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Things That Cause Hearing Loss According to research, there are many reasons that cause hearing loss. Later we would discuss the four of the many things that cause hearing loss. Did you know that every day of our lives we are prone and exposed to things that could cause hearing loss? But we may usually take this for granted because it doesn’t really affect us that much. But we may not be aware that every time we are exposed to these things, it affects out hearing. The only time that we will know if a person is suffering from hearing loss is by running hearing tests. There are specific test that can be done to determine if an individual is suffering from hearing loss or not. There are websites online that offers free hearing tests like the Now, what are the most common factors that could cause hearing loss? Here they are: Too Much Exposure To Loud Noise One of the most common factors that cause hearing loss is too much exposure to loud noise. What are the common places that produce loud noise? These places are: construction area, firing area, disco/club, long-term use of headphones, jackhammer, helicopter, airport, and so on… That is why if you are working in areas where you are exposed to loud noise, always wear ear protector. Do not take this for granted because this can really affect your hearing and you might regret it when you start losing your hearing. So, protect your ears by wearing ear protector. But I’m sure that sure most of the companies also require their employees to wear their protecting gears. Ear Infection Aside from noise, another most common thing that causes hearing loss is ear infection. What causes ear infection? One is improper cleaning of ears that could cause ear irritation which could lead to ear infection. Another factor is wax accumulation inside the ear. Accumulation of ear wax is commonly cause by improper cleaning like using cue tips. Another factor is your ear is inflamed due to underlying disease. So, avoid using hard objects to clean your ears to avoid ear irritation that could lead to ear infection. Symptom Of Underlying Disease Another factor is it could be a symptom of an underlying disease like cancer. Losing your hearing can be a symptom of a more serious disease. That is why if you are having problem with your hearing, do not hesitate to see a doctor for checkup and proper treatment.

Aging Lastly, the very common thing that causes hearing loss is aging. People with age 65 and above are people who are already experiencing hearing loss. In 3 elderly people ages 65 up, 1 in 3 is suffering from hearing loss. That is why if you have an elderly in your home, you will surely experience having hard time communicating with them because they might not hear you very well. Now, at this moment, you already have an idea what is causing hearing loss. But the good news is hearing loss can be treated by hearing aids.

things that cause hearing loss  

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