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“If it’s not hard, it’s not worth doing.” Sir Peter Blake

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When a mighty kauri falls in the forest, it gives life to the earth around it. On 6 December 2001, aged 53, Sir Peter Blake was killed on board his boat Seamaster at the end of an expedition into the Amazon. His life as a yachtsman, adventurer, leader, and guardian of the environment was tragically cut short. But those who knew and loved this great New Zealander vowed his work would live on. Amid calls from heartbroken Kiwis for tributes, including renaming harbours or islands and building monuments, emerged a determination to forge a living legacy which stayed true to Sir Peter’s philosophy of ‘deeds, not words’. Sir Peter’s memorial service in 2001 stopped a nation. Prime Minister Helen Clark sensed a growing momentum and voiced the Government’s wish to invest in an

organisation which would honour Sir Peter by inspiring generations of New Zealanders to come.


Through his life we saw his greatness. Now we experience his legacy. Throughout 2002 and 2003, a core group including Pippa, Lady Blake, Chris Mace, Ross Blackman, Mark Orams, and Sir Ron Carter – helped by Government ministers, officials, and trusted advisers – drove a vision for an action-oriented trust which would have Sir Peter’s most cherished attributes and passions at its core. On 25 June 2004, the Sir Peter Blake Trust was launched at his old school – Takapuna Grammar. The Government confirmed a $3.8 million government endowment – representing a dollar for every New Zealander. New Zealand lost an irreplaceable hero. But 10 years on, the Trust bearing Sir Peter Blake’s name strives to honour his leadership, love for the environment, and dedication to young people.

Photo: Don Robertson

Sir Peter Blake on the Rio Negro in Brazil

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2005 Sir John Anderson

2006 Sir Stephen Tindall

2007 Professor Sir Paul Callaghan

2008 Dr John Hood

Many people dream, but Sir Peter Blake set his mind to a goal and went for it, believing that “change comes through realising the vision and turning it into reality”. From board rooms to logging crews, from the Cabinet table to school playgrounds, New Zealanders turn to leaders for guidance. Running into a fearsome storm in the Southern Ocean, hardened sailors often sought inspiration in the steely-eyed blond skipper, steady at the helm, ice lodged in his moustache. Sir Peter Blake was a humble man who thought of himself as ordinary, but he was a leader whose legacy stands the test of time – on and off the water.

the Trust’s annual Leadership Week sees the prestigious Blake Medal bestowed on a New Zealander whose dynamic leadership in diverse fields mirrors the man whose name is engraved on it.

Today, the Sir Peter Blake Trust exists as a living embodiment of Sir Peter’s leadership legacy by recognising and inspiring leaders across all fields and pursuits. The start of

Alongside them, the Awards Selection Panel names Emerging Leaders – people with the determination and will to succeed and a belief in achieving extraordinary things.

The names of Sir John Anderson, Sir Stephen Tindall, Professor Sir Paul Callaghan, Sir Murray Halberg, Dr John Hood, Sir Ray Avery, and Dame Margaret Bazley form a formidable Blake Medalist honour roll.

These Blake leaders join a growing group of individuals who follow in the footsteps of Sir Peter. During Leadership Week, businesses, schools and organisations take part in events which celebrate and develop leadership. On Red Socks Day, thousands of New Zealanders wear Sir Peter’s famed lucky ‘socks of a leader’ to demonstrate their Kiwi spirit. Throughout its programmes, and in its magazine, the Trust celebrates Kiwi leadership and gives courage and encouragement to the nation’s potential leaders – just like the blond boy from Bayswater who went on to galvanise a nation.


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Sir Ray Avery

2011 Dame Margaret Bazley

BOARD CHAIRS Ann Sherry Brad Cooper Chris Mace CHIEF EXECUTIVES Mark Orams Vicki Watson FOUNDING TRUSTEES Chris Mace Mark Orams Ann Sherry Barry Carbon Howard Fancy His Excellency Sergio Serra TRUSTEES

Sir Ron Carter Hugh Logan Janet Hay Christine Parker Cameron Sherley Steven Carden Chris Arcus Chandra Quarmby Peter Thorpy June McCabe Bruce MacLachlan STAFF

Katy Golding Laura Fayerman Rachel Deller Emily Rubin Sarah Boardman LEADERSHIP AWARDS SELECTION PANEL

