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Simple PHP was written by Robert Plank, a computer science degree holder and author of two other computer based self help books. It's an ebook/video series, meaning rather than a physical copy which you would buy in a store you can download it right from the web to your hard drive and can start learning to code this fast and useful language right away. Robert GUARANTEES that you can learn PHP within 17 hours, so I decided to write up a Simple PHP review given how important this language can be for your business, web site, or life. I'll start this Simple PHP review by explaining about more of what it is. Simple PHP is made up of 17 chapters so if you do the math you realize that on average you'll spend about an hour on each. The aim of the book is simple: teach PHP in a way which is simple to understand so that the least technically inclined or knowledgeable person among us can learn it and use it on a high level and quickly at that. At the end of each chapter there is a quiz section like a school textbook in which you are quizzed on the content of that chapter. Via your email you receive weekly assignments in which you create basic PHP scripts to reinforce it further. The 148 page ebook is great and simplified, but the best part arguably is how Robert goes one step further and includes 5 hours of companion videos which you can watch on your own computer which go with the guide, so rather than just reading about it you can watch over Robert's shoulder as he writes a script to see it done right in front of your eyes.

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==== ==== php made easy ==== ====

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