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february 2011

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extreme sports not for the faint hearted; are you willing to try?

14 backstage at the cube would you dare go in there yourself and challenge the cube?

17 does size matter?

And Our Regulars...

20 the ideal woman

9 reader's letters

if you answer yes... check out this page on how to make your self esteem rise

we have made up the ideal women by using celebrities body parts and personalities together so you don’t have too

22 what women want

let the women dress you up in the way that they want; who knows what it is worth?

25 are you a social network addict?

we are all guilty of checking into facebook and twitter a few times a day, but when is it enough to be called an addict?

7 editor's letter

28 gadgets

leave this page open for your better half to see; and maybe you might get what you want this Valentines

32 film reviews

we get one of our team to sit and watch the latest films to let you know whether it is worth your time

36 ten ways...

to try and score this valentines day

38 music to our ears

reviewing the latest songs on whether they are going to be hits, or flops


February 2011 SHIFT 5


Editor's letter

Just a few letters from our readers as we like to hear what you have got to say. (Well, sometimes...)

Hi men of the great British public! It is coming up to that time of year when the dreaded V word makes its appearance.


Bethany Champion Ideal woman, (pg.20): For Valentine’s day this year, I would love if you could give my man an idea on what to cook. My ideal day would just be a romantic meal and a bath ready for me when I get home. It’s simple I don’t want to be showered with gifts but just be able to enjoy the day. together! Got a low self esteem about THE important beatrice Gallardo Do you dare? (pg.12): person in your life? Well, we knew that My perfect Valentine gift would be a ‘romantic’ there was such thing as extending it, night with my guy; staying in a good hotel with but is it worth the risk? Check out the jacuzzi and room service, some fine linens and, of investigation on whether you should put course, having a crazy, crazy night! your pride before happiness (page 20) hannah lawrence Are you a social network sam evans Does size matter? (pg.17): addict? (pg.25): For Valentines Day I would really like I’m not asking for much this Valentines day, just a everything I didn't get from my Christmas card. We have been together for over a year and I list - holiday in Caribbean, Honda FRV, Night have never recieved a birthday or Christmas card. in London with meal at the new Conran Yes I get restaurant, and tickets for a West End Show. lots of lovely presents but sometimes guys, a nice katie hoare film review (pg.32): romantic card says it all. For Valentines Day my ideal present is a big jane baker Music to our ears (pg.34): bunch of red roses. I am really traditional at I want to be blown away this Valentines day, as I heart! have had enough of roses, chocolates and teddy Matthew Brewitt Gadgets (pg.28): bears! I am not a huge fan of the V-day, and as I am Imogen Farmer Backstage at The Cube (pg.14): single, I do not actually have anyone to share I just want my sexy man, and me, in bed, cuddling it with! But the complete collection of Star and catching up on each other’s gossip as we both Wars would be what i want. are usually very busy! Charlotte Babington What women want (pg.22): I want to be treated like a princess this Valentines day, as we would have been together for nearly 2 years, and I feel that I deserve something special to have put up with him for that long! So I want the works, a nice candle light dinner, maybe a movie, I want the typical presents like chocolates and roses, and maybe something expensive thrown in the mix for the hell of it! Is social networking bad for your life? Have you ever been late to work or missed an important date due to this? Check out the investigative feature (page 25)

February 2011 SHIFT 5

I had so much time for your last issue! You never fail to crack me up...only one thing could improve it though. Your magazine would be that tiny bit better if you had some naked girls on show. Come on SHIFT you know I’m right! Cheers now. Dave, 20, Essex Dave, we will try and work on that for you in the future issues. So watch this space very closely... especially next months issue! image source:

But there is no need for the sweating to start, or for the colour to run from your faces, as we have a quick fix for you (page 28) and also, if you leave that page open, she can get some ideas for herself too!


-----------------------------I really enjoyed reading your feature on “How to earn that promotion”. I have worked extra hard for a long time trying to work my way up the career ladder, but it went unoticed. Since reading your tips and putting them to practice I am in the running for a promotion! Fingers crossed I will get it, thanks to you! Keep up the good work! Jamie Smith, 25, Liverpool Thanks Jamie! We love hearing great feedback for our magazine as we do work hard making it every month for your guys entertainment!