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Sir John Graham Sir Hugh Kawharu Sir Wilson Whineray Judge Mick Brown BLAKE LEADERS Steven Carden Greg Fleming Neil Pavour-Smith Glen Sowry Samara Nicholas Mark Weldon Emeline Afeaki-Mafile’o Andrew Berry David McConnell Michael Redman Sarah Trotman Gary Wilson Shelley Campbell Annette Fale



2009 Sir Murray Halberg

Andrew Grant Steven Hall Tim O’Connor Dr Justin Vaughan Keriana Brooking Rebecca Caughey Julie Helson Oscar Kightley Michael Sabin Sarah Ulmer Andy Hamilton Russell Mardon Alfred Ngaro Rachel Paris John Penno Iva Ropati Ngarimu Blair Dr Renee Liang Chris Quin Jamie Tuuta Dr Karen Willcox Catriona Williams Raelene Castle Dr. Andrew Coy Rebecca Elvin Derek Handley Tawera Nikau Heather Te-au Skipworth Sam Johnson

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“Good water, good life. Poor water, poor life. No water, no life.” Sir Peter Blake

A life spent on or beside the world’s oceans instilled in Sir Peter Blake the certainty that action is needed to reverse our neglect of this precious resource. Through the voyages of Blakexpeditions, he focused his efforts on drawing attention to degradation of oceans and waterways, and the effect on the plants, animals and people who depend on them. The Sir Peter Blake Trust has bedrock programmes which carry on his work and stay true to Sir Peter’s stated goals: “to re-start people caring for the environment as it must be cared for, through adventure, participation, education and enjoyment.” Care for Our Coast, a Trust foundation programme, has involved thousands of school children developing awareness of the marine environment, and taking part in practical initiatives which encourage them to take action to safeguard its future.

Photo: Ivor Wilkins


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Over the years, the Trust has awarded the Sir Peter Blake Environmental Leader Award, an Environmental Educator Award for teachers, and sent young Sir Peter Blake Ambassadors to the United Nations Environmental Program’s International Children’s Conference on the Environment. Sir Peter sensed the growing threats to the oceans he loved and their biodiversity, including issues caused by climate change. He was able to articulate them in a way which people understood – this ethos continues to drive the Trust today.

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In conjunction with the Ministry for the Environment, the annual Sir Peter Blake Youth EnviroLeaders’ Forum involves 50 young Kiwis aged 15-18 from all New Zealand regions. Students are empowered with knowledge and confidence to take action on topical environmental issues such as water conservation and e-waste in their communities.

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Photo: Ivor Wilkins

Team New Zealand pays tribute to their leader and friend after the memorial service.

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Through his expeditions into the world’s remote places, Sir Peter Blake sought “to do something about influencing young minds”. Away from the public spotlight, where he often showed a serious exterior, Sir Peter was known for his tremendous sense of fun. This was most often to the fore when he was around young people, including his own children. The Trust’s work to promote leadership and the environment is inextricably linked to Sir Peter’s belief in the potential of young Kiwis to achieve greatness on the world stage. From the beginning, the Trust has worked with other like-minded organisations to inspire young New Zealanders to follow Sir Peter’s example, and become the next generation of adventurers, leaders and environmental guardians.

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Children who were not born when Sir Peter died now learn about his achievements and his adventures. The Sir Peter Blake Young Leader Award, conferred on a student in each primary or intermediate school, demonstrates the need for leaders to exist at every age and in every community. On Red Socks Day, students across the country celebrate Sir Peter’s leadership through exciting and fun events. The Trust is proud of the Youth Ambassadors who represented New Zealand at the UN Environment Programme’s global events from 2004 to 2006. The Antarctic Youth Ambassador initiative – launched on the icy

continent in 2007 by James Blake and Sir Edmund Hillary – takes one young Kiwi each year to a place Sir Peter found awe-inspiring, and encourages them to become as staunch an advocate for this fragile environment as he was. The Sir Peter Blake Memorial Torbay Youth Regatta, in partnership with the Torbay Sailing Club, attracts hundreds of competitors each year, with a trophy bearing the great sailor’s name as the coveted prize. The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron also annually awards one talented sailor from its youth training programme the Sir Peter Blake Award.

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Youth 150,000

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2007 Antarctic Youth Ambassador Jay Piggott

18/10/11 11:46 AM

Pippa, Lady Blake, James and Sarah Jane on Lion, New Zealand.

