that unfamiliar word. The dictionary is ready while you are reading and by simply tapping the word in question it brings up the definition. It doesn't get more convenient than this. -Do you remember a word or phrase of a passage you want to re-read but don't recall exactly where it was, just move to the Search option and you can quickly find the passage you are looking for. -Or better yet, Bookmark those favorite passages or enter a personal note just as you would if writing in a print copy. Then choose the View Notes & Marks option to bring up all your highlighted places anytime you need them. Much More... -In addition to the Kindle Store of over one million books, there is also over 2 million free downloadable, out of copyright books available. -There is also a library of over 60,000 audiobooks that can be shopped and downloaded. -Subscribe to Magazines or Newspapers and have them auto-delivered to your Kindle Touch. Or just relax with a Game specifically designed for Kindle. So you can see that there are lots of reasons to have a dedicated ereader and the Kindle Touch

adds all the advantages of touchscreen technology.

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Here's Why Kindle Touch Is So Appealing  

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