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Marathon running Marathon running is a very uplifting experience as you are pushing your body to the limit to run the full 26 miles. You could be running to help raise money for charity, or even for your own personal worth. Whatever your reasoning is to run a marathon, you will need to go the right way about it by training properly. Whatever your own personal worth is to run a marathon, you will need to go the right way about it by training properly. This does not mean you should just hit the gym a couple of weeks before hand and hope for the best. Just like any sport, if you jump straight into the deep end, you will be more at risk of injury and actually not even completing the run. To help you through this, we have come up with a plan in all aspects of your training. This includes your mind, your body, what you eat and what you listen too, and hopefully this will keep you motivated for longer, and help you run and complete any marathon.


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Goal Setting You cannot expect to be able to run 26 miles without any training whatsoever, so set realistic goals. Do daily jogs of around 30-45 minutes to get your muscles used to a routine of workouts. At the end of the first week do a flat out sprint to push your body that little bit further but only for a small distance. If you set little goals, you can easily build up throughout your training programme. Maybe say by ‘6 months time, I will be able to run 10k without breaks’, succeeding will be create a positive feeling. Do not set anything unrealistic as it would not be helping you.




You need to have food that slowly releases energy, especially while Don’t under estimate the impor- running a marathon. Food like tance of having a strong stable porridge, pasta and salmon are core, which consists of the mus- very good for this. So before a cles in your front and back. Your long run, eat one of these and arms and legs use the power that you will have all the energy you comes from your core, so with need. regular core exercises such as the plank, will help you strengthen your core. When it comes to the running, you will feel a lot more listen to at ease. music Music keeps you entertained and helps you focus while you run, but if you listen to the wrong songs, it can actually not help MIX IT UP your performance! Download a You will only get bored if all you set playlist for your runs with fast, do is jogging, so once a week, motivational songs that keeps maybe try something else that you awake, your blood pumping will help, such as Pilates, or even andmakesyouhappy.Slowsongs cycling. As long as you are exer- are not the way forward, but your cising your muscles and are doing favourite songs will help you take so safely, dropping the jog once the mind of any pains you have in a while will be a good thing, on your last stretch, or make you plus it will stop you from being feel good about yourself. Simple, yet effective. bored and maybe giving up.







Plan your routes on surfaces which your joints will thank you for running on later. Tarmac road is better than pavements, or grass as the softer the surface, the less pressure you will put on your joints. As obvious as it sounds, it will help you out in the long run. Again, another obvious one, but if you are running on a road, wear bright clothing for traffic. Also, layering up is the way to go as not only will it keep you and your muscles warm, you can shed them off when you get too hot.

If you did not quite reach your target as well as you hoped, do Doing your training as part of a not get upset. All athletes have group will help combat boredom, their bad days, and also, it does but it will also help you get some not mean that you are going positive reinforcement. If you are backward instead of forward. Just struggling, your friend can give try again the next day. Also, if you you some encouraging words end up missing a session, do not and help you push yourself a panic. It does not mean that you lot more rather than individual will lose the fitness you have built training. Also, not everyone is up. Just think about the end result an expert, and they might have on what you want to achieve; the some helpful hints which you bigger picture. That is all you are might like to take on. aiming for.



do not push yourself too hard

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