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Two out of three The hardest part of these editions is the editorial. Scratching the brain for something relevant, or inspiring. We were suggested to tell the story of this edition. We doubt that they want to read about our day-to-day. Perhaps talking about the joy we feel when interviewing such interesting people. Or talk about the comic books we do. Maybe we should say that this edition was made at the same time we are preparing the crowdfunding of TMG?

Script and art: Joana Rosa


Once upon a time, there was piano in lego!

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My Hero Academia season 3 by Pablo Simas

I’ll start by using All Might’s own words: “Mo daijoubu ! Naze tte ? Watashi ga kita !“. These can be translated as: “Don’t be afraid! Do you know why? Because I’m here!”. Indeed and with good news, both for My Hero Academia fans and for everyone looking to watch a good series! The television channel BIGGS (Portugal) is airing the third season of the MY HERO ACADEMIA series. This is the adaptation of the Boku no Hīrō Akademia manga created by Japanese mangaka Kōhei Horikoshi.



Series The series is widely loved around the world and became the main successor of the “big three”: Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece (which continues to reign). It is the first comic strip that manages to mix the stereotypes and characteristics of American comics with the visual language of the manga. The way it addresses the genre of superheroes is phenomenal. It takes on a simple premise: the main character goes through several relatable experiences, such as dealing with bullying or rolling up your sleeves for a dream that seems impossible to achieve. The secondary characters are multifaceted, rather than being walking stereotypes. This makes them very human, regardless of their appearance. Villains are not just monsters, for monster’s sake, who wish to destroy the world. They are individuals with valid motives and belief systems, who feel that society is moving towards corruption. In a very distorted way, they believe that even if it causes the death of the


majority, only a sudden change will put society on the right path. The quality of the production must be acknowledged. The Studio Bones is no novice in animation. They ensure that each scene of explosive action, or even quieter moments of exploring the emotions and insecurities of the characters,

have a very significant impact. The series has already been adapted to other formats than animation, such as musicals – on stage in Japan — (My Hero Academia: The “Ultra” Stage and My Hero Academia: The “Ultra” Stage: A True Hero), video games (My Hero Academia: Battle for All for Nintendo 3DS, My Hero: One’s Justice





Series 1 and 2 for other platforms). So far it has generated three spin-offs with script and art by other authors (My Hero Academia Smash!! by Hirofumi Neda, My Hero Academia: Watchers by Furuhashi Hideyuki, and My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions by Yōkō Akiyama ). All this confirms My Hero Academia as a true publishing giant. IN PREVIOUS EPISODES... As in the manga, the story takes place in a world where 80% of the population has developed superhuman skills such as projecting flames, flying, freezing the air, among others called “singularities”. The existence of singularities allowed the emergence of a new category of individuals in society, called professional heroes, who use their skills for the good


of others and face villains. We follow the path of the young protagonist Midoriya Izuku, who dreams of becoming a professional hero. Unfortunately, since he was born without a singularity, its realization is an apparently impossible task. Yet, his lack of powers does not diminish his courage. When Bakugou, his childhood former best friend — turned bully — is attacked by a villain, it is Midoriya who takes the initiative to save him. His act of courage and bravery inspired the city’s greatest hero, All Might, to transmit him his singularity, One for All. This is a special power that can be passed from one user to the next. Midoryia’s arduous task begins. To host and master this singularity, he must change and transform

into the hero he has demonstrated he may become. The first lesson is that to be a professional hero it requires knowing how to cooperate with others. Also, it’s a path that involves several sacrifices. All of this occurs in the first season of the series, where we see young Midoriya’s journey into understanding what it means to be a hero. This path involves taking the entrance tests at UA High, Japan’s secondary school with the best hero training program. The same school Bakugou is aiming for. At this point, the authors created the environment where he will be entangled throughout the narrative. He’ll share this with a group of students, each with a unique singularity, and the teachers will serve as a foundation for the





Series physical and mental development of the young protagonist. AND THE SECOND ACT... While the focus of the first season is on Midoriya, on the growth of his inner world and his closest circle, the second season takes him further. He will devote himself to the world beyond the school life where the greatest threat is the League of Villains, an evil organization that seeks to rewrite the rules of society according to their standards and thus eliminate the world as we know it. The students in the class 1-A will participate at the Sports Festival, where Midoriya will test all he has learned so far. Fighting his colleagues who are equally or

even more skilled than him, he is remembered that it is not enough to be empowered to be a superhero. WHAT CAN WE EXPECT FROM THE NEW SEASON? And finally, the season starting its run on the BIGGS channel this month. Midoriya Izuku and his colleagues in class 1-A visit the AU training camp, to improve their skills. As usual, nothing goes as expected because the League of Villains decides to attack to kidnap one of the students. This interrupts the training and forces a direct conflict between class 1-A and the league. Who reads the manga knows that this is the moment for the long-awaited and predestined confrontation between All Might and All For One, the greatest villain of all. It is a battle of nemesis that will tremble all the hero society. This season is screened at the BIGGS channel in its Iberic Portuguese dubbed version, with the same cast of previous seasons: Alexandre Maia, Ana Teresa Pousadas, Bárbara Lourenço, Quimbé, Rodrigo Mourão, among many others.



RA: Are we going to avoid all those buzzwords like Renaissance Man? FM: I don’t want any of that. RA: All those labels they pin on you in interviews. FM: I was called a Renaissance Man several times. I’ve always thought it’s a great injustice for the real men of the renaissance.



Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia are the authors of Ballad for Sophie. The most mainstream album of the dynamic duo of the Portuguese comic book scene (Cavia being Argentine, but honorary Portuguese). It sold out at the Lisbon Book Fair, and its second edition has already reached bookstores.

