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As a bargain hunter I understand the frustration many consumers have when searching for discounts on quality products like the Kindle. The internet has been saturated with hundreds of expired promo codes and fake coupons claiming to give you the best deal or a Kindle Discount. The truth is there aren't too many discounts for the Kindle. Nevertheless, there are ways to purchase new refurbished and older models at a lower price. Now before I get into the details I want to explain the many different versions of the Kindle for the newbie's. The Kindle, a bestselling e-reader from Amazon, has done to books what the Apple iPod did to music. Its popularity is well understood and it only makes sense that as more people purchase the Kindle there will be those searching for a Kindle Discount. As a bargain hunter I'd love nothing more than to share with you where to find information on both. However, we must first determine which Kindle is best for you. The Kindle Wi-Fi is the first of the 3rd generation models and is by far the cheapest Kindle at $139. The device is Wi-Fi compatible which means it requires a wireless internet connection via a home broadband or wireless hot-spot to connect online. If you do not desire the added advantage of 3G technology then you will be content with this device. The Kindle 3G is the second of the 3rd generation models and is the best price Kindle after taking into account quality at $189. The device is internet ready right out of the box and allows you to surf the web and purchase from the online book store at anytime and anywhere for free. There are absolutely no contracts or monthly fees required to connect online. This is a very important feature for individuals who travel often and is especially beneficial for those who don't have internet access at home or want immediate access to the dozens of subscription magazines that have made their way to the Kindle. This version shares the same Pearl E-Ink technology that displays paper like pages making reading less tedious on the eyes. Similar to the Wi-Fi model it is 8.5 ounces light and very easy to hold in one hand, further extending the benefits of long form reading. The Kindle DX is the third of the 3rd generation models and is the most expensive device at $379. Unlike the previous two Kindles that sport a 6" diagonal display size, the Kindle DX sports a 9.7 inch display size with No-Glare technology allowing you to read in the sun light without difficulty. The device can last up to a staggering 7 days after a single charge and holds a maximum of 3,500 books. This is a far less battery life than the Kindle Wi-Fi and the Kindle 3G as both devices can last up to a staggering 30 days after a single charge. Still the Kindle DX is a far superior device than any other non kindle e-reader and is well designed for long form reading and Internet browsing. Refurbished Kindles offer the same great quality of new Kindles if chosen correctly and purchased by a trusted seller. There are refurbished Kindles for each generation and they can be a great

choice for those on a low-budget. The older 1st and 2nd generation Kindles can be a wise purchase for those looking for a simple e-reader and to save some money in the process. As you can see the devices share many of the same attributes and unique design that makes the Kindle an avid reader's favorite. Choosing which one is more than just about price as there are features that make each unique. Now, if you think that a new refurbished or an old model does not have the same quality you can review the websites below for further information on new Kindles and how you can get a Kindle Discount by saving on shipping.

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Getting a Kindle Discount This Holiday Season  

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