Roger the Robot enjoys reading your letters.

What A LAD!!

Money is tight but I still want to get the Mrs ------------------------------ a little something to open on Valentines Day. Do you think that I could get away with a gift SHIFT, your feature on are you man enough in the last issue was awful! You were trying to that we could both enjoy such as PS3’s Call of belittle us in any way you can possibly do so! I Duty: Modern Warfare 2? And maybe a box of am a very manly man, and yet when I took the chocolates? quiz, it says I was actually, very feminine. I think Lewis, 23, Lincolnshire you should fire all your writers and get someone Go for it, and then let us know how it goes so we can warn the rest of mankind where your who knows what they are talking about. balls will most likely end up... Jim, 28, Kent


February 2011 SHIFT 9

The ultimate



u o y o D ? e r a d


Ever fancied getting wet and roll over waves? Then wakeboarding is most probably be for you. Holding onto a string, and sometimes ending up horizontal or crashing and landing on your ass. It is worth getting in the sea, and going real fast on a board. It is definitely for a thrill seeker, but, it is very beginner friendly.

Rugby and Football are for pansies, try these


An activity that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic chord, sounds safe doesn’t it? You can jump from a moving object too, such as a hot-air-balloon or helicopter. The thrill comes as much from the free-falling as from the rebounds. To be honest, going head first towards the ground does not tickle my fancy, but it is definitely for anyone who wants to face death in the face.



Fancy getting cold while climbing through ice structures or formations? These ice formations may be in the form of frozen waterfalls, or just rocks covered with frozen water, but still, Ice climbing is just like any other mountaineering activity. Ice climbing is tough work, but it’s about technique as much as brute strength. It also requires skill, so if you are lazy, I would not bother.


Ever wanted to fly literally like a bird? Wingsuit flying will be the ideal extreme sport for you. By jumping out of a plane, or from a cliff hedge, your suit acts like a parachute, and you will glide down and fly like our feathered friends. Not one for the faint hearted, I would personally say at least bungee jump before you try and throw yourself off a cliff.

February 2011 SHIFT 13

n you’re encouraged to sit back, relax and watch some overarrogant teaching assistant make a n arse of himself in trigonometry and physics challenges, losing 20 grand That’s the nature of ITV1 game show ‘The Cube’, after all. And isn’t it glorious? We went

Philip Schofield:

photography by: Imogen Farmer

undercover backstage at the show’s snazzy Fountain Studios in Wembley to pose a simple audience member and discover exactly what goes on behind the scenes at this absolute beauty of Saturday TV. Before filming starts, the audience, mostly made up of lovely old dears in their 60s and 70s anxiously awaiting the appearance of the old Silver Fox, Philip Schofield, are asked to fill the rows around the studio in order to make it as ‘claustrophobic as possible’ for the poor bastards taking part. The room is filled with excitement - who will win today? Who will lose it all? Will anyone ever make it to that oh-so-tempting £250,000 prize? Who knows, today could just be the day. And so we are seated, just waiting for Philly to arrive and bring on our first lab rat. Phil comes on stage in all his shiny-haired beauty and greets the front audience members with vivacity and interest, at one point it even seems like he is actually flirting with one of the senior


his lady-wooing and then disappears for a bit while co-ordinators and ushers rush about the empty stage, some, even in The dreaded Cube making sure everything is as it needs to be. The contestants family look worried about her middling performance and chatter fills the air about what we’ve just seen. After about twenty minutes of randomers running around the set like headless chickens, we’re back in play. We film the contestant’s

reaction to the new challenge twice, probably because she’s been on break for twenty minutes and doesn’t even know what she’s doing with herself anymore. This is a toughie. With her ‘simplify’ lifeline all used up there is no way to turn. There is no option but to use the ‘trial run’,

