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The Cintron Beverage Group Branding Rejuvenation Project

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Research & Strategy

Creative Development

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Style Guide & Branding Standards

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01 Research & Strategy brand research creative brief & project objective branding strategy swot analysis demographics & references

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01 Research & Strategy .01 brand research


The taste. Amazing, bright, flavorful and most important, different. Healthy and refreshing, “tantalizing the tastebuds,� leaving the customer craving their next sip (Group, 2011). The perfect line of thirst quenching beverages fit for consumption after any energy-exerting event. The problem:

There are only select groups of people who are even aware that these great products exist. Cintron Beverage Group is a liquid refreshment company with goals and aspirations to have the best tasting premium beverage products fit for all walks of life.

Cintron currently carries six beverage lines ranging from energy drinks to premium teas and ades (Cintron). This company has had very limited success with product awareness, due to a currently small demographic market. Cintron is currently experiencing limited distribution, due to the lack of familiarity of the brand and the products.

Furthermore, Cintron lacks effective branding and packaging that differentiates them from their current competitors such as Red Bull, Rock Star Energy and Sobe Beverages. Due to the failed efforts of a package redesign effort in 2011, the need for a total image overhaul has transpired (Slack).

The History and Heritage The Cintron Beverage Company was founded in 2006 by a father son duo that wanted to expand their business ventures into the beverage industry. Wes Wyatt, the current chairman and father of the team, brought to the table over 30 years of experience establishing and managing a construction company. Richard Wyatt, the active CEO, brought several years of beverage industry experience along with a diverse business background (Group, 2011). With the family talent and proficiency they devised a plan to create a simple line of beverages that were inspired by Latin flavors. As the two businessmen developed the flavor profiles for their beverage lines, they assembled brand values that would appeal to a multitude of people.

Cuban regions. Presently, Cintron has six different lines of beverages. These include Liquid Energy Drinks, Energy Shots, Premium All Natural Iced Teas, Premium Fruit Juice/Ades, Canned Iced Teas, and Canned Ades. All of these products are produced with organic cane sugar and natural ingredients. Of these products, Liquid Energy line and Energy Shots are currently being promoted more so than the other beverage lines. The other products that are in the Cintron arsenal are currently being overlooked and not working to help push this company forward. “The energy drink market is a crowded one, but the tea product goes along with Cintron’s focus on positioning itself a little differently (Slack).”With that said, Cintron is now in need of a spark, a way to keep their line of beverages and company moving forward.”

Cintron is well positioned to differentiate its brand through its great taste and commitment to quality ingredients (Herrgard).” The underlying goal that was set by the founders were to have this organization become known globally for their premium products and the great taste behind them. Current distribution for the Energy drinks and Energy shots have been solid in the Eastern region of the United States and efforts are being made to expand. In the meanwhile, Cintron Beverage Group wants to saturate many other markets with their product to include, grocery stores, restaurants, and stadium concessions (Slack). CEO, Richard Wyatt has noticed that promoting Cintron Beverage Group develops premium, robust drinks that the other beverage products such as the premium iced teas will incorporate exotic, natural fruit flavors that are inspired by help to produce a larger, loyal customer base. The tagline that Cintron developed to create a coefficient customer base was “taste the difference” (Group, 2011). This became the backbone to the core values and beliefs of brand and the company. Along with great taste, Cintron wanted to also be different with the type of ingredients that they used to develop their products. Wes, and Richard decided to push natural ingredients that would promote healthy results for those who consumed their products. Cintron has been producing beverages that live up to these values and standards ever since.


01 Research & Strategy .01 brand research What The Cintron Beverage Group Is Missing The creation of cohesion throughout the product lines will

bring about a new look, new feel and new experience for Cintron customers. In essence, as these products become well liked and well known, the demand shall become greater. Creating a strong marketing plan will begin to grow the client

base further generating a greater need for the beverages. of who the demographic group is, the improved marketing, The present energy drink products demographic market packaging, and multi-media efforts can be directed to attract includes late teens to 30 years of age, the remaining product this new target market. lines appeal to a much wider group that has yet to be aggressively targeted (Slack).

