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Newsletter | Issue 2 | April 2011

Left to Right: Vincent A. Eng, George C. Wu, Toby Chaudhuri, Benjamin H. Wu, S. Floyd Mori, Doua Thor

Elaine L. Chao, Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, serves as one of the honorary NetKAL Gala speakers.

The 2010 NetKAL Gala held at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C.

2010 NetKAL Summit & Gala The Network of Korean American Leaders (NetKAL) successfully hosted its 2010 NetKAL Gala & Summit event in Washington, D.C. from September 24th to the 25th! The 2010 NetKAL Gala started the weekend off celebrating the admirable achievements of Korean American leaders along with our Asian American community partners at the historic National Building Museum. With 500 guests, we were joined by an impressive group of distinguished speakers from the United States and Korea, including Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United States of America, Amb. Duk Soo Han; Former U.S. Secretary of Labor, Hon. Elaine Chao; U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Hon. Gary Locke; U.S. Secretary of Education, Hon. Arne Duncan; and, Assistant Secretary for Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Hon. Dr. Howard K. Koh. We also had the pleasure to feature fine Korean cuisine for our festivities, prepared by Korean American chefs, Akira Back, Executive Chef of Yellowtail, and Edward Lee, Chef & Owner of 610 Magnolia.

NetKAL Fellows, filmmaker, Michael Kang and attorney, Dinah Choi, also shared with the audience about the Fellowship Program. Emceeing the event were CNN Washington Correspondent, Sarah Lee, and NetKAL V Fellow, Ray Rivera, Director of External and Intergovernmental Affairs, U.S. Department of the Interior. The following day, the NetKAL Summit, an invitation-only event at The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, hosted 175 influential Korean American leaders representing various perspectives and professions, including business, politics, education, non-profit, entertainment and social innovation. This event served to challenge and inspire participants to produce ideas that would promote a stronger, more integrated Korean American community along with increasing interest in U.S. - Korea affairs. (continued on Page 2)

Table of Contents: 2010 NetKAL Summit & Gala 1-2 NetKAL V Fellowship Program 2 Sponsorships 2 Advisory Board Members of the Center 2 3 • NetKAL Advisory Council NetKAL on KTV 3 • • KEI- Sejong Society- NetKAL Forum 3 NetKAL Honored with Community • Service Award 3 News & Updates 3-4 • • • • •

2010 NetKAL Summit & Gala (continued from Page 1)

The Summit was organized with three sections, including “Developments since the 2009 Inaugural NetKAL Summit”, “Asian American Leadership Initiatives” and “Korean American Community Action Ideas”. For the luncheon, we were joined by speakers, including Norman Mineta, former Secretary of U.S. Department of Transportation and of Commerce; Bill Hwang, Founder and CEO of Tiger Asia Management LLC; Shinae Chun, former Director of Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor; Michelle Park Steel, Third District Member of the California Board of Equalization; and, Amb. InKook Park, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations. Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Todd Park, also joined us as our keynote speaker. This event concluded with a reception. We would like to thank every Korean American Leader who responded to the event and came out to inspire, network and learn from others to advance the Korean American community. Your presence truly helped the 2010 NetKAL Summit & Gala be a success.

For more information on the past NetKAL Summit and Gala, please visit:

Sponsorships Grace & Grace Foundation, Korea Tourism Organization, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Hyundai, State Farm, USC School of Social Work, Korea Economic Institute (KEI),, Yogurtland, Bright World Foundation, Belstar Group, DFJAthena, LOTTE, YoungWoo & Associates, LLC

Much gratitude to these sponsors for their generous contributions to the 2010 NetKAL Gala & Summit!

