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Hi guys!!

It’s your favourite (well I like to think so), fairy of all time, Tinkerbell!


As I am fluttering around most of the day, I do get to nose a little and find out some gossip, and seeing as Peter Pan is getting annoyed with me keep whispering this gossip in his ear, he asked if I could get my own gossip column, so that I can share all my gossip with you lovely readers. As if by magic, here I am writing everything that I have seen, heard, smelt, felt and even tasted that just oozes gossip! When I was collecting fairy dust the other day, I saw Cinderella eating dinner with one of the seven dwarfs. Her husband, Prince Charming, was nowhere in sight! Was this a date? Or simply a dinner between friends? Well from where I can see, they were holding hands! Maybe Cinderella and Prince Charming are not living their happily ever after? Watch this space.

I saw Jasmine and Aladdin trying to get their flying carpet to fly earlier, but it was not having any of it! Outside their home, the magic carpet would just fly a centimetre off the ground and then float back to the floor. Jasmine was getting upset as they was meant to be going round her father’s house for dinner, but it looked like they was not going anywhere! 16

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At the mine, I noticed that the seven dwarfs were at work, and then I heard a huge shout. Someone stole Docs shovel! Between the other six dwarfs, giggles and finger pointing was happening, and Doc was getting angrier and angrier! Doc then stormed off to sulk while the others all asked each other who actually took the shovel? They all started to blame each other and got into another argument! Personally, I just think Dopey should own up!

Sleeping Beauty was having a nightmare of a day today. She wanted a new dress for the ball tonight, and had asked her fairy godmothers to help her out. They argued about what colour the dress should be. Aurora’s favourite colour is pink, but she asked the godmothers to try something different. Her dress turned blue, then green, then red, and then back to blue. Suddenly, the colours all clashed together! The ball is in less than two hours so hopefully, and fingers crossed, she will have a dress in time! I overheard Ariel talking to Jasmine while shopping for some new ball gowns, and she does not sound too happy! She was crying her heart out to Jasmine saying how much she misses being a mermaid! She misses Sebastian the lobster, and Flounder her pet fish, and her dad. She keeps regular contact with them but she feels that life was so much easier under the sea. But she is in love with Eric, and so she will stay up here for the time being.


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Peter Pan was giving Wendy flying lessons, but used up all my fairy dust! He did not even ask me first, but then ordered me to find some more. So for a joke, I came back with a sack full of sand, and gave him the sack of which he thought was fairy dust. So when he tried to impress Wendy again by teaching her to fly, he just covered her in sand. Hee-hee! Luckily he did not blame me; he just thought he picked up the wrong sack! So I think I got away with it! That is it for today’s gossip! Next week, I will hopefully have some more for you!

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