The Growing Potential

This project will allow Cintron to reach a new community Cintron has the potential to compete amongst the major of customers, who have values that coincide with those of beverage industry brands and become a force to be reckthe Cintron Beverage Company Brand. With a clear picture


oned with. The findings uncovered in this research effort, has the potential to take Cintron Beverage Group as a whole to a new level, with the use of creativity and strategy. There are many different ways that Cintron Beverage Group can set themselves apart from their competition to include but not limited to tastes, ingredients, variety and the list goes on. They are part of a small market that provides its consumers with more than one product.

The Cintron Beverage Group has a growing fan base and with these progressive changes and efforts to move this corporation forward this loyalist group will continue to grow and flourish. Opening up to the public and showing the public all of the wonderful qualities about their product will not only elevate the value of their product, but it will also bring about a new life to a brand that has been hiding in the corner of the market.

It will not be easy to market all of these wonderful products at the same time, however with a plan anything is possible. Cintron can become more than a difference in just taste. They can become a difference in appearance, and attitude towards their fans and consumers.


01 Research & Strategy .02 creative brief and project objective This campaign has been created to not only evolve the ex- This endeavor will be accomplished through a recreated logo, isting brand image with a cohesive look and feel throughout multi-media development and marketing plan, and ascertainthe brand product lines but also establish brand standards ing a broadened target market. and bring awareness to the products themselves.

The improved client base will not only continue to taste the This project is directed at driving sales and distribution difference, but the will get to experience and see the differ- through creating a demand from different market areas. As ence as well, once this project has been completed. the world has become more globalized and the U.S. more culturally diversified, more multicultural marketing is needed This Rejuvenation Project of the Cintron Beverage Company (Marketing Sources for Demographic Niches, 2004). will aide the earlier efforts made by the organization to bring about product awareness and customer approval.


The creation of cohesion throughout the product lines will bring about a new look, new feel and new experience for Cintron customers. In essence, as these products become well liked and well known, the demand shall become greater. Creating a strong marketing plan will begin to grow the client base further generating a greater need for the beverages. Rejuvenating Cintron Beverage Group has to be done in a methodical fashion as to not offend any of the current fans while attracting new ones. There are certain aspects of the current image of the brand that must transcend into the new imagery for Cintron. The idea behind keeping the feel of old Havana is one of those aspects. The original inspiration

of the brand came from the region of old Havana, Cuba. Because this brand is built on a cultural influence, the rejuvenation project will continue to include the spirit of old Havana. It is important that the current Cintron supporters know that this beverage is not changing the taste and qualities of the beverage, but just the image. This corporation does not wish to have the backlash that comes with some brand image changes. The good thing is that a majority of the reviews for the current image state that there is room for improvement.


01 Research & Strategy .03 branding strategy With a revitalized logo, the new Cintron Beverage Group lines as well as each bottle and/or can, will be designed package design will also get a slight makeover also. It is import- showcasing artwork derived from the exotic fruits from ant that these lines of drinks have a unified look and feel to them. which they have been created. The logo itself will serve as one unifying piece between

The amalgamating color palate for this campaign will closely side with warm tones of the color wheel, such as oranges, reds, yellows and greens. Splashes of hot pink, lime green, and island blue will further push the tropical inspiration behind the beverages. The logotype and tagline typefaces will remain consistent between products, which is one of the existing problem areas with the current design.

consumers and potential vendors will be able to visit this site and not only see the products but get detailed factual information about each particular beverage. Since the company prides itself on the natural ingredients and bold flavors, it is important to showcase the nutrition labels for each drink. The website will also continue to offer different recipes in which the consumers can use their favorite drinks to make new alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The overall theme Along with modified packaging, the new multi-media/in- of the website and mobile application will be designed in teractive marketing plan will put in place. Beginning with such a way as to promote the same unified, interconnection an improved, user friendly website and mobile application, between lines of drinks.


Besides the website and mobile applications, the Cintron Beverage Group rejuvenation project will add banner ads to the new web presence. These ads will be able to help enlarge the reach to the company demographic markets and drive hits to the website as well. It has been stated in a research article, “Prior research has shown that exposure to banner advertising leads to increased advertisement awareness, brand awareness, purchase intention, and site visits (Manchanda, Dube, Goh, & K. Chintagunta). Headlines such as “Just a Taste of Paradise” will give a creative spin to the grab the attention of the consumers while enticing them to visit the Cintron website.

and promote all lines equally. The vibrant imagery of the new product packaging will be showcased in these ads and displays. The same vibrant color palate will continue to be used with these ads.