into the box. So it doesn’t just happen in a computerised zip like it does on TV. Disappointing, Mr.Schofield, disappointing. Our contestant resumes her trial with her hands shaking as if this wasn’t voluntary. Four tries later and she’s lost it all, out of the game for simply being unable to empty a bag of balls. Such a shame. The time drags on and we are introduced to similar contestants with similar aims but very different trials. Nobody reaches the jackpot, but one person does go away depressingly early on in the game with a nice £10,000 to show for it. Nonetheless, it’s all over too fast. Each of our contestants leave disheartened by their inability to ‘beat the cube’ as Philly reminds them, generally with sad and even at one point angry family members trailing behind. It’s been a long day. Three hours filming to gain 45 minutes of TV time. The illusion of The Cube is shattered not only for our contestants with the audacity to expect a win but also for the audience. We expected magic. We expected computer intelligence to clear the space at light speed. While it was a very entertaining visit to Wembley, the contestants have disappointed me. Like the millions of viewers across the country and probably even the old dears sat in the studios, to put it simply, I could have done better.

image source:

Backstage at The B a nter: A one hour slot Cu be of the day whe

citizens he’s paid to be nice to, who gives him a kiss on the cheek and a little gift card, presumably with her phone number in it. LAD. The first contestant’s friends and family are sat near the front chattering amongst themselves and exchanging worried looks. The tension is rising as filming commences and….we film the opening sequence twice, apparently in order to ensure optimum camera angles and pretty audience faces on the show. The first contestant makes their way on stage and it’s a woman, roughly 7/10, from Leicester ready to show us her ball skills and just how good she is at balancing. Obviously the ladies and children around me don’t realise this innuendo and sit intently watching as The Cube itself if lit up and revealed. It’s a big old box, much larger than you realise from TV and it’s already intimidating. It’s easy to understand how many people screw up these challenges when plonked in this square fish bowl that is their tormentor. The first challenge gets underway: counting down seconds to stop the invisible timer dead on 10 seconds. It takes two attempts and the woman emerging from The Cube is nearly shaking. Shaking, but significantly richer than when she arrived earlier. The second task is revealed, and the third, and the fourth. Five lives later, we cut to a break before the fifth challenge can be explained. Phil goes back to

re d n u o y t n y a s a It’s e how so m stand allowing her to give the challenge a go before it actually affects her winnings. The challenge is seemingly simple: a box full of red balls must be emptied out into the cube without moving the box in a matter of ten seconds. The trial run isn’t successful. Philip asks if she is going to take the challenge anyway and in the most mind-boggling of decisions ever made, our contestant says yes. Filming halts again as she is ushered out of the cube in order for a member of staff to place all the balls back

February 2011 SHIFT 15

image source:




t is your best friend, it has always been there for you; to twiddle, stroke or just hold, but does it let you down? Are you embarrassed in the changing room? Anxious on first dates? You are not on your own, men are increasingly becoming obsessed with the size of their penis. ‘It’s not the size, it’s what you do that matters’. Really, says who? And what is normal? What would medically be considered a micropenis? The Mayo Clinic would have us believe that the average willy is just 2 to 3 inches when flaccid growing to 5 to 7 inches when erect. But we would suggest that it is largely down to personal preferences and what you would like to do with it. Many woman find sex uncomfortable with men who have large members, you need to communicate with your partner and find out if she is satisfied. There are lots of exciting moves out there and perhaps a visit to Amazon could cure your anxiety and make your gal go ‘wow’. February 2011 SHIFT 17

There are a couple of measures you could consider before you take invasive action: Trimming; cutting back on excess public hair, giving your curls a little shape not only will give your penis a neater appearance making it more attractive but could also create an illusion that it stands out more.


All these treatments apart from invasive surgery, work on the theory of getting the blood to flow faster and stronger in to the penis. The increased amount of blood in the penis will stimulate the cells there to enlarge, continuing to pump blood into the penis will fill and stretch these cells therefore causing your penis to grow fuller and longer.


