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Moving Should Not Be Stressful Many people hate moving because of the work and stress that it requires. This is why many people refuse to move to a better place because of the hassle, inconvenience, and stress that they would get from it. So, instead of moving, they would just prefer to stay even if they are not happy and comfortable with the place. But thanks to these moving services because it will make your life easy and convenient without worrying of the stress and hassle that it gives. There are actually a lot of moving services that can help you move with ease and comfort. But if you live somewhere in Seattle, you are lucky because you have the Adam’s Moving Service. It is one of the most trusted and offer quality moving services. With the help of moving service, it’s a guarantee that you will not have hard time moving all your stuff. Most of the moving service offer manpower where they provide people who will help you move and pack your stuff. But these laborers are paid per hour. The rates depends on how many movers you will be hiring to help you packed and load your stuff. Let me give you the rates so you will have an idea on how much you will be paying in case you want to hire a mover. For 2 movers, labor only that would be $80.00/hour; 3 movers, labor only $120.00/hour; and 4 movers, labor only $160.00/hour. Now, in case you want to hire a laborer with moving trucks the rates will be different. It will cost more. For example: for 2 movers with truck that would be $100.00/hour; 3 movers with truck - $140.00/hour; 4 movers with truck - $ 180.00/hour; 4 movers with 2 trucks - $200.00/hour; and 5 movers with 2 trucks - $240.00/hour. Now that you have an idea with the rates, you can now budget your money. I know that it is important that you know how much money you will be spending for your upcoming move. The cost is one of the factor that cause stress to the people who plan to move. But since you already have an idea, you can make a list of your possible expenses. This will lessen your stress. By the way, most moving companies do not only offer house or residential transfers, they also offer other services like residential moving, commercial moving, deliver and pick-up service like furniture deliver, labor only assistance, and packaging assistance. Speaking of packaging, this is one of the challenges that many movers experience. Many people do not want to pack their things because they find it very stressful especially those people who don’t know how to pack. There are techniques in packing to make your things fit in a box. This is why if you find packing to be challenging, I would suggest that you hire a packing assistance to help you pack your things. This is will be easier and more convenient on your end. But of course, this also means

additional cost. But to wrap everything, if you don’t want to be stress with your upcoming move, be financially ready to avail those services mentioned above.

having a worry-free and stress-free move  

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