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Productivity and Building Capacity in 2013-14

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Technology is impacting our business more than ever before. Our success in contract sales will be determined, to a large extent, on our ability and willingness to invest in today's most efficient equipment and methods. Our competitors are constantly searching for advantages that will give them a competitive edge. To be successful we have to maximize productivity, while maintaining quality; fulfilling the duties set out in the cleaning schedule, while realizing a reasonable profit. Accurate pricing is key to securing new contracts. Productivity is the primary component of pricing. So it isn’t difficult to see the barriers we put in front of ourselves when we choose not to invest in, and utilize, the best possible equipment. Competitive pricing isn’t the only feature that will attract new customers. Training, references, insurance/bonding, and Occupational Health and Safety, all delivered and explained in a professional informative proposal will maximize success. The most efficient equipment and methods will also maximize profitability in existing accounts. It is true that equipment and financing costs have to be considered, but after the equipment is paid for, the savings remain and the equipment is an asset of the business. The case for investing in the best equipment is sound. Overcoming the fear of investing the money is a challenge. Realizing the benefits..................priceless! In this edition of our newsletter you will find lots of information related to productivity as well as national programs that are available to support your business. Happy reading!

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The Importance of Productivity Rates


Zone Cleaning vs. Team Cleaning

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National Supply Program

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Anniversaries & Renewals

Murray Murray Oxford, President, Jani-King Canada

See how Muthu Rajendran, Jani-King of Ottawa Franchisee, has been building relationships and growing his capacity since 2009. Full article on Page 2…

Clean Across Canada

Fall 2013

Building Relationships and Capacity Since 2009 Muthu Rajendran, a Jani-King of Ottawa Franchisee, was recently featured in Canadian Business Magazine’s May issue. The magazine’s “You’ve Got What it Takes” article series focuses on franchisee’s from across Canada who have built strong businesses. Below is an excerpt from the article (full article is available here on page 74). Ottawa-based Muthu Rajendran studied to become a mechanical engineer, but in the end decided not to pursue full professional certification in that field. Instead, he is now a franchisee for Jani-King. Muthu signed on with Jani-King in March 2009 and has since grown his business significantly. “When I started, I was doing all of the cleaning work myself and with the help of my family, for the first year,” he says, “but I can only work eight hours through the night at a building that might need 20 hours’ labour. So, I started hiring staff at the end of 2009 and gradually built up my team. I now have more than 40 employees.” Developing strong customer service, operational techniques and financial performance, prepared the franchise to be offered more contracts. Click here and go to page 74 to read the full article.

Leadership in the Community Eugene Stradecke, a franchisee with Jani-King of Southern British Columbia, is no stranger when it comes to supporting his local community. Eugene has been providing Jani-King branded jersey’s for local midget hockey team, the Kamloops Jani-King Stars.

“ Eugene is well known for his involvement and support of the local community. When we learned about his efforts with the hockey team we wanted to show our appreciation and support of him,” says Doug Weaver, Regional Director.

When Doug Weaver, long-time hockey enthusiast and JaniKing of Southern BC Regional Director, learned about Eugene’s contribution to the local sports team he wanted to show his support. Read the full article online at


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Clean Across Canada

Fall 2013

Productivity Rates What do we mean when we talk about productivity rates for cleaning? Simply put, a productivity rate is the amount of work completed in a particular period of time. The productivity rate for cleaning is the amount of cleaning done in a specific space i.e. number of square feet, over a specified period of time.

For Example… A customer has a building with 12,000 square feet of cleanable space. On average it takes you 3 hours to clean. The productivity rate for cleaning that space is 4,000 square feet per hour. To calculate the productivity rate, you divide the size of the space cleaned (12,000 square feet) by the amount of time it took to clean it (3 hours).

Productivity is about working smarter and more efficiently.

What Affects the Rate of Cleaning?

Why is Productivity Important?

There are many things that affect a rate of cleaning. Some of them have to do with the building itself: how big it is, how many people work in it, how is the building designed (i.e. many small rooms or large open spaces, whether there is carpeting on the floor or vinyl tile). The weather affects the rate of cleaning. We all know that cleaning in the winter when there is snow, sand and salt being brought in takes longer than in the nice summer weather. As JaniKing Franchisees, we have to deal with these types of factors but we have no control over them.

