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Janice Siu Internship - Sample Work

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Bird Raptor Little Falls, NJ

53 James Street Newark, NJ

Ironbound Library Newark, NJ

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Resume Education New Jerse y Institute of Technology, College of Architecture and Design [Spring 2010-Spring 2015] • Intended Degree: Bachelor of Architecture Minor: Business Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays Landing, NJ [Spring 2007- Fall 2009] • Degree- Associate of Science Awards • 3rd Place Studio for Masonry Brick Build • Design Showcase 2014 Skills

• AutoCAD, Rhino, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, Revit • Good customer service skills and phone etiquette

Experience NJIT Office Assistance, Resident Life Department, Newark, NJ [01/2013-Present] • File paper work, inputting data into Excel, answering phone and calling respective departments • Mail sorting, distribution and pick up of documents to other offices on campus

Experience CON’T NJIT Resident Assistant, Resident Life Department, Newark, NJ [09/2011-Present] • Oversee 70 undergraduate, first year residents and perform 16 professional, educational,diverse and social events per semester • Manage administrative tasks such as room inventory reports, incident reports, maintenance requests and office duties. •Enforce policies set forth by Residence Life Revel Casino, Guest Care Representative, Atlantic City, NJ [Summer 2013] • Making room, show, and dinner reservations, answering and transferring internal calls, and assisting guest with needs or information for duration of stay Involvement Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority: Community Service Chair, Member at Large [09/2012-Present] • Hold and run bi-weekly meetings, mediations and conflict resolution when needed, facilitatin community service event for entire organization NJIT Student Senate: Public Relations Committee [09/2010-05/2011] • Designing posters, fliers, and promoting events on campus through social media, Facebook, Twitter, plan and execute programed events

Raptor Site Little Falls

The design of this bird raptor site is based on movement through the site and around the large rocks and boulders on site. This design is inspired by the nature already on the site and incorporates the natural canopy of the trees. The bird raptor is designed for movement throughout the site to take advantage of the views and nature. Most of the structures are enclosed with glass or fencing so natural air and light can penetrate through. This also takes further advantage of the views from the top of the hill. Access/Path/Navigation Diagram

Site Plan Site Plan


Vehicle access to park Pedestrian pathway to site



Module Process and Development

Section A

The Modern Twin 52 James St. nEWARK, NJ There is a reason James Street is considered historic and not old. Architecture of substance has found a niche within Newark. the basis of our design can be summarized in its title, “the modern Twin.” To clarify, the intent was to emulate the architectural moved made in the surrounding urban fabric, specifically that of 50 James Street. That being said the last fifty years have rendered significant advances in architecture which cannot be disregarded. “The modern Twin” is an attempt to unite the past and present with specific reverenced for what has come before. We divided the composition into its respective parts and dissected the moves made by its architect before interpreting them with a modern framework.

Exsisting - 50 James St.


The moden Twin - 52 James St.

Section AA’


Masonry ties



Insulation Asphalt

Open-web steel joists DINNING ROOM

Steel angle lintel

Sill Air Space KITCHEN

Pendant window

Element similar to 50

Pendant Window

Skylight Anchor Bolt



Setting block


Wood floor joist with fire cut ends

Similar cutting of opening

Modern Bay A

Reinforced grouted CMU

opening Double-pane glass

Window Jamb Detail

Window Head Detail Concrete Slab Floor

Gypsum Board

Window Sill

Masonry Tie Steel Angle

6" Rigid Insulation Window Frame 3" Air Space

Window Frame

Masonry Brick

Vapor Barrier CUM

Slab-to-Wall and Window Sill Detail

Window Frame

3" Air Space 6" Rigid Insulation Gypsum Board CMU Vapor Barrier Reinforced Grouted CMU Lintel

Double Payne Glass Brick Sill


Pressure Treated Lumber

1-1/4”x3/16” twisted Steel straps

CMU Flashing w/ Weep Holes

Vapor Barrier Solid CMU

Concrete Floor Slab Masonry Tie

Window Jamb

Masonry Brick Window Frame Brick Sill

Double Payne Glass

Double Payne Window

Soldier masonry

Sill Plate

3" Air Barrier 6" Rigid Insulation

Reinforced Grouted CMU

Concrete foundation slab

Ironbound Branch Library

The Ironbound Library is designed to be multi use. The program which is based on the plan allows for each floor to have multiple uses. Closed off or more private areas are in the wing and public open space is in the center. the stairs that change directions reflects the changing enclosure system.

Newark, New Jersey

Massing Diagrams S tu d en


Program Diagram


C Res iden om tial m er ci al

Circulation & Lounging

Program space derived from plan lines

Gather & book stacks

Elevation Lines simplified from plan

2nd floor

3rd floor Key

Solitary Areas Community space





Ground Floor

East Elevation

Section B-B


4th floor

7th floor

Lobby Cafe Gallery Offices Community Room Children's Area Main Stacks Computer Lab Periodical News Room Group study Rooms Quiet Study Area Main Stair Fire Stair Book Storage Outside Deck area Bathroom Service Entrance Elevator Closet

contact: (609)903-2191

Thank You

Janice Siu Sample Work  

Sample work for internships. Undergraduate projects at New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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