Ricardo Andrade: You said at the Lisbon Book Fair that Ballad for Sophie is the first job that really makes you satisfied and happy. Filipe Melo: I would say that, usually, the satisfaction has an expiration date. We are happy about it for a while. Then it stops. This time, I hope, is a sign that we have improved and that we have learned from mistakes. RA: And that’s the main issue, isn’t it? FM: Exactly. RA: Anyone who reads your books says this one is the best. They recognize the honest effort to improve over the years. Do you look at previous albums and find those small things you didn’t want there? FM: Of course. What’s important here is we always learn from the things that go wrong both in the process and in the outcome. So if today I read the books we made ten years ago, I’ll find many things that I would do differently. However, I know that someone who picks up the book for the first time will not be thinking about it and will also not know how much we have evolved since that book. Someone 14 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT


who is reading our last book and then going to pick up our first will surely realize that there is a big difference there. I believe anything must be read considering the period when they were created. And, 10 years ago, we were very different people, we had fewer technical skills. But it is relevant to give it some slack due to how long ago it was made. I’m not comparing, but if we watch now a film like the original King Kong, we don’t expect it to have the same special effects as Peter Jacksons King Kong. Yet it remains a timeless piece. RA: That’s right! It’s still passionate. FM: Of course. Even though we were very amateurish when we started, we truly believed in what we were doing and, we did it with a lot of affection. So I hope that some of this will continues to transpire in the end result, even now. RA: What is the feeling you have when people read your book and say this that you finest, the best of all? Is it almost a little strange on the one hand... is it intimidating to say that this is your ultimate work? FM: It is a good question. It is a good feeling to see that they like our work. Whether it is the reader’s favorite or

not, it only depends on them. I am also aware that our previous books are more niche than this one. This is a more broad story, that reaches people of different ages and backgrounds. It deals with themes like the search for identity, old age, friendship, like a lost love. These are very human themes, so it is natural that this book reaches even more people than the previous, and that more people identify with the characters. Regarding the pressure that it can create, I try to ignore it. Well, the pressure is the enemy of creativity. The reactions of our readers had been extremely positive and allow us to continue our work, to improve the way we tell stories. I think all this time, we were creating a relationship based on confidence with the readers — this will allow us to risk more in the future. They may or may not like it, but we know that they will be with us. It is very comforting to know that. But I am aware that part of the success of this book has to do with the theme, which is, without a doubt, more universal. Makes sense? RA: Perfectly. FM: This of doing something that maybe ends up being more consensual, in fact, it makes me want to do something less consensual.

RA: [laughs] FM: So it will hurt less when in the next book they say to me “look, I liked the previous one much more” because it means that, at least, I am not doing the same thing. RA: Fortunately for you, you are handling all the compliments with humility. At the presentation of the book, I started looking for the strings under the piano to see if you were going to fly it. Fortunately, your ego isn’t at that level. FM: No, I certainly wasn’t going to fly it. I hadn’t picked up a piano in two months because of the book and because of an orchestration order that I had. He was in a state of nerves because I was going to play the theme of the book for the first time. I understood how Julien could feel so nervous, a bit like me too, especially now. WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 15

Interview filter, a direct channel for the soul, for how we are feeling. Someone who thinks he is the greatest has a distorted notion of what we all represent and lives in deception. RA: Both characters you have in the book represent different paths. On the one hand, we have the more commercial side, the one that is in a bubble of fame around him. At times, he feels like a hamster running inside a sphere, and whoever surrounds him directs the sphere to any way they want him to go. And he will. On the other side, you have the purest side of music, which is a great mystery for some geniuses. Unpredictable! FM: Right. RA: How do you depict both contrasts? FM: When Julien becomes this public persona, Eric Bonjour, a kind of corny pianist full of glamor, somewhat of a contradiction arises. He does not believe in what he is doing. He knows that what he’s doing is not in line with what he is. A bit like his whole life, he never had the opportunity to develop into his true self. In his case, his mother has dictated his path. Opposite, we made the presence of the other pianist to be ethereal, almost ghostly. Not much is known about him. RA: Nothing. FM: It’s kind of an almost mystical figure.

RA: Are you still nervous before playing? FM: Of course, some people are more nervous than others. I am in the middle — when I’m comfortable with the music, my nerves pass. I also realized that, to some extent, music is a kind of sport. You have to be in physical and mental shape. When you spend a lot of time without playing, it is natural for your insecurities to be noticed and to 16 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

manifest. This way, I can connect this to what you were saying — although we received much praise for the book, I’ll never think “I’m the greatest” — I’m used to dealing with something much bigger than me: the music. It is a daily lesson in humility. Music always reminds us of our tiny role. If we are more fragile, we are more insecure, music finds it in us. Just like when we’re happier, the music finds that, too. There is almost a

RA: You hear about what he did, but you rarely witness his life. FM: But also because he doesn’t say a single word, does he? That’s the contrast. This search for musical truth and personal identity, to be in tune with what one is. It is a very complex thing to do. I think maybe, even though it’s a very straightforward story, it addresses complicated themes, which I think we all have, in different doses. One of them, the subject of self-sabotage. In our previous books, we have dealt with clear antagonists, who are opposed to the protagonists. In this case, we have chosen something more real: the antagonist is within the characters,

Interview he’s a part of them and of all of us. I believe everyone has that. It is the type of villain that seems to be more real and more frightening because it is our reflection. I think this was very important for me to address now. Was your question? So I don’t stray. RA: We were talking about the two pianists, each representing a different side of the music. On the one hand, the most populist, produced for the masses, with a perfectly defined commercial objective. The second is someone who feels and lives music as part of himself, who lets himself go. FM: Some of my greatest piano references are people of absurd talent, they are people with very sound work, with a very special artistic vision and who suddenly became absolutely miserable people in terms of happiness and… [thoughtful]

to deal with these issues. Personally, this generates a great contradiction, it is almost a demotivator.

RA: Self-esteem, psychological well-being. FM: Yes, psychological well being, that. This upsets me a lot. It is a road without an end. To realize that there is someone who has immaculate musical excellence and, at the same time has

RA: The apparent obligatory need for this suffering to reach excellence? FM: I think it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. But there are cases where this happens. The closer you are to excellence and the total lack of compromise, with that, comes

an unbearable weight. I see this in pianists like Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, or Glenn Gould. They are heroes to me. They surpass the world of ordinary mortals. It is heartbreaking to think about how a person can touch everyone that way and feel so much unhappiness. How can someone play the piano, create such beautiful combination of sounds, showing such mastery, and at the same time, live with so many anxieties and so many demons that lead them to a spiral of sociopathy and total destruction. RA: It is found in most of the arts. Those who redefine the boundaries tend to be tortuous figures in some way. FM: Maybe, maybe, but fortunately I also met some exceptions, I met happy people. Who tells me (and I believe in them) that the best music they make, they do it when they are happy. And I believe it because I’ve seen it happen. It can even be very sad music, but it happens when the person is in a good moment. With me, things happen more, or better, when I am either very sad or very happy: at the extremes. When things are very normal, I like to rest and to watch tv-series and such. I hope I can change that over time. RA: The creativity doesn’t run in the middle ground? FM: I don’t know, I would like it to work, it would be a more peaceful life. WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 17

