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Formally known simply as "iPods" the iPod Classic was first given its new moniker back in 2007 when the new 6th Generation arrived in the stores. Since then the iPod Classic has had a further minor revamp to bring it in line with the new range of Apple Nano Chromatics and Shuffle media players. Apple have now dropped the 80GB and 160GB versions of the Classic in favour of an all rounder that sports an internal hard drive with a capacity of 120GB. This is just an upscale 80GB drive and is a smart move by Apple as the 160GB iPod was a complete flop due to the thicker casing that was required to house the larger drive. The new Apple iPod Classic 120GB still sports the new slimline case introduced back in 2007 and comes in a choice of either a charcoal black or silver anodized front combined with a polished stainless steel back plate. The hard drive on the original iPod was 5Gb that is more than adequate for even today's music head. The new iPod Classic 120GB is above most people's requirements, but hey if you got it flaunt it. Total storage is huge and will hold up to 30,000 music tracks, 25,000 photos or 150 hours of video. So the iPod Classic is not just about music these days as the person on the street requires a personal player that will cover all bases. With Youtube becoming such a popular way of sharing video clips online, it was obvious that a portable player that could store these clips would become an important addition to the gadget addicts arsenal. The best feature that has been incorporated into the new iPod is the Genius function. Should you ever get stuck for a new playlist, the Genius feature will compile a new one at the touch of a button. The new playlist is compiled by using some very clever internal software that will base the new list by analysing your listening habits. So if you have a few hundred tracks stored it will pick the ones that compliment your music tastes. But it doesn't stop there because it will also suggest new titles that can be previewed and then purchased from the Apple iTunes Store. On the whole, a great media player just got better. The iPod Classic 120GB is sure to be another winner for Apple.

The recommended price for the iPod classic is Ă‚ÂŁ179.00.

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iPod Classic 120GB - New Media Player For 2008  

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