In addition to printed-paper, printed paraphernalia such as t-shirts, hats, and backpacks will be available at sporting events that are sponsored by the line of Cintron products. It has been said by author Leigh Goessi “Customers who are willing to sport your company’s logo are more than likely stating they approve of your product” (Goessi, 2009). This new marketing plan is design to not only showcase a unified front for all of the beverages, but also to get the word out to Since the web is such a valuable marketing tool, this proj- other demographic markets to increase sales and distribution ect will include digital advertising for websites such as You- of the beverage products. Tube, Flickr, Facebook and even Twitter. Social media is huge market that needs to be utilized. Using these social media The focus on these products will strongly promote the new outlets, Cintron has the ability to reach everyone within the logotype as well as the new product design. There may be idea target market. The use of Latin music will allow the views a few special edition prints featuring the beverages with the to feel the Cintron vibe, and crave the refreshing beverage. vintage car backgrounds, depending on the demand by fans of the beverage line. Finally, the new marketing plan will finish strong with print ads for in-store signage, as well as magazine and trade show events. These print ads will showcase the new unified look


01 Research & Strategy .04 swot analysis SWOT analysis proved to be a vital step in determining what effectively market to the group(s) that would most likely be is going to bring the Cintron Beverage Group to the forefront interested in the value that Cintron has to offer. of it’s industry. As displayed these strengths and weaknesses help the design team to plan a course of attack on how to






~ Uses Natural Organic Sugar Cane ~ More than one line of Drinks ~ The tastes are bold ~ Use of Latin flavors and exotic ingredients ~ Hispanic Demographic well researched ~ Celebrity presence is available to boost promotions ~ New partnership with new distribution company that can get product into 7-11 stores along the west Coast

~ Cohesive look is lacking ~ 1st re-branding had limited success ~ Very small marketing demographic ~ Not marketing all of the brands equally ~ Web presence is not user friendly or informative ~ No mobile apps found ~ Need direction for growth ~ Not recognized as competition amongst competitors



~ Health community niche ~ Outdoor boating/sporting crowds ~ Bar and Beverage industry exhibitions ~ Connection to Africa for national distribution ~ New look, will attract a new niche market ~ Cohesive design will build the image of the brand ~ New media/on-line presence will expand market base

~ Recognized more for events like boat racing more so than the taste of their products ~ Competitors may decide to expand their beverage lines eliminating the current Cintron advantage ~ More popular celebrities are endorsing the competition ~ Competition has a higher distribution level and are in more vendor spaces ~ Need IT/Design staff to keep the website current and appealing ~ Competition has began making a presence in other countries


01 Research & Strategy .05 demographics and references The present energy drink products demographic market includes late teens to 30 years of age, the remaining product lines appeal to a much wider group that has yet to be aggressively targeted (Slack).

This new market consists of women, athletes, mothers, college students, business men, ages 17 - 65. These individuals would also have an interest in outdoor activities and travel along with aspirations to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Cintron product line will have the ability to reach a fresh will allow these new loyalists to show support for the Cintron customer foundation that connects with the improvements products that they enjoy on a regular basis. Cintron will be of the company’s new look and feel. distributed nationally and shine amongst their competitors. This larger and more abundant demographic group will appreciate the user-friendly multi-media presence that Cintron has put together. The addition of specialized paraphernalia


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02 Creative Development design process mood boards and directives logo concepts asset concepts

.01 .02 .03 .04


02 Creative Development .01 design process This design process all began with a look at what the Cintron Beverage Group wanted to say to it’s consumers and clients vs what was really being expressed. In this section you will find the different factors in which helped drive the design concept for the new look of Cintron. Various factors went into how to effectively market and tell the story behind the Cintron label. With the use of SWOT analysis, and key tenants, the right demographic group was able to be determined and a plan


was able to be put in place for a creative relaunch of the Cintron Beverage Group brand. This effort bought about new colors, new textures and new typography along with a refreshing feel and look. This process involved a lot of editing, but the final product represents those items that were detailed in the client project brief, and will represent the brand and its values well.