Interview RA: Your greatest passion has always been cinema. How do you get from there to the comic? FM: My passion for cinema brought me to the comic book world. Both the film and the music were things I wanted them to happen, to be a part of my life in some way. In the case of music I clearly went to study, I left my career as a possible bad journalist that I would be and I went to study music because it was what I wanted to do and that I imagined myself doing. The comic book is one of the last things I imagined for my life and it has to do with the fact that I met Juan Cavia. Juan works as an art director in movies. And it was through the movies that we met. I first met his partner — Walter Cornás — many years ago at the film festival in Mar del Plata, Argentina. When I needed a storyboard artist, Juan was recommended to me. When I saw the storyboard he made, I thought “all the stories I write and I can’t make it onto film, I’ll do it with him as a comic book”. All of this happens because there was a project for a film — it was never produced and it became our first comic book. I had that story and I wanted to tell it. As simple as that. Suddenly I see a young man with an absurd talent for drawing and it was a luxury to work with him. Little did I imagine that 15 years later we would still be making books together. I would say that the big difference is that 15 years later when writing a script, I am no longer writing a script for a film, or for a comic book. I am writing a comic book for that artist, Juan Cavia. RA: At the Lisbon Book Fair, you mentioned Amadeus by Milos Forman. When I was reading the book, and Eric Bonjour said that he is the villain, I could see in my mind Salieri saying that he killed Mozart. It is an intense moment. FM: Yes, I really like rivalry stories, I remember two or three that I like a lot. I really like a movie, which is my favorite by Christopher Nolan, which is The Prestige. One of the characters has a natural factor and the other has the work factor. There is also the 18 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

issue of unilateral envy, which I also like to explore. Another one that I love is the movie Rush, which also deals with a Formula 1 era that I love — the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt. There was another film that, not being a rivalry, was decisive as an influence — Toni Erdmann. It is a delightful film, a masterpiece. Perhaps one thing that we cannot speak very clearly about and that will possibly differentiate our history from others is that for me the rivalry between them turns out not to be the heart of the matter, none of them is exactly the protagonist of the story. There is a narrative for me that I don’t want to talk about because it would ruin the readers’ experience. RA: The ballerina seems to me to be the sum of both pianists. She had to change her name because others thought it wasn’t interesting for the stage, just as Julian. And she devotes herself to her art like Francois. She seems to live between

the world of each of the two pianists. FM: It is between the world of the two pianists, I never thought of it that way, but it is. she is a much lighter person than any of them and finds herself there in a more complicated situation. For me what attracts me the most to her character is — she is a ray of light. RA: Yes, without a doubt. FM: Julien is a completely self- centered person. François lives on another planet. She is a person full of life, full of energy: I know where I got it from, I know where that person comes from, I have already met someone like that and who was decisive in my life. she’s a person who balances the personality of both, but who also has her own problems.

RA: We deal with everything that goes on in their lives, some ugly things, and suddenly you introduce this character, who is a ray of light.



Interview And when you do it, that’s when you put the gutter filled with black. FM: Ah well, well observed. RA: It feels like you’re being lifted on one end and at the same time you’re being pulled away from the world. FM: It was a decision made by Juan relatively late in the process and that has no explanation. I cannot give a practical reason. It is a sensory issue — we feel that this is a special moment for him and her. And somehow they get out of what is normal. Hence the spaces between panels are black in this scene. RA: Some images are burned into memory after reading the book. This sequence we are talking about, as well as the moment of Eric Bonjour’s hallucination. They are magnificent pages that work by themselves. It is an excellent composition work that Juan Cavia brings to the book. FM: Yes. I can talk a little bit about it. I don’t want to be boring, but I can say this: Juan, as I said I have known him for many years, is a very particular artist in the sense that he has no ego. It seems that I am always praising him but he indeed has a generosity that is sometimes incomprehensible and, I will explain why. Juan always gives priority to the narrative. He is always putting his talent at the service of the story and not the story work for himself. For example, if I tell him to make a double page with a drawing, he’ll tell me no. He will always think that pages like this are a way of him showing off his art. And he doesn’t want that. I have to convince him otherwise. RA: He’s the opposite of many artists. FM: Yes, there will always be artists who take advantage of these opportunities to make double pages, because they sell better as original boards. Juan is the exact opposite, all he wants to do is to make the narrative shine. So, in this book, I said that he was going to make a few double pages. That was not going to be an option. In the case of this page, he did not want it to be a double-page, one was enough for him. I insisted on a double-page. 20 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

The story asked for this, it needed a trip. The result is one of Juan’s most wonderful drawings. Not only the composition but also the number of details. You can spend a good few minutes discovering new things that are related to the narrative and are all mixed in the head of our character, Julien. And it’s also important to mention that he didn’t use it as a showcase of his own. Do you know what he did? He took the page that possibly gave him more visibility as an artist and invited our friend Santiago Villa to paint it. This way, Santiago, who is an artist of great talent and a great friend of ours who worked with us on the books of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy, was also part of this book. RA: I probably didn’t tell you. The feeling while reading the book was peculiar. I started out just to read a couple of pages. Time flew and, suddenly, I was already halfway through the book. And since then I’ve read it a second and third time. FM: WOW. Ok. RA: What really stands out to me

is how you manage to tell the story. The variation in the rhythm allows a very organic response to each period portrayed. How do you make it happen. FM: We usually worked on the layout together. We had the opportunity to do it personally in some books. In this case, I initially gave him the script and Juan started working on the layout making thumbnails. However, his layout was very fast-paced. He was very busy at the time, so he frantically summarized entire sequences. I started to use his pages, cutting them out and redistribute the panels. Then I sent them to explain what I had in mind. He told me not to do what. It was a kind of “mindfuck” for him. The suggestion was for me to make a simple layout, with dots and dashes instead of visual references. We defined this way as a better way of working, in which we understand the right pacing of this story. On a side note — you know, at some point, we would like to do a Masterclass of any kind. He really wants to do that, wants it to be a kind of guide to the things that we have been learning. Could

From script to the final painted page

85. ISABELLE (CONT'D) Às vezes, fico a pensar se não era com ele que tu realmente querias estar aqui enfiado na cama. Isabelle bate a porta quando sai. INT. SALÃO - DIA JULIEN VELHO Se eu estava apaixonado por ela ou não, não sei. Mas o que é que adianta saber a resposta, agora? A Julien está perturbado e fragilizado com o assunto. Adeline agarra-lhe as mãos com carinho. INT. HOTEL TATI - DIA JULIEN VELHO (V.O.) Na s emana seguinte, no quarto de hotel, em vez dela, estava só um envelope com uma carta. Vemos, do interior do quarto de hotel, que Julien abre a porta. Uma carta está pousada em cima de uma almofada, na cama. A carta diz apenas “Julien”, escrita com uma letra muito bonita. INT. SALÃO - DIA Vemos, na mão danificada de Julien, a carta que Isabelle lhe escreveu.