NetKAL V Fellows

NetKAL V Fellowship Program 24 outstanding individuals were selected to the NetKAL V Fellowship program held in Washington, DC and New York, NY over six months. NetKAL V Fellows included senior level government officials, leading executives from major corporations and non-profits, entrepreneurs and notable Fellows from entertainment, media and academia. The diversity of the Fellows’ backgrounds was matched by their geographic origins: NetKAL V included eleven Fellows from metropolitan Washington; nine from metropolitan New York, and one each from London, Houston, Boston and San Francisco. While matching the high caliber of NetKAL Fellows with inspiring speakers has always been difficult, we were greatly assisted by the willingness of so many notable Korean American leaders to share their time and their insights with the Fellows. Featured speakers during the NetKAL V program included media stars David Eun, President of AOL Media and Studios and Jeannie Park, former executive editor of People Magazine, news-making New York developer Young Woo, noted humanitarian Stephen Linton, Chairman of the Eugene Bell Foundation, and Obama and Bush administration political appointees including Leezie Kim, Yul Kwon, and Grace Chung Becker who provided valuable commentary on the development of Korean American political influence. The diverse class of NetKAL V Fellows included: Ray Rivera, Deputy Associate Director for Policy Outreach of the White House Council on Environmental Quality; Esther Lee, Director of Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the U.S. Department of Commerce; and Eugene Lee, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Mayor of New York City from the government side. Chung, Deputy Assistant General Counsel at USAID and Catherine Shin, Rule of Law Officer at the United Nations, represented governmental agencies in the international sphere. CEOs included restaurant franchiser Michael Kim of Atlas United and commercial property owner Randy Sim of Satsun Corporation. Other Fellows include filmmaker Michael Kang (“Motel,” “West 32nd Street”) and Grace Sakong, Associate Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather advertising. Financial sector Fellows included Andrew Chung, Managing Director of The Carlyle Group, Stephanie Lee, Senior Vice President at Neuberger Berman and Edward Kang, Managing Director at Studley, the real estate services firm. The full list and profile information for the NetKAL V Fellows can be found at

Advisory Board Members of the Center Phillip Chang, President & CEO of Yogurtland Franchising, Inc; Shinae Chun, Former, Director of Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor; Marilyn Flynn (ex-officio), Dean of USC School of Social Work; Bill Hwang, Founder and CEO of Tiger Asia Management, LLC; Eliot Kang, Inmost Partners LLC; Bennett Kim, Managing Principal of Big Rock Partners LLC; Stewart Kim, Managing Partner and Founder of PGP Capital Advisors, LLC; Jong Kul Lee, Member of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea; Suok Noh, Managing Director of Structured Products Group - Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities Div. at Goldman, Sachs & Co; Kyung Yang Park, CEO of Harex Infotech; Dr. Jung Uck Seo, Former, Minister of Science & Technology; Haluk Soydan, Director of the Hamovitch Center for Science in the Human Services and Research Professor of USC School of Social Work; David Eun, Former, President of AOL Multimedia and Studios

NetKAL Advisory Council

Abraham Kim, Vice President of The Korea Economic Institute (KEI); Aiyoung Choi, Independent Management Consulting Professional; Bill Hwang, CEO of Tiger Asia Management LLC; Daniel Yun, CEO of Belsture Group LLC; David Eun, Former President of AOL Multimedia and Studios; David Kim, CEO of Baja Fresh and Fresh Enterprises; David S. Kim, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs of U.S. Department of Transportation; Don Liu, Senior Vice President of General Counsel and Secretary of Xerox Corporation; Ekwan Rhow, Partner of Bird Marella, Boxer, Wolpert, Nessim, Drooks & Lincenberg Law Firm; Eliot Kang, CEO of Inmost Partners; Evans J.R. Revere, Senior Director of Albright Stonebridge Group; Grace Becker, Former Assistant Attorney of General, Civil Rights Division of U.S. Department of Justice; Grace Niwa, Principal of Niwa Public Relations; Hasung Jang, Dean of Korea University Business School; Heon Deok Yoon, CEO of Intelog Consulting; Jeannie Park, Former Executive Editor of People Magazine; Jun H. Choi, Former Mayor of Edison, NJ; Kyung B. Yoon, Executive Director of Korean American Community Foundation; Kyung H. Yoon, CEO of Talent Age Associates; Leezie Kim, Deputy General Counsel of U.S. Department of Homeland Security; Michael Yang, Founder & CEO of; Mike Joo, Chief Operating Officer of Global Markets of Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Perry Ha, Founder and Managing Director of DFJ Athena; Phillip Chang, President & CEO of Yogurtland Franchising, Inc; Phillip Shinn, Partner of Fox Rothschils; Sam Yoon, Executive Director of NACEDA (The National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations); Shin Choi, Designer & CEO of Shin Choi and Yarnie by Shin Choi; Shinae Chun, Former Director Women’s Bureau of U.S. Department of Labor; Steve Choi, Founder & CEO of I.L. Creation of Maryland, Inc; Stewart Kim, Managing Partner and Founder of PGP Capital Advisors, LLC; Suok Noh, Managing Director of Structured Products Group - Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities Div. at Goldman, Sachs & Co; Timothy Haahs, President & CEO of Timothy Haahs & Associates, Inc; Tony W. Lee, Partner of One Rock Capital Partners LLC; Youngsuk Chi, Vice Chairman of Elsevier B.V; Yul Kwon, Former Deputy Chief of Consumer & Governmental Affairs Bureau of Federal Communications Commission