02 Creative Development .02 mood boards and directives The mood boards created in this campaign began with three directives. The directs that were chose were Exotic, Energetic and Healthy. From those three words, separate inspiration or mood boards were created. Because they all represented The values behind the Cintron name it became difficult to decide which word and mood board would become the sole representative.


Along with images, colors had to be determined as well. So moving forward all designs would be inspired by the look and feel of the middle Exotic mood board pictured to the right.


02 Creative Development .03 logo design concepts The first portion of the marketing plan includes a revision to the current Cintron logo. It is currently a typographic logo that features black letter style characters with a heavy gold stroke around them. The tagline, “taste the difference” varies in location between beverage lines, however is mainly located directly beneath the main characters.

toric textures, the bold colors of the vibrant yet vintage city will bring movement and energy to the logotype. Unlike the original logo, the chosen tagline will be created with a contrasting yet balancing typeface, which in turn will distinguish the logotype from the tagline. Fore instance, the feel and movement depicted in the curvy “Carlos Santana” logotype coupled with the likes of san serif forms such as gill sans light, The idea behind the revised logo is to choose a typeface that or Din. embodies the movement and energy of the Latin culture.The impression of cobble stone streets and wrought-iron tex- This underlying goal of this reconstructed logo is to appeal tures immersed within the letter forms will help to capture to a broader audience, and gain the support of a larger dethe essence of old Havana, Cuba. In addition to these his- mographic entity.



02 Creative Development .04 asset design concepts The concepts behind the asset design were to create images that were able to attract a broader demographic of people. The assets that were chosen would help to bring about brand notoriety.


New packaging was created along with posters, t-shirts, mobile applications, website designs, and conceptual commercials. The asset collection will be a never ending process in an effort to continually promote the new Cintron look.


03 Style



Guide & Branding Standards brand voice and tone logo clearing standards logo color and tagline applications brand colors and textures brand typography and usage brand photography standards

.01 .02 .03 .04 .05 .06 29

03 Style Guide & Branding Standards .01 brand voice and tone It is important that Cintron Beverage Group establish a voice Beverage Group will exude energy, quality and Latin flair. during this re branding effort. The new voice of this cor- This will be done through the new logotype, typography, and poration will revolve around the three key tenants, exotic, imagery. energetic, and premium. With that being stated, Cintron

All of these components together begin to tell the consumer what this brand is about and the story behind these wonderful beverages. Through branding standards, consumers new and old will begin to enjoy the refreshing new look, and what to experience the healthy beverages produced by the Cintron Beverage Group.


In this style guide, examples of proper ways to display and use the logotype with and without a tagline. New typography, colors, patterns and textures have been established in this guide as well. The re branded Cintron Beverage Group organization’s tone is one that will accentuate the voice of Cintron.

It is imperative that all promotional efforts and assets associated with the organization will maintain the bright, airy refreshing feel that has become the new face of Cintron Beverage Group. The published material will suggest relaxing and refreshing moments for the consumers. The tone of

Cintron Beverage Group also encourages health and wellness. The materials used to promote the re branded organization will push the notion that the products produced by Cintron use all natural products and organic cane sugars.


03 Style Guide & Branding Standards .02 logo clearing standards

The new Cintron logo has a clean and crisp look and feel to it. The new typography stands out when there is a proper amount of white space to allow it to “breathe” In an effort to maintain the voice and tone of the new company branding, logo spacing requirements have been set in order. The final appearance of the logotype with or without the tagline should make a visual statement in itself and be able to grab the attention of the consumer from far or short distances because of the proper use of white space.

for this logotype. All sides of the logotype regardless of the presence of the tagline will have the minimum distance of the “O” from three sides if using a tagline and from all four sides when not using a tagline. The “O” used for clearing should be a minimum of 44 point size. Should the tagline be present as shown here, there is a distance of 0.20 inches between the baseline of the Cintron typography and the extender of the x-height from the Rockwell typography creating the tagline.