Pills are an affordable way of attempting to enlarge the pet in your pants, just make sure you don’t get confused with the selection; enlargement pills, penis supplements, ones to increase semen volume or a whole range to increase your staying power. The enlarging pills work on principle of increasing the blood flow into the penis. Some pills even claim they can increase your sex drive and to give mind blowing orgasms – surely worth a try when you can buy these from £40 a month.


Penis Extenders the choice and price for these tools is overwhelming; pink, blue, want to use yours in the bath? Want a body building workout for your cock? Fancy one that vibrates and has latex lips? Promoted for either personal gratification or as a stimulator to get the blood pumping into your willy, they all look like a fun way to increase your size, but we are slightly worried about where you will store these contraptions.

milk the head of your penis. Build your routine slowly, avoid over jelquing till you get into the swing and never perform with a full erection. Cosmetic surgery is probably the answer if you require a permanent solution. There are two main procedures, depending on whether you want to increase length or girth. To achieve a longer penis a small incision is made in the lower abdominal region and the suspensory ligament is cut. This ligament holds the penis, cutting it will allow the penis to hang down more. For great results the Beverly Hills

“Will a willy workout give you satisfying growth?”

image source:

Loose the belly; loosing weight and toning up your abdominal muscles will make you more body confident, this will transfer into your performance. Also imagine succulent little boobs on a skinny bird – gorgeous. Now imagine same boobs on a larger lady – point made. Sexual experience and knowledge; whilst we are not suggesting that the more women you bed the bigger your willy will grow. A little experience will feed your confidence and make you realise that to arouse a woman you will need to do more than just present a massive tool. There are a lot of exciting moves and perhaps a visit to your local bookshop might serve just as educational as a visit to your local knocking shop.

either by yourself or by your partner as part of foreplay. Many oils heat on skin contact, which immediately stimulates the blood flow giving fast results.

Patches work on transdermal technology the same used with diet and smoking patches; the ingredients get to work quicker as they are transferred directly through your skin into your bloodstream bypassing your digestive system (the route pills have to take). Certain patches claim to increase length up to 4 inches and girth by 25% offering a money back guarantee; but the mind boggles on how you would prove they had had no effect. Creams & Oils are probably the easiest to incorporate into any love-making as these are massaged into the shaft of the penis

Enlargement exercises; will a willy workout each day to increase the blood circulation in your penis give you satisfying growth? Jelquing is a technique that originated in the Middle East. Using a ‘milking’ action, blood is forced into the penis. Results are quite quick so well worth introducing into your daily routine. As with any exercise the muscle needs a warm up which is easily achieved by gentle stroking in the bath, using a lubricate to prevent chaffing. Make the ‘ok’ sign with your thumb and forefinger then starting at the base of your penis move your ok along your shaft ‘milking’ your willy. Use both hands to get a continual motion, but do not

Surgical Specialists Clinic in Los Angeles recommend combining this procedure with liposuction or a public lift to make the penis more exposed. However, as with any surgery there are complications to consider, the cutting of the suspensory ligament can weaken the base making the penis unstable, creating a wobble movement when erect. If you want to increase the girth, then fat can be added round your penis. This is typically taken from a fleshy part of your body such as your thigh and injected into your penis. As a relatively new procedure it is essential that you find a reputable surgeon and understand that this could potentially leave you

image source:

It is also worth noting that a flaccid penis can erect from ¼ inch to 3.5 inches longer in length. So if your small willy gains an extra 9cm you are really going to pack a surprise, this real growth is more typical for smaller penis’. Often the larger willy will not increase much in size on erection.

with an irregular shaped willy, especially over time. But before you handover any cash or go under the knife take a moment at the urinal to check yourself out against others- you are probably more normal than you think. The NHS state that “Repeated studies have shown that the majority of men who request a penis enlargement actually have a normal size.” Besides being a little different will make you stand out from the crowd, make you more memorable, and as with any performance confidence is key.