Why is the topic of productivity rates important to the cleaning industry and thus to the Jani-King Franchisee? The answer lies in the fact that the pricing of contracts is based on the estimated amount of time to do the work – estimated productivity rates - as well as allowances for other costs and expenses including equipment. In order to be able to sign new accounts, Jani-King’s pricing must be competitive. In order for our pricing to be competitive we must use productivity rates that are based on current industry standards. The cleaning industry has developed guidelines listing standardized productivity rates for various cleaning duties and these are available in both booklet form and electronic versions. For more information about these contact your Regional Office.

We do, however, have control over a lot of things that affect productivity rates. Some very important ones include what equipment, supplies and cleaning methods we use and how well we and/or our employees are trained to use them. When people, equipment and methods are very efficient we can accomplish the same work in a shorter period of time. When we accomplish the same work in a shorter period of time, the result is a higher productivity rate. Going back to the earlier example, if by investing in a different vacuum, it were possible to clean the same 12,000 square feet in 2 ! hours instead of 3, the productivity rate would increase to 4800 square feet per hour rather than 4000. This is not about working harder. This is about working smarter – more efficiently.

There are challenges related to providing services at higher levels of productivity and at the same time realizing an acceptable return on investment in the form of profits. Stay up to date about equipment and products that reduce cleaning times. Check out our article on Team Cleaning on page 4 of this newsletter. Watch for more information and training sessions about this topic.


Clean Across Canada

Fall 2013

Zone Cleaning vs. Team Cleaning ProTeam Backpack Vacuums

Zone Cleaning In Zone cleaning, a person works within a specific area or zone and performs every function of cleaning.

The results: • A higher margin of error since only the person doing the work is in the area • Equipment is needed for every zone • Training is more complicated since each worker must learn each task

Team Cleaning In Team cleaning “specialists” concentrate on defined tasks, for example: • • • •

A light duty specialist empties trash, captures dust, cleans boards and spot cleans. A vacuum specialist vacuums, repositions furniture, checks the quality of the starter’s work, and turns off lights. A restroom specialist cleans restrooms and fills dispensers. A utility specialist vacuums stairwells, cleans brass, glass, blinds and carpets and does periodic specialty services as needed.

Workers complete specific tasks within an area following a set work flow patter and time-schedule. Cleanable space is divided into four sections (quads).

The advantages over zone cleaning are monumental: • Higher quality of cleaning performed in less time • Easier job training, supervision, and absentee replacement • More cooperative attitude amoung workers • Much less equipment is needed


A vacuum is one of the most vital cleaning tools in a maintenance worker’s arsenal. It has the ability to dramatically improve productivity, indoor air quality (IAQ) and overall cleanliness in one well-filtrated sweep. Numerous studies tout the real advantages – economically and ergonomically – of using backpack vacuums over traditional uprights. Studies show that, when combined with an effective cleaning program, quality backpacks can increase productivity by up to 70% without adding staff. Facts about Productive Cleaning •

When using the correct tools, ProTeam backpack vacuums clean 52% faster than a dust mop in crowded and congested areas.

Vacuuming is a faster, healthier, and more efficient way to clean hard floors. Timesavings allow reallocation of workforce to other areas.

Dust mopping continually redistributes dirt and fine particulates on and into the floor, leaving scratches and dulling a high gloss finish

Using ProTeam backpack vacuums reduces overall repair costs by up to 90%.

Clean Across Canada

Fall 2013

Occupational Health & Safety Workplace Inspections – Are You Prepared? All provinces have inspectors who are responsible for inspecting workplaces and enforcing the Occupational Health and Safety legislation of that province. If you have not encountered an inspection experience yet as a Jani-King franchisee yet, chances are good that you soon may – most provinces have recently increased the number of inspectors they have. An article in the June 2013 edition of OHS Canada reported that last year, Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Inspectors conducted 5,452 workplace inspections during a 4 month period. They were looking for evidence of two things in particular: orientation, training & supervision, and safety measures in place to prevent injuries and occupational illness. Inspectors in each province are looking for the similar things - what would your response be if you were

Email Us! Send any safety related questions or suggestions to Jani-King Canada at

Did you know… Penalties for not meeting requirements can range from being issued an order to comply within a specific time period to being fined a dollar amount.

