BiKBBI Brochure 2018

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Core Pillars / Suppor t & Mediation / 9

Core Pillars Support & Mediation The Institute supports its key stakeholders in a number of ways. Whether it’s helping members develop their business by

The provision of independent suppor t can help resolve

reducing commercial costs, providing advice or simply

disputes without the need for complex and costly

connecting them with new business oppor tunities, we

legal intervention and independent mediation often

understand that their success is our success.

provides third par ty clarity when disputes arise.

We suppor t our installation Standards Par tners via a number

From a wider perspective, The Institute is here to suppor t

of channels, including mediation, dispute resolution, on-

the industry better connect with front line installers

site auditing and installer recruitment & retention.

– bridging the gap and providing a clear pathway for development of products, services and relationships.