Just a word of advice … be careful and be grateful as many of the products on the market can lead to erectile dysfunction a condition much more frustrating than size. February 2011 SHIFT 19

The Ideal Womanzx

Is perfection really a reality... Maybe adding together the best bits of everything


o what really is the ultimate woman? The girl with the best boobs, best bum or body so you can imagine her naked. Or is it a smile that attracts you to a girl. Here at SHIFT we have collaborated some of the most popular celebrities of 2011, known for their striking looks, or good bod. First up, as we make our way up from the bottom. We start at Rhianna’s legs, these curvaceous pins have been known to stun fans from hip to toe, surely a must on our supreme woman. Nicole Scherzinger has made it to our ‘ideal bod’ category, with her voluptuous curves but flat stomach. Nicole definitely needs to flaunt this body more! Kim Kardashian has got the booty! The ‘shake what ya mamma gave ya’ kind of booty. Well an ideal woman has to have a cheeky bum to complete the look. We’ve picked Megan


Fox as our idea look, with her seductive eyes good cheek bones as well as luscious lips. With being named sexiest woman, the winner with the looks had to go to Megan. Beautiful but natural smile is a must; this is one of the first things that always grabs your attention. Kate Hudson works her smile in all aspects of her life. So keep smiling Kate your tantalising smile has got us hooked, so you’re perfect for our ideal woman. Now Cheryl Cole may use extensions but really, we can’t even tell. Cheryl’s long curly locks are just what we needed for our supreme woman, simple yet brilliant. We know all you guys would love to run your hands through her hair. Supreme woman maybe ideal and we think we’ve really hit the spot of men’s dream girl in appearance. But guys come on these girls probably spend more

time at the gym then you do. Not forgetting the entourage of make up artists, hair stylists and fashion guru’s that follow these girls around every day. How can we forget really something that although you don’t admit to, personality is the key! These celebs could be hot as hell but without a brain, a sense of humour or some sort of personality, all is lost. So guys don’t make your girl go to the gym 24/7 and eat nothing but celery, or only aspire to get a girl with all these celeb qualities. You need a girl who makes you laugh, smile. As well as being insanely attracted to! So don’t live up to this hype of skinny and drop dead gorgeous is best. Follow your head not your penis and you to can get your hands on an ideal woman, a supreme woman just for you!


The Legs

The Hair

The Smile

Is this your Ideal Woman?

Pictures from

The Bum

The Bod February 2011 SHIFT 21



All Saints are known for there top quality t-shirts and jumpers. These t-shirts are priced at £40 each. The jumper is priced at £75

2011 has introduced an All Saints frenzy... It’s time to smarten up boys, this season The Jumper


The blazer This All Saints blazer can dress up any casual outfit, the grey matches with either light denim or dark denim, which makes it a statement piece for your wardrobe!

THE BIKER BOOT The biker boots are an aquired taste you can style them tucked into any type of jeans or plain trousres with a casual t-shirt and jacket. These rang from £130 to £175



This winter, the new accessry guaranteed to keep you warm is the snood. When moving into spring it is perfect for layering on top of your blazer instead of wrapping up in a heavy coat. Snood costs £40

A recent survey shows that 3/5 women love a man


The jeans range from £60 to £80 and have been seen on celebrities such as Dermot O Leary. The quality of the jeans is certainly worth the price. You get what you pay for


These shoes are mostly for smarter occasions, they work with jeans and trousers. As long as the jeans are a darker or grey denim. They also go brilliantly with a suit. The patent texture is also a little different to your standard going out shoe February 2011 SHIFT 23

Are you a social network addict?

How many times a day do you feel the need to “tweet� or change your status on social networking sites? Would you interrupt a date? Or stop in the middle of dinner? There is no doubt that social networking February 2011 SHIFT 25

Reader’s views – We asked you your opinion on social networking

Real life!

Matt James, 26, London “I must admit I spend a lot of my free time logged onto social networking sites, catching up with friends and uploading pictures from nights out. I don’t see the problem with that though. For me it’s a way to stay in touch with mates I don’t get to see very often.”