Interview also be a kind of a booklet, a tutorial, or whatever to show all the steps we took and what saved us a lot of time. RA: Let me know, I’ll sign up. RA: Part of the good news is that you already have guaranteed publication with IDW Publishing in English in the United States, and with a French publisher too? FM: Yes, in France, by Paquet, which has already edited two of our books, Dog Mendonça, and Eat/ Drink. Poland was through José de Freitas, a good friend of ours. The Top Shelf was something we did not expect. Here was the Essex County by Jeff Lemire and Blankets by Craig Thompson. I opened the books, saw the publisher, looked for the publisher’s name, and sent it to him. I sent that email, without actually waiting for an answer, so the surprise was even better. RA: You make it sound it was very easy. You also sent it to other publishers… FM: Yes. I sent for a lot of them without getting any answer.

RA: JI don’t remember what you told me anymore ... did you send three emails a week? FM: No. I sent three emails a day! This was done with the help of a great friend of mine, Gabriela Soares. She also worked fiercely on the speech balloons of the book. She helped us to get a publisher in the USA. She sent it to a lot of people and her contribution to this book was absolutely essential. About the edition by Top Shelf, it was perfect timing — it arrived at the time when my profession as a musician became obsolete. When there were no more concerts due to the pandemic. And then suddenly, this happens. It was a lifeline. RA: Considering that IDW Publishing has already made adaptations of its comics on Netflix, I hope that your book will also be adapted as a film or series. FM: I would like it a lot! But above all, what makes me happy and proud of our international editions is that it expands our artistic environment. In the sense that someone younger who does comic books maybe will

think that they can also get out there. I remember when I started making comic books. I was very impressed and inspired by the Portuguese artists who were working for Marvel, DC, or Image at the time. Our colleagues like Jorge Coelho, Filipe Andrade, Ricardo Venâncio, Nuno Plati, and many others that I’m forgetting now. This is inspiring for someone when they start drawing. There is less of a tradition when it comes to writing comic books, also due to the language barrier. There is more ground to explore. RA: Fortunately, it’s much better in this field. FM: We are improving, it is very slow work. I would like to break the barrier between comic books and literature a little. There are many meetings of writers and literature festivals and I never see people from the comic books there. It annoys me that people always think that comics are something for the store section that has board games and toys. It really bothers me. It’s reductive to find our book in the children’s sector. I’m not saying that we’re doing is a work of


Interview literary art. The only thing I want is to break that prejudice and realize that the comic book can be many things. RA: It is apparent by the diversity of your readers, that they are beginning to see this too. FM: Maybe. But you already know me. When I’m talking to people, thanking them, or signing all the books the best I can (even without Juan, who stayed in Argentina because of the pandemic),

all that is truly genuine. Each person there is actively contributing so that we can do more. I have this dream of boosting comic books in Portugal. In which we would have created a generation of authors and readers where the general public would want to read comic books. When I see that a book of ours had a small role in this long walk, I’m genuinely grateful to those who read, who spread the word about it. It is very important for us.


TMG – THE MIGHTY GANG A fantasy action comedy adventure written and drawn by Joana Rosa. Tells the adventure of three young elements in their quest to find and eradicate the Daimonics’ threat. For the trio, more important than winning the war, is to find the truth about their origins. Johanna, Sarah and Andre travel from country to country, confronting several threats and dealing with many surprises, such as Magda and Julianna, two other elements that mysteriously appear on their path.

THE AUTHOR ON THE WEB: https://hazurasinner.deviantart.com/ https://www.instagram.com/hazurasinner/


Because about a week ago I felt a strange energy emanating from a girl.

CHAPTER 9 - Part 2

Not that I care but, do you think there are others like us here in the city?

I don’t know. Why?

I like the ideia.

What’s wrong, Andre?




If we find her again we’ll verify if she’s an element or not.

We’ll ask her a few questions and if she sounds suspicious we’ll fight her.


CHAPTER 9 - Part 2

I was just thinking...

You and Sarah have amazing powers and strength, while I have none of that.

You know that is not true.




Strength isn’t all. You control water easily and you protect us when we could be badly hurt or worse.

But without water nearby my shields and other attacks won’t work...

it’s happened twice!

Andre, there’s no use to dwell on that. It’ll only lower your confidence.

You’ll unleash great powers when you least expect. I’m sure of that.

Besides, Sarah and I don’t know much about our own powers either.

It’ll work out fine! Trust me!


Smells like rotten fish covered in toxic waste! And it’s familiar for some reason...


Eww! What is this bad smell?!


Hard to believe that she’s an Element... She’s just a dumb teenage girl.


CHAPTER 9 - Part 2

Ahh! Now I remember!

It was the DAIMONICS’ smell!




Sarah, what happened?!

I nearly fell asleep and was attacked by a Daimonic.

You fell asleep?!!

almost! do you know how boring it is to wait?!


There he is!



He’s running away?!






What the hell...?

Huh?! B-But that’s the girl!

I see. And she’s not alone.



Let’s go!





CHAPTER 9 - Part 2

Yes, follow me, little prey!



Why did he suddenly stop? Is it a dead end?





CHAPTER 9 - Part 2

Who are they?



CHAPTER 10- Part 1 It’s over, Daimonic. Your miserable life ends here today.


Hey! What’s going on?


CHAPTER 10- Part 1

How do those people know of the Daimonics?

Maybe...they’re Elements like us?

no way...

What are the chances...?

Yeah it is!! It’s our duty to beat these creatures!!




Get out of here, kids. This is none of your business.

I said: GET out!!

Or I’ll shoot you!

You foolish humans think you can stop me?!



I’ll crush you where you stand!!


CHAPTER 10- Part 1 38



Was that a blast of wind?

All of the Elements are here in the city?!

Tch! My bullets barely scratch him.

Heh! did you seriously think that toy would be able to pierce my scales?!


Huh?! Where did that spear come from?!


Let’s see if the result is the same with my spear.




Spitting water? Is that the best you can do?

You did that on purpose, didn’t you?

YAre you scared of a few water drops?

S-She just turned into a flame?


Now it’s my chance!







Yahoooo!! Look, guys! It’s just like riding a bull!

CHAPTER 10- Part 1

Andre! Do something!!


I’m getting nauseous!


Ok! That’s enough!




did You think you got me? Foolish boy!

You did it!


to be!



Once upon a time, theres was a PIANO in LEGO Inspired by the Ballad for Sophie by Filipe Melo and Juan Cavia, we challenged Tiago Reis Catarino to show all of us how to build a LEGO piano. Tiago accepted, and here is the layout of his MOC (My Own Creation).