In order for maximum legibility for the Cintron logotype minimum clearing space must be established. The “O” in The new logotype is fit to stand alone and command the Habana typeface will be the minimum clearing distance attention in any given situation.


44 pt



when passion for taste becomes extraordinary


0.20 inches


03 Style Guide & Branding Standards .03 logo color and tagline applications The revitalized logotype has several different options for display and promotional purposes. The idea is that in any given situation or color scheme, the Cintron logotype will be bright and stand apart from its background coloring.

As displayed there are one, two, and full color options in which this logotype can be seen. There are also black and white, as well as grey scale applications. A translucent (not pictured here) application is also available and can be viewed



in the broadcasting media applications portion of this style completely one color. At no point should the color of the guide section. mark (the pineapple) be a varied color or hue from that of the typography. One color applications are made to give the corporation variations for one color prints for promotional materials as The gray scale application is the only application in which it well as bright contrast to dark color backgrounds. It is im- is appropriate to have the mark (the pineapple) a 25% tint of portant to note that the entire logotype and mark are to be the original gray tone.

34 32


Two-color applications may use any variation of Cintron color pallet tones with the mark (the pineapple) being one complete tone and the typography being another complete tone. It is not appropriate to use more than one tone in the typography for the logotype at one time. In the two color application it must be as stated above, one color for the typography and another tone for the mark. Tagline must be located directly under the logotype. The kerning is adjusted so that the tagline is spaced from the far left side of the “C” to the far right end of the “N”.

The tagline is to be in one color tone when the logotype is in full color. The only time a tagline may be featured in multiple colors is when with the black and white CINTRON logotype is in use. The colors must be the regulated CINTRON tones as shown in this style guide. If the logotype is inverted, and white in tone, then the tagline may still be used in one color tone or multiple colors. If the tagline is going to be displayed in multiple colors, all primary tones must be displayed.


35 33

03 Style Guide & Branding Standards .04 brand colors and textures The primary colors selected are bright and vibrant. The energetic tones that one may find on the streets of Havana, ideology behind these selected hues are to represent the Cuba. The also represent the product in the fashion of fresh, exotic and vibrant nature of the fresh fruit used in these bev- and healthy. erages. These tones pay tribute to some of the vibrant and

36 34

C 17% R 191 M 100% G 32 Y 80% B 60 K 7%

C 0% R 243 M 68% G 116 Y 100% B 35 K 0%

C 42% R 3 M 4% G 179 Y 5% B 219 K 0%

C 70% R 111 M 100% G 46 Y 1% B 140 K 0%

C 45% R 3 M 0% G 179 Y 80% B 219 K 0%

Application of Color

Application of Patterns and Textures

The values and saturation of each color have the ability to be altered. All tints of the selected colors are approved to be used as secondary tones in print ads for Cintron Beverage Group. However, only fully saturated and 100 % opacity of these tones are acceptable to be used for logo and tagline applications for print ads, media ads or brand reproductions. CMYK process colors percentages should be used for all print media and RGB numbers should be used for all interactive, and website applications.

The patterns and textures showcased here represent the exotic and vibrant nature of the CINTRON brand. These patterns and textures may be used as overlays and screens to give texture to a particular design. They are to be used to elevate the look of a design and continue to tell the story of the Cintron Beverage Group product.

37 35

03 Style Guide & Branding Standards .05 brand typography and usage The typeface families that are associated with the Cintron Beverage Group are Habana, Gill Sans, and Rockwell. These three fonts and font families can be used in various capacities within the branding scheme.

36 38

The selected typography continues to promote the voice of the brand and allow for the clean and refreshing vibe of the brand essence. They continue to tell the tropical and tasteful story of Cintron products.

Habana should be used in headline settings only.

This is the main typeface of the new logo. This is a decorative font and should be used with the standard minimum clearing space if used directly below or above the logotype. Habana is best read at larger point sizes therefore 20 pt. should be the minimum.


Gill Sans, is the san-serif typeface family that has been

chosen for the Cintron Beverage Group brand. Any font from this family may be used for headlines and body copy purposes. This font is extremely legible therefore there is no minimum point size in which it has to be used. This typeface also falls in line with the Cintron Voice and branding style.