Meet Dan, 25 from Newcastle who got told by doctors that he was suffering with a mental illness that surrounded a dependency of online friends or online interaction on social networks. He admits that he used to spend most of the day and night online chatting with friends. “On average I would be on Facebook and Twitter at least 15 hours a day, but I never felt like I had a problem.” Mental illness specialist Dr. Paul Stevens explains the danger with this growing silent problem. “The worrying factor surrounding social network addicts is that 99% of the time the patient doesn’t think that they have a problem.” It wasn’t until Dan’s friend Mark noticed his extreme mood swings when Dan was unable to log online. “It was like he was a different person and something really bad had happened,” he said. Although Dan has now recovered from his addiction by controlling the amount of time he spends online he feels that it is an illness that needs more awareness, especially among young people.

nd a a i nd I er g y l r a n l O ea v a h an a h n t i h n C atio k l u p po boo e c a F Social networking – The facts (Clicky Media) • • • • • • 26

Facebook have recently reached over 400 million worldwide users Twitter is soon to be reaching the benchmark of 50 million tweets per day Social networking now accounts for 11% of all time spent online Only India and China have a larger population than Facebook There are 700,000 new users for social networking per day Nearly 60% of adults maintain a profile on a social networking site

Tom Brookfield, 21, Portsmouth “I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to Facebook, although I hate to admit it! I constantly use my iphone to keep an eye on the news feed to see what’s happening with my friends, even when I’m supposed to be working!” Jamie Bank, 28, Liverpool “Personally I don’t see the big deal with social networking. I do have a Facebook account but rarely ever go on it. I would much rather see my friends in person than talk to them online , where’s the fun in that?” Paul Tanner, 24, Kent “Funnily enough I don’t even have social networking accounts. All my friends think I’m the strange one for not being part of the phenomenon but when I see them smile at a friend request I can’t help but think they are the strange ones, and slightly on the sad side!

Are you addicted? If you answer yes to more than 2 of the following, you’re a social networking addict! 1.

Do you check Facebook or other social networking sites before you go to bed at night?


Is the first thing you do in the morning, log online to check out what’s happening?


Do you change your profile picture at least 5 times a week?


Are you proud that you have 50 more friends than your best mate?


Do you get excited when the notification sign pops up on your screen?


Is changing your relationship status THE scariest thing to you?


Was one of your main reasons for buying an iphone to use the Facebook app?


Is The Social Network your new favourite film?


Have you bumped into someone walking down the street because you were too busy updating your status?


Do you lie to your friends about how much time you spend on social networking sites? February 2011 SHIFT 27

The best selection of gadgets that will pretty much elevate your life to greatness.

Philips SensoTouch 3D Electric Shaver

Not only does this device provide a fantastic shave, it looks like it has been Wii Fit Workout Accessories - Wii Remote Dumbell Weights and Balance


Board Stepper

sent back through time from

technology; when this shaver

Vuzix iWear Personal Display

the distant future, presumably

takes pride of place in the


where mankind only exist as

room, people are going to

Something for those with

androids and thus have no

experience serious envy.

copious amounts of wealth,

need to shave.

Magic Wand Remote Control

these glasses provide the

The shaver has three heads

It’s a renown fat that wizards

closest experience to virtual

that follow the contours

are cool, hence why having

reality that our current

of your face

this wizard inspired controller

technological age permits.

makes you cool too. The wand

A pair of lightweight glasses

can function as a basic remote

with integrated headphones

control, but that would just be

that provide a magnificently


immersive experience.

The Magic Wand uses infra-

Basically the glasses allow

red to apply different signals Ideal for the men who prefer to remain elusive to the outside world and whom would like to keep fit via a computer game based regime, then these Wii Fit Workout Accessories provide a great, geeky alternative to the gym. Like the masses of people whom insist upon shedding pounds after new year, only to consider exercising for a few weeks and revert back to indulging on KFC, this accessory kit should provide some incentive to keep fit. The Wii weights can be applied to the Wii Remotes to make them function like dumbbells. The weights make the remotes weigh around 1kg, which does apply considerable strain during upper arm exercises, albeit making the player look pretty pathetic due to the childlike dumbbell visage. The package also comes with the Wii Stepper. The benefit of this is pretty self explanatory, having to step on and off the elevated board, particularly during the dance-rhythm games makes the experience a far more sweaty and heart attack inducing affair.

