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St. Bonaventure University ​one of the things that's important this is why people like microgravity research and this is hype research that done on board the International Space Station and now you see me now having one of my favorite type days at work the crazy hair days I am not on board International Space and metro station i'm actually not bored Phil microgravity airplane the weightless wonder also goes the mom to comment and no i did not consider any of my flights and i am working to conduct microgravity research I've had multiple flights one of my favorites was of the one that I was a principal investigator on it was my own resurgent because it was my own idea I'm kind of partial towards it and in that flight we got to investigate the I've sold every welding in a reduced ground environment what does that mean that means I did 12 controlled explosions on the aircraft without slowing it up cool I think that's pretty cool do you have the old people who can say stuff like that or tears and they're not lying to say so um man getting the store security and the test conductors were with a pain they were like you want to do what I airplane amber where you don't worry are you sure triple check your numbers because it makes people nervous and I'm like you happen to be the one right up there flipping switches but it was extremely successful and you actually got to look at actual term allow them when you think of X with our revolving what we use it for here on earth to spot weld it also known to affect train tracks those have traits around here draft to see how things right here yeah so when a train trips break so usually gets a little gap and if there's a gap in the trap well that's bad because it can cause a train derail so how they fix train tracks is they they'll put a little capsule around like a ceramic tight container and they'll have a controlled explosion in there and and you know essentially liquefy out if the different metal worker filling it with take it off it will look rough and ugly and they'll clean it up and while I you have a new new piece of track it's amazing so I was like wow you can you said the spot welds holds you up here on earth what about taking that same concept and using it to fix spacecraft while they're in orbit or the space station cuz you know if you have the International Space Station something aside the corridor puts a hole in it that can call it the space station to depressurize I could actually kill all the people are more I mean that's how big of a problem this type of thing is it's we're always looking at ways figure out what to do how to fix it so when you're thinking about anything you would come in your daily life start thinking about how would this work or play microgravity because if you do when you go on a university you would have a chance to submit your research ideas with NASA and flies I'm more than my time or the weightless wonder I get to do some research for my research I actually got to pick a team in university students helped me out and they were under his a burst there were 18 to 22 and they have to fly on this airplane which was really just an amazing experience for them and and it was nice to me to be able to get them to do some of my work help me out with it beside that i've also been on NASA mentor so now set points engineer mentor for student-led research if it's their idea instead of mine or front of teachers in that research his teachers can do it too and flying to microgravity is just absolutely absolutely amazing it's actually the most incredible experiences of my life and I'm very fortunately she's pretty good things so what does it feel like to lord whorfin haha when you guys get the car even driving they break sometimes maybe in here a little longer and you said the wolf didn't you try me yep there's nothing like that so that's exactly what I thought it was going to feel like I was waiting for the wolf eel and you didn't get it and you know why you don't get it because you get the wool feeling this sudden change of acceleration the hawk down these pilots are so smooth you don't have the updown when they go over the top you don't need to know is it's so smooth and then it just comes down and then when it comes down and starts pulling up there you feel you feel two times of course your gravity 2 g's on you and it goes back off and does it all over now so you get about 30 second windows of microgravity between each of em you fly in a science campaign about 40 different Brad looks so um it's just incredible experience and I heard some people actually comment with something I do like to think of a better Angela a pool have a common swimming okay if you have it tell your parents who I try and find a proof Guardian and tell em what you're doing good times Yoga go to a pool hold your app get really big rap go to the bottom and then hover right about the bottom and not touching anything when you are there you are neutrally buoyant and neutral buoyancy is the best in LA we have here on earth just one flight to be in microgravity that's when we trade our aspects of the world largest cooling pool called the neutral buoyancy laboratory in Houston Texas astronauts actually put on the spacings and scuba dive and test out all the tools underwater we have a whole space station and space shuttle other macbooks underwater where we're training them to do everything um well when I'm in microgravity and I have my cave and unjust you know awesome there what we're doing my client my photo yeah we CGI sorry twist everyone just buzz like your fly what is he do all

he blows the style that's exactly was happening I am in a state of free fall because as explained his jettisoning down to earth I'm actually just inside the plane falling with it and then it's going to catch me and pull off thank goodness and do it all over again my favorite favorite part of it while one of them was to lay flat on the ground of the aircraft facedowns and watch when you go over the top because the airplanes gonna start falling away from you and it's just weird because we've never seen the floor all the way from us I mean if we job we push away from the floor so it's just was a different experience than the sensitive I also like to i use a parabola to sip upside down on the ceiling because it was you need to see everybody else focused in doing their work and completely upside down to me and i thought i was read out it doesn't mean thing was everything in space is livable workable area look at this classroom and think how much bigger this class would be if we were in microgravity you guys all be sitting in those guests right there you'd be on a ceiling on the floor or the walls finding whatever spot is comfortable the best for you