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people & places by jan lim

Grace This isn’t me; it’s a friend named Grace. In the summer of 2012, Grace left. Because I missed her, I started to pick up a needle and thread and eventually I made a sewn portrait of her based on an old photo I had.

‘Grace’. Embroidery. 2012.

cinque terre The summer of 2012 was also when I visited Italy for the first time. I fell in love with a place called Cinque Terre, a series of five villages on a rugged portion of coast along the Italian Riviera. I stayed in one of the villages and this is the view I wake up to every morning.

Original sketch, pen on paper

‘Cinque Terre’. Screen printed on linen. 2012.

‘Cinque Terre’. Screen printed on linen. 2012.

hanoi In January I took a trip to Hanoi, Vietnam to visit some friends. My fondest memory involved sitting on small stools by the road, sipping Vietnamese coffee and chewing on sunflower seeds. I watched the locals toss the shells of the sunflower seeds to the ground and did the same. I watched the shells gather at our feet.

‘Hanoi’. Screen printed on linen. 2013.

kiwarrak In September I travelled four hours north of Sydney and stayed in a cottage in the middle of the forest. The mornings were beautiful but at dusk everything turned pitch-black, with the chirping of the crickets filling up the darkness.

‘Kiwarrak’. Saori weaving. 2013.

old bar The small seaside town of Old Bar, Australia was where I had my first encounter with the loom. I spent my days experimenting with colour and texture and had never felt happier or more at peace.

‘Old Bar’. Saori weaving. 2013.

Portfolio 2012-13 Design and text: Jan Lim Photographs: Jan Lim (p.2) N.Ziqq (p.3-12) Kaz Madigan (p.13) Deborah McKellar (p.14) Illustrations: Jan Lim (p.3, 14)

portfolio 2012-13

Textiles that Talk of People & Places  

Portfolio 2012-13