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Corporate Identit y










the consistency of our image by defining the

they help to legally preserve our trademarks,

guidelines for the use and application of our

service marks and copyrights. Maintaining the

corporate logo in our marketing and commu-

standards helps avoid any wearing away of the

nications materials.

identity rights in which we have invested.

Our image is our “Brand Identity.” How we

Please use this manual as your guide to

present ourselves to our current and prospec-

AlixPartners’ identity standards. The directives

tive clients defines and reinforces that image.

are clear and easy to follow. Please don’t stray

Graphic continuity is vital as a sign of our sta-

from them. By adhering to them, we assure

bility and reliability.

the continued recognition of AlixPartners as

B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

Graphic standards are also important because


The purpose of this manual is to guarantee

Al i x Pa r t n e r s

The importance of this manual and our identity standards

the strong organization we are.


B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

We have invested significantly in our corpo-


rate logo.

For consistency purposes, the colors shown

The logo is the critical design element that represents our organization. The logo may not be altered or distorted in any way. It is the element that symbolizes our constancy and separates us from the competition.

are the only approved colors for use in the

Al i x Pa r t n e r s


Our Corporate Logo

logo. No other colors may be used in the logo. Color control swatches have been provided, however, due to the differences in paper, printing equipment and other variables, it is imperative that a visual check be conducted to

Please keep the following guidelines in mind

assure a final visual match before printing . 2

when applying the logo to any form of AlixPartners marketing and communications materials.

Pantone速 2747

Pantone速 431

B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s


In addition, the logo must be properly posi-

In all marketing and communications materials,

tioned in all printed pieces. It must be kept

the logo must always have a proportionately

horizontal at all times, never vertical, never

generous amount of white or “clear” space

tilted, never in conjunction with any other

around it. Nothing may intrude upon the logo,

element except our themeline “Change the

distract from it or compromise its integrity.


Al i x Pa r t n e r s


Our Corporate Logo

3 To do so compromises our message. The example above demonstrates the typical clear space required around the logo.

In some cases, the corporate colors may not

presented in “reversed” or “negative” appear-

be appropriate or available for use. Typically,

ance, it is acceptable to do so if it is reversed

that occurs in black-and-white or non-full-

out of a single, solid color of sufficient contrast

color printing. In those circumstances, limited

to allow the logo to be clearly seen.

color substitution is permitted. If the corporate colors are not appropriate the logo may


The examples below demonstrate logo usage in a variety of such situations.

B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

be reproduced in black. If the logo needs to be



Al i x Pa r t n e r s

Our Corporate Logo





Perhaps the best way to illustrate appropriate

regarding the use of a logo, contact the

logo usage is through examples of what is

AlixPartners Corporate Communications

unacceptable. The examples below cover some,

Office at 248-358-4420.

but not all, logo uses that are not permitted.


Please do not alter the logo in any way:

Not every logo usage situation can be

No distortions

addressed in this manual. An unanticipated

B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

Again, this list is not all inclusive. If in doubt



Al i x Pa r t n e r s

Our Corporate Logo

circumstance that calls for a “custom� solution may arise. In such a case, please contact the AlixPartners Corporate Communications Office at 248-358-4420 to discuss appropriate alternatives. No exaggeration of characters 5

No change of color

No typeface alterations

lixPartners No separation of elements

lixAlix Partners

since they are often associated with a particular

Stone Print families of fonts as our corporate

company. Consistent use of designated type-

typeface. These typefaces should be used in all

faces unifies our look, strengthens our image

internal and external marketing and commu-

and makes us more recognizable.

nication materials.


B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

AlixPartners has selected the Optima and


Typefaces play a major role in corporate identity

Al i x Pa r t n e r s



abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Optima Bold

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Stone Print Roman

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Stone Print Roman Italic


abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz Trajan Bold




A new name can sometimes cause confusion

Alix Partners


name is: AlixPartners. In print, it may also be referred to simply as AlixPartners. Please note, the name is one word with a capital “A” in the beginning and a capital “P”in the middle. No other spelling is appropriate. Following are examples of unacceptable spellings of


Al i x Pa r t n e r s

with respect to proper usage. Our company

B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

Our Corporate Logo

our name:



B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

• The themeline must always be in English –

Our themeline, Change the outcome, is an

do not translate Change the outcome into

important part of our overall identity. Certain

any other language for any purpose.

rules regarding its use apply. When used with the two-color logo, Change the outcome should be printed in gray (Pantone® 431).

• Change the outcome must always appear in the approved AlixPartners typeface in italics. • The visual structure of Change the outcome may not be altered in any way. Do not change

When used with the one-color logo, the

the size relationship between the themeline

themeline should be printed in the same color

and the logo.

as the logo (black logo – black themeline).

• While the logo may appear without the

In addition, the themeline should never

themeline, the themeline Change the

be altered:

outcome may not appear without the logo

• Never reproduce the themeline in colors other than those described.

Al i x Pa r t n e r s


Our Corporate Logo

except when the themeline is part of the content of marketing or communications materials.


They are also important and require your

simply have questions, please contact the

cooperation to make them effective. Without

AlixPartners Corporate Communications Office

your assistance, the system cannot work.

at 248-358-4420 to discuss the circumstances.

We ask you to adhere to the standards pre-

Applying consistent brand identity standards

sented. We understand that at times it will

will help us ensure a clear, strong corporate

appear that exceptions have to be made for


B r a n d Id e n t i t y S t a n d a rd s

particular situations. In those cases, or if you


The guidelines listed here are easy to follow.

Al i x Pa r t n e r s

Your assistance is important


Alix Partners Manual  
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