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If you are blogging, or you are new to blogging, you already know that there is a million blogs out there, and if you want to get a piece of the action, your blog has to be good and stick out like a Fedex truck. But, it's NOT just all about content, it stretches deeper than this... The deal is, I see a lot of blogs on forums and just surfing, and some of them have some outstanding content, you'd think they would be more popular than they are, but there's one thing that separates blogs with just content, to blogs that are pulling in visitors like a magnet. What are 3 blogging tools to boost your traffic? #1 - Feedburner - Listen, if you want your blog to be read by only you then don't use this tool. Feedburner is a RSS feed publishing tool that let's the search engines and other sites know that you updated your blog or website. It allows you to ping and tag so that other bloggers and your subscribers will be able to know when you updated your blog. Feedburner do keep tracking on your subscribers and other tracking like, what clicks, where are they coming from etc. Feedburner supplies you with widgets for your blog, this is important because these widgets let bloggers and visitors bookmark your site, send it to someone else, and subscribe to your feed, it makes your blog functional than just a post. #2 - MyBlogLog - If you are not using MyBlogLog for your blog or website yet, I recommend hopping on it now. It's like the "MySpace for blogs"... It's a community oriented sites that let's you keep up with your blog readers and their blogs and websites too. It focuses on similar content, so what you are interested in, they are other people interested in that too, and it let's you link up and connect, and you get to see their community with other sites that you may be interested in, it's definitely a marketing tool to use for your blog or website. Also, it's a full website/blog tracker. You get updated stats on who visits your blog, how many readers, which links they click, what pages they visited most etc. Not only that, you can get MyBlogLog widget code and add it to your blog or website to display your recent readers and get people to join your community. It has a viral effect like MySpace, the more contacts you have, the more communities you join, the more exposure you will get, because your website or blog becomes part of other users communities and contacts, and that's a great viral effect because it happens once you get it going, then it takes off.

#3 - AddThis - Another powerful social bookmarking site. This site supplies you with the widgets you need to serve bloggers, visitors, and subscribers. The last thing you want it someone to go to your blog, read your post and think "hey that was great" and then leave. What if they book marked, recommended it, or joined your feed, they would become your loyal reader. It mainly offers 2 widgets which is "bookmark" and "RSS subscribe feed" but the reach is what's important, just those 2 little widgets has 10 - 20 sites that people can bookmark it to. Not everyone uses the same service, so having the options to the most popular sites is what AddThis allow you to do. #4 - Technorati - Real important... Technorati is the Google for blogs. It allows you to publish your blog content and have it basically indexed into their website. It's functional just like a search engine, you can search out blog authors or blog post, or just keywords that interest you. There is a ranking system also, the more blogs that links back to you or your content gives you ranking, and the higher the ranking score the better the placement in Technorati, similar to Google search engine. This is powerful because it's user based, people rank and recommend your website/blog and that inturn bring you traffic. Also, Technorati is one of the most popular sites for publishing content, so the crowd is already there. The more you post to your blog and ping to Technorati, the more people see it and either link to it or recommend it, moving you up in the ranking and popularity. #5 - Digg - Digg is another popular site similar to Technorati because it allows bloggers to share content just like a search engine and rank that information. Whether it's videos, pictures, blog post, news etc. This is important because, when people visit your blog and read your post, if they like what they read and it was helpful, amusing, or just news to them, they are already likely to share it. With Digg, all they have to do is click on the "Digg it" button, follow the simple instructions and it's out there to Digg for other people to see and rate. This will bring you a lot of traffic, the more Diggs to your post or to your website will skyrocket your website alexa ranking, popularity among bloggers and subscribers and brand your blog and your image, and the viral effect of traffic and recommendations come with that. #6 - PingOMatic - I don't know how long PingOMatic has been out, but I found it to be a damn good pinging tool. Think about it, the more pings you make, the more sites, search engines, directories etc are notified that you added new content so come check me out ;-) PingOMatic allows you to ping over 22 sites/engines, and the MOST popular ones. No one has time to sign up with 2o different pinging websites, just enter your blog name, blog feed (optional) and blog website URL, check off which services you would like to ping and hit "send pings" no need to signup. There will be more sites added for pinging as I read, so that just makes our uniqueness as bloggers much easier. The more media we can get our post out to, the better chance of blog

success we will have, it's just a matter of utilizing the right tools. All in all, there are tons of ways to actually drive traffic to your blog, but these are some of the most important as far as widgets, plugins, pinging and tagging and viral marketing. Utilize these sites to their full potential and watch your visitors, link popularity, blog popularity, readers and subscribers increase, have a great blogging day :-)

Terrance Charles is a well Respected Internet Marketing Expert with over 10 Years of experience in the area of online marketing, affiliate marketing and email list-building. To learn more about the techniques Terrance uses to gain traffic, subscribers, sales and signups, visit

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==== ==== Rank Tracker Plugin ==== ====

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