Follow his work in: https://www.youtube.com/tiagocatarino https://instagram.com/tiagoreiscatarino

Tiago Reis Catarino worked for several years in his dream job. He was a designer at LEGOÂŽ, where he worked on the Creator 3 in 1 line. Author of the LEGOÂŽ Ideas Ship in a Bottle and Creator Expert Gingerbread House kits. His favorite remains Cute Pug. Back in Portugal, he dedicates himself exclusively to his Youtube channel, which serves as a stage for his LEGO constructions. It recently received the award from 100,000 subscribers. Do you know what he did after received the award? He created the replica of this one in LEGO!





Anyone who reads comics considers the publisher Edições DEVIR as the only one to publish Japanese comics in Portugal. We spoke with Ana Lopes, project and comic book product manager.

Ricardo Andrade: Hello Ana, just to start and for those who don’t know you, who is Ana Lopes? Ana Lopes: It’s me [laughs]. I’m Devir’s editing manager. This encompasses all project management, therefore all product follow-up from approvals to contracts, until the book is ready and in bookstores. I also deal with bureaucracies and paperwork regarding the publisher. I am a graphic designer by training and started working at Devir in 2003. I left for a time but was invited to return to the company when this manga publishing project came up. In terms of my personal sensitivity, I really enjoy doing comics. I’ve always liked it. I’m a comic book reader. I read all different genres, manga included. I like some of them, others I don’t find funny, but that’s how it is with all of us, isn’t it? RA: It’s personal taste. No one likes everything! AL: For me, it is positive to have this design background. Since I’ve worked on other companies — in the field of advertising for example — I bring that experience to my work as a publisher. Together with the other collaborators, we try our best to make [each book] a quality product. 48 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT



RA: How did the manga distribution start? AL: We started in 2012 when we edited Death Note, our first collection, Naruto came right in 2013, and so on. In Brazil, the manga started after Portugal. RA: [Laughs] Did you start here and only after in Brazil? AL: [laughs] Yes, because in Brazil, they also did the distribution of other publishers. Since we started with the manga publishing in Portugal, we managed to open the doors with

the Japanese publishers and we also got the books published in Brazil. RA: It is very curious, especially because Devir in Brazil is located in São Paulo, which is the most Japanese city outside of Japan. We should explain that Devir is a multinational company. AL: Yes, we are present in several countries. RA: Can you talk a little about this? AL: DEVIR began in Brazil at the final of the 80s. It began with the

Interview distribution of comics in English and RPG edition in Portuguese. Devir Livraria, the parent company, is currently present in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, South America, and the United States. In the 90’s it came to Portugal, and shortly after there was the boom of Pokémon cards. One of the three partners, the one in charge of Devir in Portugal was very fond of comics. He thought it would be interesting to have other types of products in our catalog. So we started with Marvel, the X-Men, Spider-Man, which were launched as individual comics. In Brazil [the publisher] also publishes books on other topics. RA: For the manga titles, do you work directly with the Japanese publishers? AL: We work mainly with Shueisha. In the case of the Tsuru classic collection, they are negotiated individually with those who have the rights. RA: How many titles are going on? AL: We have 10 active series — two are completed and eight still ongoing. Some we publish more quickly, others less. Our goal is to follow as closely as possible the release dates in Japan, such as My Hero Academia and The Promised Neverland. We are accelerating the publication of the others. Our desire would be to follow the release dates in Japan, which is impossible. We try to at least keep pace with the publication of titles in France or the USA to have two or three books of difference, and not what happens with some of the series. RA: In the case of France and the USA, they are special cases. In these countries, the Japanese publishers themselves have a stake in the local publishers or even have affiliates. Which makes it easier to be closer to the Japan release date. AL: Without a doubt. One of the major complaints from readers is that we are releasing the titles very late in relation to Japan. It is clear that when they are making a collection, they want to be up to date. If there is only the Japanese version, likely, they will not buy it because they cannot read Japanese, but if it is available

Localization of a double-page BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA © 2014 Kohei Horikoshi / SHUEISHA Inc.

in English, they will buy it instead of waiting for the Portuguese edition. RA: Any new titles? AL: We have a range of series

that we would like to have in our catalog, many of which were recommended by readers who contact us, some are even shorter series that made our lives easier. WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 49

Interview RA: Like All you need is Kill? AL: Yes. In cases like that, you’re not collecting and thinking that it will end in years. Right now, we have the economic situation caused by COVID-19, and since the number of readers does not increase, it is an obstacle to new titles. We think “We have to finish these first”, or complete one or two, before launching another. Readers ask for new series, but if they are already collecting two or three, they will no longer collect anything more. At least, that’s our experience in Portugal. If we create even more series, we will also increase the interval between the publication of each individual volume. We prefer not to do that. RA: Does the Japanese publisher itself make it difficult to launch simultaneously in Portugal? AL: They do not license right away. They wait to see how the series goes and then try to coordinate the manga with other aspects of licensing such as the release of the anime in Europe. RA: And whenever you’re going to publish a new edition, do they also have to approve everything with them? AL: Yes. RA: How is this process? AL: First of all, we have to indicate our interest in a collection. We make a proposal to the publisher and await a response. With Shueisha, the process is relatively quick. They are very hierarchical companies, often passing through agents who represent the authors. If it’s a series that isn’t very important to them, it’s quick. Others, as was the case with My Hero Academia take longer because they want to ensure that the marketing and work around the series are appropriate to the importance of the series. If all goes well, they accept the proposal, we make the contract, pay the royalties, send us the materials, and start working on the books. All books are approved one by one. The covers do not differ much from the Japanese model, they must have the placement of 50 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

logos and names very close to what they have in Japan. We have some freedom to adapt the series logo when translated into Portuguese. They approve, and this adaptation is not very complicated. After having the translation done, we always have to submit for approval the cover and the first 10 pages of each book. They check where the copyrights are placed, or how the images are being treated, including the speech bubbles subtitling. This to guarantee there are no mistakes. It is not necessary to use the same font but they check if the framing of the page is more or less the same as what was done in the original. The names... most books start with the characters’ names and descriptions. Everything has to be approved. They are extremely careful with the biography of the authors. We try to put a short biography of the authors at the beginning of each book, and everything is verified. They immediately say if there is something to be corrected. Only after everything is approved, we can print the book. RA: It is a lengthy process. It takes a lot of dedication to be able to publish each book. AL: It’s like anything else, isn’t it? This is the publication of a book, something we like very much. We are very careful about that. In Japan, publishers or agencies that license rights consider themselves responsible for defending and ensuring respect for the author’s work and image. Our work is also a part of this. Sometimes fans say that there are mistakes, but we are very careful with revisions. Books are reviewed more than once. Sometimes things happen, it’s true. And when the final product shows something that slipped our revision, we get very irritated by this situation. [laughs] We were dedicated to the book, checking everything, and then at the end, there was still something that we missed. It’s infuriating. When you edit something, you’re not careless. If you have any pleasure in your work — or any interest at all that the audience accepts what you do — you must have a commitment to your craft.