which offers a ultra-clean shave with minimal irritation. Philips enjoy describing the product with complex and sophisticated terminology such as ‘UltraTrack heads’ and ‘Aquatec seal.’ Basically these functions are so advanced that they cut your facial hair in a way that leaves you feeling transcended, or in a state of similar awe, i.e. it makes your face feel smooth.

you to watch regular films in

depending on which function

addition to 3D films too, and

you set it to change. So you

the glasses make you perceive

can turn up the volume by

that you are watching these

swishing the wand vertically,

films on a huge screen.

or swish it left to right to turn

You can also wear the glasses

the TV off or vice versa. You

whilst playing computer

can also recite spells from

games, resulting in the most

Harry Potter whilst you wave

immersive experiences in

the wand for additional ‘cool’

Call of Duty you can possibly


get, although considering the

The wand comes in its own

volatile nature of it’s fans...

“Let’s all be as cool as Harry Potter...”

I may have already mentioned

velvety case and also comes

that it looks absolutely bad-

with an authentic wizard-era

ass, with context sensitive

book and envelope.

buttons and visible computer 28

February 2011 SHIFT 29

Portman’s performance is mind blowing, as it takes the audience on a journey that will delve into your own mind, make you contemplate reality and open up the world of showbiz, and its darkest secrets. Becoming more and more like her character, the overwhelming paranoia of new and more experienced dancer, Lily (Milla Kunis) and as Nina’s developing schizophrenia are threatening to boil over and control the role she struggles to maintain. Will she find the strength to regain her fall from grace?

Quickfire with film fanatic and regular reader, James Robinson. Q: What’s your favorite movie out this month? A: I recently saw the Next Three Days and it was brilliant. Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?

A: Going to have to be Pulp Fictiom, every time I watch it I am still amazed. John Travolta is a true legend. Q: And worse film? A: The Shining bored me to tears.


With time, supplies and will power running out, Franco’s portrayal of Aron Rlaston’s harrowing true story is oustanding

Based on the true story of Aron Ralston (James Franco) and his traumatic adventure into the darkest caves of Blue John Canyon, this film will leave you with a range of conflicting emotions and undoubtedly, no longer a passion for hiking. With anger at this young man for disappearing into the wild with no word of warning and compassion until you are sick to your stomach,

James Franco delivers an outstanding and tremendously distressing performance of a young American extreme sports enthusiast trapped by his right hand under a gigantic boulder for 127 hours, in the smallest of caves in one of the catastrophic canyons, his water supply low, body overrun with exhaustion, and onlyattitude form ofnot communication his getting him is thecamcorder recording anywhere as he struggles to his supposed last maintain control. few days, to be found With no mobile phone, no companion and only the memory of two beautiful hikers he met earlier that day, his existence looks dismal, and his only form of communication is thecamcorder recording his supposed last few days, to be found alongside his corpse. Ralston’s determination will not die, and he makes the harrowing

image source:

unwanted mistake, Sayers mother pours all her energy into Nina: desperate to make her the star and have the career that she gave up for her baby.


In this intense inner battle of the self, between reality and mind, body and soul, Natalie Portman’s performance in Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan is Oscar worthy. Portman plays New Yorker, Nina Sayers, a ballet dancer attempting to cope with the lead role in the infamous Swan Lake. The irony of the title truly comes alive when Nina succumbs to hallucinations as she attempts to portray her role, and encouraged by her director, Thomas Leroy (Vincent Cassel) to explore her inner darker side, little does he realize the reality of what he is asking, and Nina falls victim to the characteristics of the Black Swan of the piece in her emotional decline. Nina’s personal life is what drives her into this role, exploring the passion, hatred, love, glamour and sex that is her Being the product of an


decision to cut off his hand. With adrenaline kicking in, you watch in horror as Ralston takes a blunt penknife to his arm and saws for his life. This film will leave you at the edge of your seats, as away by this n w lo b ly te le p m time, desperation “I was co ific reality” and humanity are story and the horr against Ralston. nco is brilliant” ra “F His will to survive the arm part, h it w l ea d t n ld u “I co ploughs through him merising” and drives him on, but the film is mes ur are cutting off yo u o y if t and as his fights to gh u o th “I in a little bit reach the beautiful rm you would be a sun that warms him was a bit more pain. That for 17 minutes a day, disappointing!” will his intense mind set him free?


