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Desktop Publishing

ACTIVITY 1 My 1st work in Desktop Publishing. Not so good but it’s nice and simple.

ACTIVITY 2: COLLAGE I’m not so good in using Photoshop that’s why my collage is not too beautiful as I want but I did all my best to finish it.

ACTIVITY 3: LOGO DESIGN This is my personal logo. I like it because I can use Photoshop well and I can make it on my own.

ACTIVITY 4: CD COVER My creations are improving like my Cd cover.

ACTIVITY 5: MAGAZINE COVER It’s simple but elegant. My magazine cover is GORGEOUS.

ACTIVITY 6: MENU PROJECT My menu has a lot of delicious food and the design is not too professional but it’s overwhelming to see.

ACTIVITY 7: REDESIGNING A PACKAGE I redesign the Hershey kisses. It’s too girly and good to see.

ACTIVITY 8: TRAVEL BROCHURE PROJECT I’m now good in using Photoshop.  I can make my own travel brochure now.

ACTIVITY 9: CREATING A PROGRAM BOOKLET It is very overwhelming to see and this is just simple booklet cover yet it’s gorgeous.

ACTIVITY 10: FUNNY TSHIRT DESIGN My shirt is not too funny but it’s cute and unique.  This is my own funny t-shirt design.

ACTIVITY 11: YEARBOOK LAYOUT PAGE This is my own creation of yearbook layout page. There’s a lot of pictures in this yearbook page because there’s a lot of memories that are unforgettable.


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Jannah Mae Sarmiento BSIT 1-1 Desktop Publishing