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This Christmas season, mp3 players are going to be high on the lists of music loving kids all over the world, and parents need to be informed before they rush out to buy one. So, here is a list of some great kids mp3 players. The Apple iPod shuffle is an inexpensive, but kid-friendly mp3 player that comes in at a much lower price than you might expect for an iPod. You can pick up an iPod Shuffle for as little as £37 depending on where you purchase it. The iPod shuffle comes in five different colors (green, blue, pink, orange, and grey), has a built in belt/clothing clip, and is available with 2GB of storage, which equals about 500 songs. Apple also has a few more iPod products, ranging from the 8GB Nano for around £130 to the 160GB iPod Classic for about £175 and of course the latest iPod Touch, which will set you back about £215 for the 32GB model and £290 for the 64GB model. If an iPod isn't exactly what you're looking for, don't worry because there are plenty of other options available. The Lego 2GB model is an excellent kids mp3 player. This durable, portable music player is easy for even the youngest child to use, as it features easy-to-press control buttons, and a handle to ensure easy carrying. You can pick up the Lego mp3 player for about £35-40. Many other personal music players on the market can be found for under £20. It just goes to show that the coolest electronic gadgets for kids do not have to break the bank! No matter which kids mp3 player you choose to go with, if you follow this guide, you'll be in good hands. Remember that the best electronic gadgets for kids are ones that are durable, fun and easy to use, and come at a great price for the gift-givers.

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Best MP3 Players for Kids