February 2011 SHIFT 33

10 ways

to score this valentines day 1. Actually have a shower. This will show you have made the effort and they will appreciate this.he r than t

image source:

ce le bit ni o. t t i l t a h ud gt t lookin otice you if yo u o o G n 2. y WILL e h T . m nor

3. Take gum. Especially after you have eaten that packet of cheese and onion... 4. Pretend to listen. Chicks seem to really dig that.

5. Choose someone who is in your league. Aim to high, and you will probably end up 6. Don’t overdo on the fragrance; just enough for a whiff to hit her nostrils.



7. Wear a smile on your face. But don’t do a Wallace & Gromit; that will not help you in the slightest! 8. Don’t stutter if you end up talking to someone. The blubbering idiot is NOT a good look.

9. Make sure your eyes DON’T divert to her clevage, because a slap will be coming your way... 38

Actually, don’t be your total self. That might bore her. Use the odd impressive line like, you was the one who founded facebook or something, that will get her attention.

us wetting out pants with excitement.

Music to our ears... So what’s been going on in the wonderful world of music this month then? Tasty collaborations and some filthy beats, Rihanna and Drake - What’s my name

As if Rihanna wasn’t hot enough singing and performing alone, she’s now hooked up and created a mouth wateringly good collaboration with 2010’s best new artist Drake. With its Jamaican undertone and cheeky lyrics (as well as a very short pair of shorts in the video) it’s guaranteed to have you drooling all over the place and singing ‘What’s my name’ to people you pass on the street. A definite tune to put on the playlist.


My Chemical Romance Sing

After a fairly hefty break from the band that brought us the album The Black Parade, they’re back with a new and completely different sound. If their previous songs really blew your hair back, this new song could be a bit of a disappointment to you. With some more computer generated noises coming through in this track, it differs from their classic rocky sound their previous albums have provided us with. Still, a catchy chorus and an upbeat tempo is enough to keep us entertained for a while.

White LiesBigger than us

White lies are back and have struck us with an ominous track with lyrics that make you think and listen. The distinct voice of lead singer, Harry Mcveigh, makes it easy to tell who the culprits are of this thought provoking track are. Sounding slightly similar to their previous songs, if you’re a fan of White Lies, it is hard for it to disappoint. However if you’re looking for something a bit more upbeat and original, this isn’t for you. A decent track overall but it didn’t have

Chase and Status Album – No More Idols Saul Milton and Will Kennard make up the drum and bass duo Chase and Status and we are pretty sure you’ve all heard of them. Back with their second album ‘No More Idols’ it blows their first album ‘More Than a Lot’ out of the water. Featuring ear drum burstingly good collaborations with artists like Dizzee Rascal, Sub Focus, Tinie Tempah, Ceelo Green and White Lies this is an album which cannot be faulted. Even though the music is obviously predominantly drum and bass, each track provides our ears with different levels of drum and bass intensity. There are more relaxed tunes such as ‘Time Feat. Deliliah’ and heavier ones like ‘Hypest Hype Feat Tempah T.’ If you’re a big drum and bass fan then this album is a must.

Playlist to Reminisce Over Good Times

Deaf Havana- Friends like these

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30 seconds to Mars- Closer to the edge

Magnetic Man- I need Air

Kings of Leon- Manhattan

Jay Sean- Do you remember

Block Party- So here we are Swedish House Mafia- One

Example- Watch the sun come up David Guetta- Memories

The Temper trap- Sweet disposition

Chase and status ft plan BPieces

Calvin Harris- Flashback

Duck Sauce-Barbara Streizand

February 2011 SHIFT 35

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