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Apple's most famous line of products - the iPods, were unveiled to the public back in September, 2001. Ever since then, there is constant growth of sold units around the world. It is estimated that there are about 220,000,000 sold units of various iPod models worldwide. The iPod is so famous that Apple has introduced six generations of iPods, each new generation equipped with great new features and improvements. With time iPods have become smaller, much prettier, more functional and simply - irreplaceable. If you would like to have this extraordinary device, there is a way to get it free! Today, if you visit any Apple Store you will see that there are currently four models on the market - iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. iPod Shuffle iPod Shuffle is the smallest iPod, and it comes in two models - with 2GB and 4GB of storage. You can personalize the Shuffle by choosing the right color for you, such as black, silver, pink, green and blue -all vibrant and beautiful. This is the smallest mp3 player in the world, and has very few controls on it. The main ones are located on the earphone cord. You can store up to 1,000 songs, and manage them using your voice thanks to great new feature - VoiceOver. iPod Nano iPod Nano is a fully-featured device with great display, intuitive controls, FM player and a camera! You can choose one of 9 great colors. It is fully compartible with Nike+ system for runners, and it has a hidden microphone so you can store you own Voice Memos. With its camera, you can shoot photos and videos, transfer them to your PC or share them through YouTube or Facebook! iPod Classic There is also the biggest one - the iPod Classic. You can store a lot of photos, music, movies, games or TV shows, because it comes with 160GB of storage. It's available in black or silver. iPod Touch The most amazing product from this line is the iPod Touch. This is an mp3 player, pocket computer and a brilliant gaming device. You can store up to 14,000 songs and listen to them continuously for over 30 hours, thanks to new high-capacity battery. There are also new features like - VoiceOver and Genius. Thanks to VoiceOver you can speak with to your device and control it completely. Genius is in charge of finding and recommending songs that you will love. Since it has a big touch screen you can watch movies and TV shows on it, and battery will support you with 80 hours of video playback time. Besides this, you can connect to Wi-Fi network and surf the web, use email or you can get your current location and plan road trips with GPS. There are tons

of applications available through Apple Store (and there are over 80,000 of them available) so you can use your iPod Touch in a million different ways. Thanks to some new features like Accelerometer and Multi-Touch, the iPod Touch is a popular gaming device as well. [] is a Comprehensive guide to getting the latest technology including a free Ipod Touch, complete with video reports from major news networks. Visit today to learn how to get a free iPod Touch [].

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