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Lenten sweets - Kwarezimal - Karramilli tal-Ħarrub

Lenten Almond cakes - Kwarezimal Ingredients 10 oz toasted grated almond 9 oz self raising flour 12 oz sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa powder 1 grated lemon rind 1 grated orange rind a pinch of cinnamon a pinch of ground cloves 1 tablespoon orange blossom water ("Ilma Żahar") water to make dough. Topping decoration 1teaspoon honey to brush tops chopped toasted almonds.

Method Sift the self raising flour in a bowl, add sugar, cinnamon, cloves, almonds, orange blossom water, lemon and orange rinds. Pour enough water to make a stiff dough. Form dough into rectangular shapes, 7 ins long, 2 ins wide and 1 ins thick. Place on greased and flour baking trays. Bake for 30 minutes or until slightly golden brown. While still hot, brush with honey and sprinkle with chopped almonds. When cold "kwarezimal" is cut into oblong shapes and served with tea or coffee.

Karramilli tal-Ħarrub

Carob Sweets - Karamelli tal-Ħarrub

Another traditional Maltese sweet are the Caramel Sweets "Karamilli tal-Ħarrub". Many street hawkers stay in corner ca out "Karamilli tal-Ħarrub" during Lenten days and during the celebration of Good Friday

Method : Boil some carob syrup in a pot over fairly high heat and stirred continuously until the mixture is dissolved and caramelis reaches a hard-crack stage, pour onto a piece of glass or marble. Let cool and cut into small squares. When cold the caramel hard toffee are wrapped in greased proof paper to avoid becoming sticky

Lenten sweets