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Crew Sir Peter Blake knew that a successful campaign meant building loyal teams and “taking on board the knowledge and the ideas of people around you”. Qualities such as foresight, determination, and endless positivity are needed at the genesis of a new organisation which has lofty goals, and will carry the name of one of New Zealand’s heroes. Thankfully, from its inception, the Sir Peter Blake Trust has been in many safe hands. Pippa, Lady Blake, and their children Sarah-Jane and James, and the wider Blake family are dedicated to the Trust’s vision. Alongside them have been a core group of advisers including close friends and former crew-mates of Sir Peter, or people who he had met through his yachting campaigns and other adventures. People such as Don Robertson, Ross Blackman, and Glen Sowry have given countless hours of their time.


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The Trust could not have achieved what it has to date without a top ‘crew’. This includes everyone who has supported the Trust in some way – either by getting involved in its programmes, by being its champions, or by being a key Trust decision-maker. The Trust has been honoured by the illustrious involvement of Governor Generals Dame Silvia Cartwright, Sir Anand Satyanand, and Sir Jerry Mateparae, as patrons. In his racing days, Sir Peter surrounded himself with crew members who were all driven to achieve the same goal. He ensured a team ethos was at the core of the yachting campaigns and environmental voyages he led. It is fitting that the same philosophy is behind the burgeoning success and longevity of the Trust he inspired.


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“The success of anything really is dependent on the people concerned.” Sir Peter Blake

The Sir Peter Blake Trust’s financial security is based on the endowment given by the Government on behalf of all New Zealanders. Pippa, Lady Blake, Chris Mace, and the other inaugural trustees put in place a policy that the multi-million endowment would remain as a prudently managed investment in perpetuity – the income would be used to fund programmes, not the charitable Trust’s formation, or operating expenses. In eight years, the value of the endowment has grown from $3.8 to $5 million and $600,000 contributes directly into the Trust’s programmes annually. Sir Peter Blake knew money was required to develop a successful sailing venture – the sponsorship model he favoured including forging a number of long-term partnerships with key supporters. This model was adopted by the Sir Peter Blake Trust from the outset. Foundation partner Westpac manages the endowment fund, and has been a huge supporter of its programmes. Fuji Xerox and

the Lion Foundation have also become committed leading partners. Through the years, the Trust’s loyal supporters have been: Air New Zealand, ASB Community Trust, Chapman Tripp, Designworks EIG, Fairfax Interactive, Giltrap City Toyota, KPMG, Line 7, New Zealand Herald, New Zealand Community Trust, New Zealand Geographic, Ministry for the Environment, Ministry of Education, NewstalkZB,

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Services in kind, financial support, and many people hours devoted to the Trust have enabled the organisation and its important programmes to flourish and truly honour the legacy of Sir Peter Blake.

Westpac has been a strong supporter of the Sir Peter Blake Trust for 10 years. The Trust was established to celebrate and highlight visionary leadership and inspire those qualities in all New Zealanders. Leadership plays a key role in creating success in business, the community and environment. At Westpac we share these values and look forward to our continued work with the Trust to achieve its goals.

Fuji Xerox has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Sir Peter Blake through its historical support of the Americas Cup. Today, Fuji Xerox New Zealand, shares a passion for leadership and the environment, which made a partnership with the Trust a natural evolution in the journey with Sir Peter. The same kind of pioneering spirit that drove Sir Peter drives Fuji Xerox and we are proud to support the Trust and honour his memory.

George Frazis CEO, WESTPAC

Neil Whittaker CEO, FUJI XEROX



Peter Baker Transport, Porter Novelli, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Saatchi & Saatchi, Sheffield, Shift, Soar Printing, Terabyte, TVNZ, Tourism Auckland, Massey University, Wright Communications and Vortex.



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Support The Sir Peter Blake Trust is a flagship funding organisation for The Lion Foundation. The leadership work undertaken by the Sir Peter Blake Trust continues to capture the essence and heart of the man. These programs build on his legacy in a tangible manner that reinforces his mana, personal qualities and values for other New Zealanders right across the country. The Lion Foundation is proud to support the Sir Peter Blake Trust’s vision; providing a platform to recognise the contribution of others so that they too can shine on a even bigger stage. Phil Holden CEO, THE LION FOUNDATION


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“The hardest part of any big project is to begin. We have begun. We are under way. We have a passion. We want to make a difference. We hope that you and as many of your friends as possible will join us.� Sir Peter Blake

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