to learn and work in and that's one of the really cool stuff is we can use all that up usable space for designing and doing a lot of different experiments for whatever gravity but there's a lot of a lot of different possibilities out there but the thing that I like all of us to remember is a home we love my planet Earth and you know what it's not just a fun into spaceship we're already on a spaceship in orbit from the Sun going through the universe I mean this is just fantastic and even though we build other little space crafts that can take people off a couple people this is the one we're all night and we're all on it together so whatever it is that you feel is worth your time talents and abilities or card and apply everything you have to offer two things the better this place for all of us whatever capacity that may be and do stuff do what you love you know and go pursue that because you really should your job should be fun and you should really never truly have to work a day in your life you should get paid to do you're having and just being able to make the place a better planet for all of us by contributing everything and having and just having blast in your life's too short to be otherwise but if you do like space especially if you like the engineering and science side there's some really fun opportunities whether it's doing microgravity research whether it's helping to design new space crafts or space into Landers whether it's using spin-off technologies documented for space to help improve life here on earth or even help for such as commercial partners that are going to be going just the space station saying lower court I mean I have less possibilities even if you don't like science no steering we all types in the space program so if you like it does I space for you and yes that was a pun intended so before thank you a potential I would like to show more short little videos Hmong community space center and brought up that team understand we understand and we're doing the final five hours to kill down the elevator has been used by the astronaut ever since Apollo this the rocket new mission is quite a bit different since under the next mission is go beyond one my grill either aww so before I open up to questions I need you all to do something are you look at the person i do right now look at the person on your life Phil look at yourself guess what you might have just seen the very first team to step on Mars that's right there live in the world today someone you're a from your generation possibly you need somebody here in this very classroom you guys were born at the exact right time throughout all of human history where you can have the chance to take that first step on behalf of all we what put an exciting serendipitous opportunity for you in the future not only that your generation you guys will see humans on anonymity in their lifetime that's what my team and I are working towards we will get them there so the question that becomes where do you want to be when that first team in steps how Mars you want to be the one taking the step do you want to be the one who designed their space suit to make sure they're able to survive while they take that stuff if you want to be the physiologist that made sure they have the right exercise equipment nutrition training but they're strong enough to take that footsteps and not collapse there we introduced to gravity on Mars do you want to be the engineer who helped design that land or that spacecraft that got them there do you want to be a Mission Control sitting in houston texas and getting that call your first humanoids from another world or do you want to be one of the millions of people on planet earth that are just going to sit and watch it on TV and say wow I wish I was part of that all of you can make that choice day and any time forward in your career to be part of that mission whatever capacity it is and you choose and you find is right for you so I just think it's such an exciting and amazing time to be more position right here and where you are in the world today and get to do some really fun exciting things should should you choose to so I hope you I hope you think that all that and make the best of it and they make some good choices upon things that you want to spend your time talent and ability on and with that I'd like to thank you so much for your attention so and open up to whatever questions you have just man watch local vegetation with your degrees okay so a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering a bachelor of science in aerospace studies and minors and human factors engineering psychology and math of meds a massive clients and physiology and human performance and masters of engineering spaces engineering masters of science and finance and may not be a no you do not eat all that to be Iraq excited what you do need for your degree go get a bachelor's degree in science engineering and technology and math chemistry and biology and physiology any of those get your foot in the door to doing some really

cool things if you would like learning if you want to do more guess what companies like lucky like NASA grub is going in pay for higher education don't get your master's yeah you might not have a you know a bunch of social life and some of your friends you'll be working on living out a new night school but the more things you learn the more exciting opportunities you give it a career and then the more you're rewarding for it so it's everything I've learned has helped my program in my mission and then myself with my goal so it's been fun but no you don't need six degrees is kind of crazy so so go get your bachelor's and then they come work at locking and ask them for me some pretty cool stuff yes in the back how much do astronauts get paid unless you guys are skip day that's a great question you can look it up online all government employees salaries are posted online so you can see astronauts you don't you pay great you do it for a lot of the jobs so really you want to go into aerospace and make the big bucks Emily miss let's go to defense I things defense jobs pay a lot higher than civil space sector so if you're doing wise the missiles or the darkest self through space research technology those are those are paying jobs the third salary in in spaceflight for thursday night root level engineer obviously depending on the state the starting salary say I'd like Johnson Space Center in taxes or Kennedy Space Center Florida's about fifty thousand dollars so I mean I stopped right after college is not as not bad at all you can definitely get things paid off California gets paid usually a little higher as a higher cost Colorado but yeah so it just depends on what projects you work on and stuff like SUNY Comprehensive Colleges.