Interview RA: In Portugal, there are two editorial lines: the Shonen and Seinen editions, which usually cost around 10€, and Tsuru, already aimed at a more adult audience, is more expensive. AL: You know, here in Portugal, for an adult who likes comics or manga, it is perhaps easier to buy one from the Tsuru collection or a graphic novel that costs more than 25€. For young people, it is difficult to make book collections that cost more than 10€ for each volume. We are very careful with the paper quality and the covers, but we adapted this to achieve a cheaper edition for a younger audience with less financial means. The books in the Tsuru collection are not easy to sell to younger readers. The Nonnonba is the most expensive book in the collection. It is a book with spectacular history, but it has been very difficult for people to buy it, and get the financial return.

RA: In the cheaper editions you already make the difference in the printing of the covers. They have a different touch. AL: Depending on the age group, yes. When Rui Santos, our editor, started conversations with Shueisha to edit the collections, he had to present, and approve, a book model. Although they are used to different models — they expect a certain quality in the editions. In France, for example, books have exactly the same model as in Japan, they have a certain quality and are not easily damaged. At a certain point, we differentiated the collections that are Shonen as My Hero Academia, for younger ones, from Seinen as Tokyo Ghoul, for young adults. The differentiation goes through the covers, which are brilliant to avoid damaging themselves so much, in the Shonen. The Seinen, have a different touch, with matte covers. RA: How has the public’s response been? On social networks, and when they contact you... AL: Readers are very critical. Everyone who follows us on social media is very friendly on the one hand — they continue to thank us for

our work. They really like books, and they praise our work. On the other hand, they are very critical, always complaining. But for us it is great to have both sides, they keep us making the effort to always improve. RA: You are “alone” in the market, editing Japanese comic book authors. How is the Portuguese market in this segment? AL: We really continue to be seen as the only publisher dedicated to manga, but we are a small publisher. We have a large catalog but in terms of the final result — sales — the market has been growing slowly, although we think it still has the potential to continue exploring. I recognize that we do, or strive to do a good job, but we have to be modest and humble. I think that at the moment one of the problems in the Portuguese market is that there is no competition. If there were more publishers, providing more variety of books, people would be more used to having more titles available. It would increase the awareness of the segment. It is true that in Portugal people do not read books. They read on the Internet, but they don’t read books. The comic book readers who were present a few years ago are now adults, with more financial resources. They still only read the genres they were already reading before — American comics or Franco-Belgian. Very few will read manga and they do not easily participate in the Japanese Pop culture. The youngest are spectacular, they like books a lot and they are fully present. If we had more publishers here we could improve the market — but also I don’t know if the market could handle it or whether people would read more.

RA: Would this be an opportunity for Devir to distribute manga from other publishers? To replicate what you said about Devir in Brazil being a distributor of books by other publishers? AL: Our policy at the moment, whether in books or board games, is to distribute only what we edit. WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 51

Interview RA: Since 2012, are more people reading Manga? AL: . After working in this market for eight years, we see some changes in terms of results, but it is slight. The market increases a little, and shrinks. It fluctuates. Then we have situations like the pandemic that is terrible for everyone. From the time of the financial crisis until 2014, people continued to read and buy entertainment in some way, as long as they did not have very high prices. Our books are among those that kept being sold. They are best sellers that do not run out of print. Despite the uncertainty of this moment, the secret for success is quite simple. We have to encourage reading and create new readers. Find a way to make young people enjoy reading again, and encourage reading. The comic books are a good way to encourage reading, as it is easier than reading a book “with many letters”. In Portugal, specifically, this work must be done in schools, with the update of the curriculum. The students are still reading now the same we did 30 years ago. RA: What can we expect from Devir in the coming months? AL: In October we will have the first volume of Death Note: Black Edition, it is being printed as we speak. Also One-Punch Man Volume 11. We’re going to have a new graphic novel that has been announced for some time — Guy Delisle’s Chronicles of Burma. We already published previously two other books from him: Pyongyang (which is out of print and a best seller) and Shenzhen. Guy Delisle is a very funny author, and we expect sales to go well. For November and December, we will combine releases. Both books come out in the middle of November since we won’t release any title in December, as it is difficult to put the books on sale. Bookstores are full of books for Christmas. My Hero Academia 7 and Naruto 36 are the two books that close the 2020 releases. We’ll resume in the second half of January 2021. 52 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

DEATH NOTE ©2003 by Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata / SHUEISHA Inc.



KIDS by Ricardo Andrade

The animation channels Cartoon Network and Boomerang made their usual yearly presentation of the new program line-up. Due to the pandemic situation, as an online format and under the explicit WarnerMedia Kids banner. Following the structural changes in the company after the purchase of Warner by AT&T, both channels will maintain their focus on animation production. Also, they will be more present at HBO, where you may already find some of their content.

To maintain “A different mood and unique presence” as indicated in the presentation by Ana González, two new series are highlighted among the comedy series: The Fungies and Elliott From Earth. The Fungies takes us on a journey to prehistory and specifically to Fungietown, a community of mushrooms able to replace their limbs at will. What seems at first as a strange feature, will look even weirder when you watch the show, but its creator Stephen P. Neary has managed to arouse our curiosity. One thing is

for sure, there a massive potential for toys of the characters, with intense customization possibilities. Oh… and there are dinosaurs too. The second premiere is a production by Cartoon Network studios in Europe. Elliott From Earth was developed by the team of Gumball and under the baton of this series creator Guillaume Cassuto. Elliott is a boy who was transported with his mother to a far station in space finding himself to be the alien in this new home. His luck is that there is another inhabitant from Earth: the dinosaur Mo. WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 53

Series The now-classic Cartoon Network series continues with episodes of Craig of the Creek, Victor and Valentino, and Apple & Onion, as well as Teen Titans Go, Thundercats Roar, and MaoMao. You can also expect a new special of Adventure Time: Distant Lands - Beemo. In terms of action-driven shows, one of the classic titles is still present. Ben 10 has new episodes and a movie that will have an exclusive premiere on the channel. It is well accompanied by two series created mainly by viewers: Super Hero Girls and our favorite UniKitty. But WarnerMedia Kids isn’t just about Cartoon Network. The Boomerang channel may be aimed at a very young audience, but it caught our attention with the Mush-Mush & the Mushables series, that together with The Fungies show that mushrooms are one of the “in” trends this year, at least at WarnerMedia Kids.

