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American Indian Presenters and Cultural Bearers

Dee and Annette Ketchum Ketchum

Delaware Tribe of Indians Quick Facts The Delaware were the first tribe to sign a treaty with the United States in 1788 The Original home of the Delaware is the area of present-day New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania The Delaware are the 25th largest Indian Tribe in the United States The Delaware are refered to as “Peacemakers” and “Grandfather” by other tribes

American Indian: Past, Present & Future

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Dee and Annette Ketchum Both registered members of the Delaware Tribe of Indians, Bartlesville, Ok. Chief Dee Ketchum served on the Tribal Council and Trust Board of his tribe for 16 years, the last four years as chief, 1998-2002 Annette Ketchum is currently serving a four-year term on the Delaware Tribal Council.

Teaching, Lecturing & Demonstrating On Topics, Such As: History and Customs Cultural Awareness Ceremonies Songs & Dances

Dee and Annette went to college at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS where he played varsity basketball on an athletic scholarship and served as co-captain his senior year.


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Reference Materials

Big House Religion

-“Long Journey Home”, one-hour DVD featuring the Ketchum family and the Deleware

He recieved both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in education from the University of Kansas.

-“Long Journey Home”, 448 page book, with 70 color

Dee coached for eleven years in high school and college and worked in private business for 27 years, helping found a mulit-million dollar company.

-“The Lenape Big House Church”, DVD Doccumentary,

photos 12 minutes

Dee and Annette Ketchum 1412 Hampden Road Bartlesville, OK 74006 Home & Fax -918 333 8865 Cell -918 440 8865

-“Lenape: Indians of the North America Series”, Video -Bartlesville Magazine, Spring 2009 , feature article about Dee Ketchum

Dee and Annette Ketchum Brochure  

Delaware Indian Educators

Dee and Annette Ketchum Brochure  

Delaware Indian Educators