BiKBBI Brochure 2018

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Core Pillars / Standards & Inspection / 10

Core Pillars Standards & Inspection In essence, a standard is an agreed way of doing something. Incredibly, whilst various ‘in-house’ guidelines exist, prior to the


BiKBBI there were no independent standards to benchmark success

The Institute provides a national inspection service available

specifically within the KBB industry. Standards are the distilled

to members, par tners and the wider KBB industry.

wisdom of people with exper tise in their subject matter and who understand the needs of the businesses they represent.

We work with a number of consumer organisations in the provision

As the only institute representing the KBB installation

technical exper tise to assist key par ties to reach amicable conclusions.

industry, The Institute publish standards, guidelines and

Our network of inspectors hold a wide range of specialist

professional codes of conduct for our members.

exper tise to include fabrication, gas and electrical qualification.

Standards are knowledge. They are powerful tools that can help drive innovation and increase productivity. They can make businesses more successful and people’s everyday lives easier, safer and healthier.

of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) – providing independent