Mush-Mush & the Mushables © 2020 – La Cabane Productions – Thuristar – Cake Entertainment

A European production, Mush-Mush & the Mushables is a 3D animation series with very dynamic characters. We watched the online sequences made available by the animation studio, and they captivated us with the fast pace associated with a certain innocence, and silliness, that brought a smile to our lips. What makes elders watch Boomerang? The Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. animation classics. Scooby-Doo, the Looney Toons, The Flinstones, and Tom & Jerry. All these with new series developed in 2019 and now arriving on the channel. 54 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

Series We arrive at our favorite part of this presentation. Our favorite Cartoon Network series is has a movie. This series debuted in 2018 created by Daniel Chong, a former writer for Adventure Time, based on his webcomic. This is We Bare Bears. In the movie, we will find out their origin story — how the three bears were forced to flee to Canada where they could be accepted and be themselves. At this point, the Cartoon Network team revealed that Portuguese TV superstar Filomena Cautela is the voice of the Dramatic Cow! Literally, a cow, and that is very dramatic. The actress/ tv presenter said, very enthusiastically, that “her” Dramatic Cow will play a decisive role in the journey of the three bears. Without a confirmed premiere date, We Bear Bears - the Movie is something we are craving to watch really soon.



Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie global launch — Q&A with Supervising Producer, Will Patrick.


PATRICK JANKENPON: What is the premise of Ben 10 vs. The Universe: The Movie? Will Patrick: The movie starts out when an anomaly is detected coming down to hit the Earth. Fortunately, Ben discovers a new feature in the Omnitrix that allows him to fly into the space and try to divert it. But it turns out it’s not just any meteor – and that is when the movie kicks off. JKP: What new challenges will Ben face in this movie? WP: Ben’s real strength comes from the support of his family, so the best way to raise the stakes is to separate him from them by flinging him into space. Ben may not always realize how important Gwen and Max are to him but with the return of Vilgax to Earth he must get back to save them. JKP: What can you say about the villain of the movie? WP: So, Ben’s biggest fear is tentacles, and Vilgax, who is the most dangerous villain he’s ever faced, is MADE of tentacles! Vilgax has been traveling through the galaxy conquering planets and Earth is just the next planet in 56 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

line. Plus, we might find out a little more about Vilgax’s backstory!

regular line-up and maybe a couple of new ones!

JKP: What aliens do we get to see in Ben’s arsenal? WP: TYou will see all the

JKP: What is the underlying message conveyed in the movie? WP: The importance of family

Interview coming together. In the movie, Ben is constantly being reminded of how important it is to care about other people. I hope kids watching understand that we are all equally important. And it’s also about having fun and defeating evil space aliens! JKP: How did you make the movie distinct from the series? WP: The tone is a little bit more serious; we have some references to the older series. At the same time, we wanted to keep the movie fun, like the show. There will still be jokes and lighter moments, but this is a more dire situation, so the movie takes it as such. The stakes are elevated and feel more important that just another adventure for Ben. JKP: How does the production process of a movie, a standalone project, compare to a season of episodes? WP: With the series, we have a single board team of two people working on each episode. They receive an outline, put their heads together and give each episode their individual spin. But with the movie, it’s five board teams all working together. We broke it up into sections, so each team worked on a part of the movie, and they had to ensure that things flow together. It’s a lot more of a balancing act with a movie and coordination is important.

JKP: What does a supervising producer do on a movie and what is the best bit about your job? WP: I was overseeing the artists, art direction and the story, keeping things moving and stitched together. The best bit is the crew! I have a lot of fun with them, they are great people, very creative and passionate about what they do. I am nothing without them.

Most of the editing and sound-mixing happened when we were at home which was a little tricky. But we got through it and figured it out.

JKP: Did Covid-19 affect the movie’s production schedule? WP: Yes and no. We had wrapped up writing and storyboarding by the time the quarantine had happened.

JKP: What’s next for Ben 10 after this movie? WP: Well, summer’s not over so there are more adventures in store!

JKP: If you had to be one of Ben 10’s aliens for the rest of your life, which one would you be and why? WP: I think I would be XLR8 because I could get so much done.




The first time I heard about the AAA game based on The Avengers, I was intrigued. The ten years of the first wave of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) was over and was looking forward to more content, but the adaptations of known IPs often translate into poor games. The fears have been dispelled and I am surrendered to this representation of the Marvel heroes.




Gaming When I watched the first trailer, the quality of the graphics convinced me, but something was strange. The characters were not the faces of the actors of the films. It was like watching a movie trailer with the actors’ doubles instead of the main cast. Through the gameplay videos, my interest spiked, followed by the Marvel’s Avengers: War Table presentations that left me completely surrendered. Marvel’s Avengers is a third- person action-adventure game with RPG elements developed by Crystal Dynamics and published by Square Enix. It has two main game modes, to which additional mode Game As a Service.

Although we start by playing in cooperative mode (Avengers Initiative), the game itself recommends that you start at the campaign mode (Avengers ReAssembled) to avoid any spoilers of the narrative.


By this time, it is well known that the story begins at the time of a tragedy that became known as A-day. During a celebration dedicated to the Avengers in San Francisco, Taskmaster and his group of mercenaries attack the Golden Gate Bridge. This attack is a trap where mercenaries attack the Avengers with the weapons that Tony Stark developed for S.H.I.E.L.D.. We start the narrative as Kamala Khan, a fan who goes to the celebration of the Avengers. Anyone familiar with comics knows that this is one of the most popular characters of the moment, Miss Marvel. When playing with this character, we have the first contact with the created environment, and with the game’s features. When the celebration is attacked, we start playing with each Avenger. Changing from one character to the next to learn their attacks, and how to play with each one. This 60 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT

Gaming tutorial does not have a happy end. The attack causes a huge disaster that culminates in the death of Captain America and the infection of a large number of civilians, who develop superpowers and are known as Inhumans. The majority of the public believes the Avengers are to blame for all this. The team disbands, each following his own way. Kamala Khan is one of the civilians who is contaminated, gaining extraordinary powers. Yet her true strength comes from the belief in the Avenger’s innocence. To the point, she has to do something to help them. Kamala run’s away from home and travel across the U.S.A., looking for the Avengers to reunite the team and recover the world from the sinister clutches of AIM and Modok, the villains of the story. Kamala Khan is the center and the heart of the story, allowing us to explore the most private side of the relationship between the Avengers members. But she is not a mere spectator. With her inhuman powers, she becomes a true warrior, but she is also the healer of the group). Considering what he does during the game, he has everything to become one of the most powerful members of the group. The story is truly cinematographic filled with moments of pure emotion. Balancing the character development “down” times with intense action sequences. The actors did a great job bringing the characters to life. The cast includes well-known voices in the world of video games, such as Troy Baker the voice of Bruce Banner (Joel in The Last of Us), Laura Bailey the voice of Black Widow (Abby in The Last of Us 2) and Nolan North the voice of Tony Stark/ Iron Man (Natham Drake in Uncharted). If we add to all this the gameplay, the end result is brilliant. All heroes share the same control scheme, but that doesn’t stop them from having unique combat styles WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 61

