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Uploading And Updating Your Site On A Web Host Uploading your site on your server is easy if you do some research. This article will help you get a better idea of what you need to do.

Some web hosting services provide you with a browser upload tool. Using this tool is fine if you need to make a quick update, but uploading an entire site with this tool is time-consuming. Organizing your folders might not be convenient with this tool. You should try it and use it only if you do not feel comfortable with a FTP account. Log in to your web host to check your statistics regularly and manage your account but use an FTP software to upload new content to your site.

Download an FTP software. This kind of program allows you to organize the content you have uploaded on your server and to upload more content. You will have access to many different features that are not available on a browser. Do some research on FTP accounts: using an FTP software is not very hard once you understand the different features. You can find your log-in information by checking the details of your account by logging on the site of your web host.

Make sure your pages are named correctly and are placed in the right folder. If your pages are not in the same folder or not named correctly, your links will not work. You need to do the same thing with your pictures, videos, CSS content and anything you want to integrate in your pages. Use an URL redirection tool if you want to give descriptive names to your pages instead of names rich in keywords.

Keep track of how many difficulties you encounter while uploading your content or trying to access your site. You should set up an error message that encourage people to email you to notify you when your site is down. If your server is down a lot, you should get in touch with your web hosting service and ask for an explanation. Do not hesitate to switch to another service if your site is down a lot and your web host cannot provide you with a good explanation or with a guarantee that these problems are going to be fixed.

Have a backup solution. Some web hosts offer extensive plans with a backup of your site on a different server, but you can save money by subscribing to a regular plan and getting a free account with a different host. Keep in mind that this solution should be temporary: if your main web host goes

down for more than a week, you will have to look for another plan. If possible, register your domain name with a different service so you are able to change the URL your domain name directs visitors to in case none of the features of your web hosting service are available.

Do more research on web hosting on use the tutorials provided by your web hosting service. Make sure you always have a backup of your site on your computer in case you run into issues with your web host. For the best Web Hosting click here

Uploading And Updating Your Site On A Web Host  

redirection tool if you want to give descriptive names to your pages instead of names rich in