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This is Banc. 4 C Wallet

A cover a wallet or both. 10 Trestle

Two make a table. 16 Eames Lounge Chair Scale Model

Just smaller. 22 Watercan Redesign

A new taste of water. 32

Since I was born I have been surrounded with creative people. My grandfather had a metal workshop and built me the most awesome toys to play with in the garden. I helped my dad and granddad to built a tree house - more like a real house as everything was designed to last. On the side I built my own planes; sand-shaped cars and I even built my own brick boat to travel the garden seas with my sisters. I’ve learnt that nothing is impossible as long as you believe in what you do and make a plan that works. Surround yourself with people who have the knowledge and don’t be afraid to fall. Cause seeing things from a different angle may just be the solution to the problem in the first place. Industrial Product Design - Howest Kortrijk

4 years

2 years

5 years

all my life

all my life

3 years

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Banc is designed to improve the playground experience for children. It was initially design to protect smaller children from older kids. But turned out to be so much more. Banc is a 16 piece modular bench that can be placed either in a circle, a line or in any shape you desire. The inside arena can seat over 16 children on any level. The outer ring can seat over double that amount.




380 cm

60 cm

90 cm


C-Wallet Before C wallet you either where a person that liked his smartphone nice and clean with a minimal cover for protection. Or the person who combined his wallet and smart-phone into a booklet. With C wallet you can do both. This easy in use cover allows you to slide your wallet on and off in a jiffy. Without the use of magnets that may interfere with your device. Made out of leather the case not only looks premium, it just is.

C wallet: A Cove a Wallet or Both.


14 cm

11 cm

7 cm

6,5 cm



Trestle This threstle Redesign was made during using only wood. The Idea is to replace the sturdy old trestles and replace them with desing items.



74 cm

65 cm

54 cm




5%#$) 6"7&3$-0%'+ 8 9.."#%& :-%1$ ;"($1 As a first year Student learning about materials was a big part of our daytime. One of our assignments was to build an iconic design-chair on a 1/4 scale. The goal was to make it look as close to the real chair as possible and explore the techniques and materials used in the original chair.









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;$.%1 6%)$+ -7..'&3 = B$1('&3


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This redesign for a Brita Water-can was made for a school module in surfacing. This model was my first experience into surfacing. The model is made in Siemens NX 11.0 and visualised in Autodesk V Red.


23 cm

22 cm

12,5 cm



Jan Logier +32 471 21 07 60

Portfolio Jan Logier  
Portfolio Jan Logier  

Portfolio of beginning industrial Designer Jan Logier.