Gaming that reflect their personalities. For example, when playing with Thor, whenever we hit someone with the Mjolnir hammer, the combination of controller vibration and metallic sound creates a very satisfying sense of impact. When surrounded by enemies, we may invoke lightning with the special God Blast ability, it creates a visual spectacle worthy of the true god of thunder. When playing with the Hulk, we have a completely different experience. As you walk around the ground shakes due to your weight. By clapping — your ultimate — we can use the brute force to create a super destructive impact wave. In some cases, we can grab bosses and throw them away, putting an immediate end to the conflict. When programming Black Widow they had a more elegant and stealth approach. You can remain invisible and sneak up on the battlefield. In combat, she uses quick and acrobatic strokes to eliminate opponents. The Iron Man has at his disposal a technological arsenal ranging from homing missiles, the repulsors, and even lasers. When nothing solves the problem, you can invoke the Hulkbuster armor for heavier jobs.


Gaming And last and not least, Kamala Khan! Miss Marvel uses her elasticity to cause chaos between enemy ranks. she can repel physical attacks, grow to giant size, disrupt enemy attacks by lengthening her limbs push them away or closer. Note that he is the only member who has a special ability capable of healing the damage suffered by the entire team. Due to the wide variety of styles, it was difficult for me to find a favorite character to play.


Fortunately, the end of the story is not the end of the game. In this mode, we start hunting for the best equipment to make our heroes stronger. And of course, helping our allies at SHIELD and Inhuman Resistance to rebuild everything they lost during the reign of AIM. The purpose is to take part in different missions, such as Drop Zones (short missions with one goal, to defend allies), or HIVES ( challenge styled tower defense where the difficulty increases as we go along). Each mission has four challenge levels indicated by the numbers I, II, III, and IV, that may be changed before each mission begins. This influences both the enemies’ difficulty and the rewards to be received. At the start, the game itself recommends a power level to access the mission. This is determined by the equipment you have and serves as an indicator of your offensive and defensive ability. If you do not have what it takes, you will have to equip yourself according to the requirements. While defeating hordes of enemies and completing different objectives present in each mission, we gain experience that serves to raise the level of each character and unlock new skills.


The Crystal Dynamic and Square Enix have many plans to

continue expanding the Marvel Avengers, through new playable characters as well as a new content story, both without charge. The game also has a built-in store, called the Marketplace, where you can purchase skins, emotes, nameplates, and new animations for the finishing moves at different prices. Uses its own premium currency that is sold in packs that cost 4.99 € (500 credits ), 19.99 € (2,000 credits ), 49.99 € (5,000), and 99.99 € (10,000). The quality of the skins varies between simple adjustments — such as changing the green Hulk for blue Hulk — and others that completely change the character. As an example, the change from green Hulk to a Hulk in a suit and tie — remember the comics in which the Hulk disguised himself as Joe Fixit? WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 63





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Gaming Each of the initial characters also has a list of individual missions, the completion of which allows you to unlock rewards such as premium currency, facts, resources, and more.


Playing Marvel’s Avengers on PS4 Pro has undoubtedly been a pleasant experience and has immense potential for improvement. Not only fix some visual bugs that occurred, like finding a floating Iron Man head or the decrease in frame rate when a lot is going on the screen at the same time. However, none of this stops the progress of the game. Prices at the cash shop are high, but luckily the game allows you to unlock various cosmetics at no additional cost. I am very pleased that all the additional content they will release, such as new characters and stories, is free. I can’t wait to play Kate Bishop, who will be the first additional character to be released with new content to the story





by Maísa Reis

2020 led to Porto what is considered the largest European exhibition of models in LEGO. It will open its doors to the public on October 24th at Cordoaria Nacional, in Lisbon.







project and to the millions of LEGO pieces used in the exhibition. The Titanic alone was built using more than five hundred thousand pieces! It is difficult to say what most caught our attention in this exhibition. On one hand, we have the most “real” themes like the representation of well- known sportsmen (and women), on the other, we have more geeky topics like Star Wars.

Does a LEGO model of the Titanic convince you to visit this exhibition? No? And if we tell you it is 11 meters long and 3 meters high? I guess this one alone sure gets your attention. When they say they are the biggest exhibition of sets made with LEGO. they are referring to the 2000 square meters necessary to carry out this

A REALISTIC TOUCH... In this showroom, we have in the before mentioned models of renowned sportsmen even though some, like Martina Navrátilová, will only be recognized by adults. In addition to the excellent tennis player, we have Marcin Gortat from the NBA, and Robert Lewandowski, recognized as the best soccer player in the world in 2020. However, there is a figure that overlaps (literally) all WWW.JANKENPON.PT | 69


of these: the tallest man in the world, Robert Wadlow, with its 2 meters and 72 centimeters of height, all made in Lego and in real size. Also, you can see musical instruments, reproductions of known buildings, and even a visit to the human body and its organs. A different way to experience our biology. ‌ AND ANOTHER FROM IMAGINATION This is the place to let your immagination run wilde. True, the ships and scenes reproductions of Star Wars grabbed most of our attention, but we loved the broad representation of the pop culture. This includes everything you can ask for, from Lord of the Rings battles to 70 | WWW.JANKENPON.PT




Marvel superheroes. Captain America and Thor are present in the alleged real size of these gentlemen. If you prefer comedy, there is also room for the Smurfs, who are very cute and beloved as they usually are. DO IT YOURSELF If you are the type of person that cannot watch so many LEGO sets without creating your own, you have the Fun Park at your disposal. A space composed of tables with bricks, where visitors can build anything they want. Due to the current pandemy, this area has very strict rules. When venturing here you’ll have to comply with all of them. This is an exhibition that we recommend visiting, starting on the 24th of October in Lisbon. An exhibition for everyone, and not just for those who appreciate LEGO constructions.




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Jankenpon Rewind #2 (ENGLISH VERSION)  

Second edition of a special series of free and online magazines. Here we revisit some of the comic books stories we published throughout 17...

Jankenpon Rewind #2 (ENGLISH VERSION)  

Second edition of a special series of free and online magazines. Here we revisit some of the comic books stories we published throughout 17...