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The Importance Of Taking Hearing Tests There are many important and vital factors that we need in this life to function effectively as individual. Communication and hearing are just two of the many vital factors. It is a fact that if we are confident in our ability to communicate our jobs, relationships, and social interactions could be more rewarding. But try to imagine if you have a dysfunctional hearing? Everything around you will be affected. Your life will be affected. Nobody wants that to happen. Our communication skills affect our dealings with life. That is why our ability to be more confident in communication and hearing is just one benefit of better hearing. Base on the ratio 1in 5 adults in America and in other places struggle with hearing loss. The ratio are getting higher because of the undiagnosed hearing problem which made it 1 in 3 people are suffering from hearing problems when the reach the age of 65 and over. But don’t lose hope because there is good news. The good news is with the advancement in hearing technology today, there is no more reason for you to “just deal” with hearing loss anymore. There is already a better approach to address hearing problems. But the question is how would you know if you are one of those people who are suffering from hearing loss problem? In, we can learn that there are sets of hearing tests that could be done to identify if you have hearing problems or not. Let me give you the three steps on how to evaluate hearing loss. The first step is you will be asked to answer 5 relevant questions pertaining to hearing loss. Like for example, do you sometimes have difficulty understanding when you are on the telephone or you are watching TV? Another sample question would be – are you having difficulty understanding people you are talking to? The next step will be the audio test where you will be hearting different level of sounds to test the sensitivity of your hearing. You will hear three levels of sounds. Just follow the instructions given. After which, you will continue to the last set of test which is the audio screening. In this test, you will still be asked to listen to certain level of sounds to determine how sensitive your hearing is. After taking the test, you will be able to get the result to see if you pass or not. Now you see that only through these sets of tests we can clearly know and confirm if we are suffering from hearing loss or not. In, we can learn that it is important that we know the condition of our hearing. Many people are hesitant to take hearing tests because they are scared to know the result especially if it’s negative. But we should be grateful because we have resources like the, where we could find out our real condition. We would be able to find remedies to the

problem before it gets worse.

the importance of taking hearing tests  

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