Be sure you have an up to date copy of the Jani-King Occupational Health and Safety Manual. Franchisees who complete the forms found in that Manual on a regular basis have the evidence of safety programs that the inspectors are looking for. For more information about this or if you need a copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Manual, ask your Regional Office.

OH&S Provincial Websites Each province has Occupational Health & Safety websites that provides excellent information. Click on the province below to visit their OH&S website. Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


New Brunswick




British Columbia

Clean Across Canada

Franchisees to Receive Branded Email Account! With the support of your Regional Office, Jani-King Franchisees in Canada will soon be able to utilize a Jani-King branded email account. “In today’s world of digital communication, branded email accounts will ensure professional communication between Franchisees and their clients,” explained Megan MacDonald, National Marketing Coordinator for Jani-King Canada “The email account design will be associated with the ‘’ domain and this will offer strong support for our ongoing regional and national marketing strategies.” Over the summer Regional Office staff will be contacting each franchisee to structure their email account and the expected launch will be in September.

Fall 2013

National Supply Program Three years ago, Jani-King Canada engaged in a lengthy due diligence process to select an exclusive partner to support a National Jani-King Canada Supply Program. The company that was selected at that time was Wood Wyant/SaniMarc and we are pleased to announce that the after three successful years, the partnership has been renewed with Jani-King in Canada. “The feedback received on the relationship with Wood Wyant has been very positive” stated Robert McNamara, National General Manager for Jani-King Canada “ Wood Wyant has not only offered Jani-King access to over 5000 competitively priced products, the most important benefit to franchisees has been the unparalleled access to ongoing professional operational support previously unseen in our franchise system.” Wood Wyant continues to offer monthly visits to regional offices; account starts up support, annual trade shows showcasing new equipment, cleaning supplies and processes and has recently launched a new financing program to help support franchisees. Wood Wyant has the expertise to solve many potential challenges in a cleaning contract. It can be as simple as how to be a steward of green cleaning or a more complex question of how to tackle higher productively levels or even a unique cleaning issue. To learn how the Wood Wyant partnership can help you save money and/or grow your business, contact your regional office.

Vehicle Decal Program Jani-King Canada, in partnership and coordination with your local Regional Office, is excited to announce our National Vehicle Decal program. Through this new program you will be able to create an affordable and eye-catching moving billboard to help promote your business. Here's how it all works: • • •

SpeedPro Signs is our national vehicle decal provider. SpeedPro is an idea supplier as they have locations in the same regions across Canada as Jani-King. Jani-King Canada has developed pre-approved artwork options for a variety of vehicles. The cost of decaling will be split as follows: 1/3 cost paid for by the National Office, 1/3 paid for by your Regional Office and 1/3 paid for by you, the Franchisee.

Contact your Regional Office to get started today!


Clean Across Canada

Fall 2013

Welcome to Our New Franchisees! Jani-King Canada would like to welcome all of the new franchisees who have joined the Jani-King family in 2013! • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Scott Lockhart, Jani-King of New Brunswick/PEI Mulunesh Timmesghen, Jani-King of Ottawa Abderraouf Ben Zaied, Jani-King of Ottawa Ngoc Quang Nguyen, Jani-King of Ottawa Thi Ha Le, Jani-King of Ottawa Wubalem Teklemariam, Jani-King of Ottawa Maryan Bile, Jani-King of Ottawa Emebet Desta, Jani-King of Ottawa Lal C. Cungcin and Zabor Tial, Jani-King of Manitoba Tekle Mesgun, Meslal Mesgun and Yonas Mesgun, Jani-King of Manitoba Mohammad Aziz Taheri, Jani-King of Northern Alberta Mandeep Kaur Mangat, Jani-King of Northern Alberta Lovedeep Singh Nahal, Jani-King of Northern Alberta

Anniversaries and Renewals In addition to new franchisees joining our team, we also have a number of long-standing franchisees celebrating anniversaries and renewals with Jani-King so far in 2013.

10-Year Anniversary Paul and Wendy Murray, Jani-King of New Brunswick/PEI Lien Luong, Jani-King of Ottawa

20-Year Anniversary Michal Szymanski, Jani-King of Ottawa

Congratulations and Thank You! -7-

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Spring 2016

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