Gill Sans

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU VWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTU abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz VWXYZ 1234567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTU 1234567890 VWXYZ

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 1234567890 Rockwell, is the selected slab-serif typography selected

for taglines in conjunction with logotype usage and headlines. This typeface is a great contrast to the decorative Habana typeface and keeps with the clean motif of the brand voice and tone. This typeface is easily read at various point sizes however minimum point size is 10 pt.

37 39

03 Style Guide & Branding Standards .06 brand photography standards The imagery that represents the Cintron Beverage Group should be clean photography with focal points. Background imagery should not detract from the main focal point. All images of fruit should be vivid and display the natural bright

Black and white images are allowed with the use of full color imagery of Cintron Beverage Group products in the final image to create bright contrast.


colors of the fruit and fruit flesh. Closely cropped shots of fruit are preferred so that the consumers can see the quality of products that are typically used in the beverages for their drinking pleasure.

The images of the people used in Cintron Beverage group ads should give the impression of joy or satisfaction. It is important that they represent the voice and tone of the brand and capture the essence of refreshing, tasteful, and transporting one to a tropical vacation. The subjects can also give the impression of deep thought, or “enjoying the moment�.

The subjects should consist of those found in the new demographic group. These subjects would be as follows: women, mothers with or without children, men, athletes, body builders, college students, and vacationers. Children may be pictured alone in an ad that is directed towards mothers. Lighting in all imagery should be used in such a way as to illuminate the main focal point.



04 Final Asset Design media mix overview print media interactive media promotional media

.01 .02 .03 .04


04 Final Asset Design .01 media mix overview It is very important that in the relaunch they make a new first and lasting impression. The first media type that the campaign will cover wil in the Social Media area. According to Gobe, author of Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People, “Generation Y no longer responds to commercial messages from big-business America. . . It’s almost as if brands have to be elected to be part of the culture now (RODGERS, 2001).” Like Redbull, Sobe, and many of the other direct competitors they began with a strong grassroots, word of mouth (WOM) and social media campaigns. It is important for WOM to be one of the most successful vehicles of this campaign. In conjunction with WOM, the packaging must also be very engaging and successful. That would fall in some aspect into the Print Category. So taste and look are primary vehicles to this campaign and these two are easily promoted through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (Video & Music), and blog sites. I would expect these initial efforts to start a “buzz” if you will about the company and peak an interest within the target market.


While working with the Social Media, I believe a strong Print campaign be worked into the mix. Aside from the all important packaging, I feel like Cintron Beverage Company would benefit from working with event promoters and sponsorships, a play on branded entertainment. Alongside the branded entertainment ads, I would pair this with magazine, and out of home (OOH) advertising such as billboard ads to further immerse the market with the Cintron brand. Print magazine ads would also cross over into the electronic/interactive market with digital ads in online magazines, e-readers and some broadcast methods such as television commercials (“Marketing”). Websites associated with travel and vacations would also be prime ad space for the Cintron brand since they are big on bold tropical flavors and taking the customer on a vacation with the use of just their taste buds. This projected media mix should give the Cintron the impression and awareness it needs to be successfully competitive within the beverage markets.


04 Final Asset Design .02 print media Print media designs consist of colorful billboard ads along and are designed to create lasting impressions to those the with magazine ads and possibly electronic, e-reader ads that ads come in contact with. will be inviting and excite those the ad comes in contact with. They will support the values of the new Cintron campaign



04 Final Asset Design .03 interactive media The interactive media ads will consist of a new website along with mobile applications. These ads are designed to give valuable information to the consumers. Each of these assets will give the consumer an opportunity to find out more about the nutritional values of the products along with share interesting recipes that use the Cintron products.


The mobile application allows the consumer to pick the flavors and types of beverages they are looking for and find out what Cintron products they will enjoy. These interactive applications also allow the consumers to find out where Cintron is being sold and distributed.






04 Final Asset Design .04 promotional media The promotional assets are those items that can be pur- during events to help build consumer relationships. These chased by consumers to support the brand. T-shirts, baseball items will be available through Facebook and the Cintron caps, and beverage koozies are just a few of the items that website. could potentially be sold. These items will also be given away



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