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How Attraction Works For Ladies Part1 Before you read further, i would like you to take a minute as well as think about what the word attraction means to a person. By the way , I'm referring to the intimate concept of attraction... NOt gravitational attraction, etc. If you are able to , write down precisely what you think the term attraction indicates. The process of writing down your thoughts allows you to organize them (I recommend that you also maintain a diary of your experiences as you enhance in this area of your life ). There are no wrong or right answers right here , so think about it for a few minutes... And actually write your ideas down. Ok, did you do that ? Nice. So what did you come up with? a lot of guys appear to think that attraction is whenever one person desires what another person has. Some think of attraction as the result of being good-looking or otherwise "attractive". Actually , I think many people confuse attraction with "appealing ". When i believe of the concept of attraction, i believe of it mainly as an feeling. It seems to me it's more a mix of powerful emotions that come collectively to form a really , very unique new super-emotion.

However you think about this , there is a procedure that happens which keeps men and women getting collectively to have intercourse... You are reading this at this time , which is a miracle. Think from the thousands upon thousands associated with generations associated with ancestors you have had... As well as think about the proven fact that not one of these died the virgin. And not one of these died in early childhood. And then think about the proven fact that you outperform about five hundred million additional spermracers to get at the egg cell first. You are the result of , and signify , probably the most incredible process i've ever heard of.

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How Attraction Works For Ladies Part1