NetKAL on KTV A documentary on NetKAL was aired on January 3, 2011 in Korea on KTV, the Korean C-SPAN channel. Titled “Do You Know NetKAL?,” the program featured some of our very own Fellows. This documentary was filmed in Los Angeles, Washington, DC and New York. This 58-minute special covers topics from Korean American leadership, to the experience of being a NetKAL Fellow, to NetKAL’s future horizons. The program’s narration and subtitles are all in Korean language, with most of the Fellows’ interviews in English. Hopefully you will all get a chance to catch a glimpse of these amazing Fellows! For the video clip of the interviews, visit

(Featuring: Helie Lee, John Suh, Richard Park, Monica Macer,Michael Kang, Stephen Suh, Ray Rivera, PJ Kim, Stephanie Lee, and Catherine Shin)

KEI - Sejong Society NetKAL Forum On January 27, 2001, the Korea Economic Institute hosted a panel in Washington, D.C. on “how to get a political appointee post” in conjunction with the Sejong Society and NetKAL. Despite a huge snowstorm which cancelled most Washington, DC events, the panel attracted an intrepid standing room only crowd of 80 to 90 persons.  Featured speakers included: David S. Kim, Deputy Assistant of Secretary of Transportation; David L. Kim, Former Chief of Staff of U.S. Mint; and Leezie Kim, Deputy General Counsel of U.S. Department of  Homeland  Security. NetKAL

Fellow Ray Rivera, Director of External and Intergovernmental Affairs of the U.S. Department of the Interior, moderated. Organizer, KEI Vice President and NetKAL Advisor Abraham Kim noted that “The discussion was rich and response tremendous on how to get more Asian Americans in the decision making posts in government.  The panelists were very generous with their time and many participants stayed after to chat with them.”   The January panel was an outgrowth of an informal NetKAL Luncheon, held earlier at KEI.   Kim plans to hold more of these tripartite leadership forums in the future, possibly once a quarter.

NetKAL Honored with Community Service Award The USC School of Social Work’s Network of Korean American Leaders (NetKAL) Fellowship Program was among the honorees feted by the Korean American League for Civic Action (KALCA) during the organization’s 10th anniversary gala on June 16, 2010. Sandy Kim, executive director of KALCA, said her group included NetKAL in its anniversary celebration for its dedication to growing and supporting public service within the community. “NetKAL has been a front-runner in tapping and developing individual Korean American public service leaders and creating a sustainable infrastructure for ongoing community support for public interest-driven projects,” she said. Read more about this news on the USC News page:

News & Updates NetKAL I Update On September 23, 2010, Grace Choi had her daughter, Samantha. This past February, Alexander Kim was hired by the Southern California Gas Company (A Sempra Energy Utility) as a Public Affairs Manager (West Orange County) & Asian Liaison for the Orange County region. Because of his new job, he moved back to his hometown in the Orange County region next to his family. He writes, “I have worked and lived in Los Angeles for the last 10 years but I wanted to be closer to my family and spend more time with my nephew & niece.” As a recent graduate of the Graziadio MBA program at Pepperdine University, Alexander wanted to get more active in his Alma Mater. So, he got elected as the only Asian Pacific/ Korean-American Councilmember of the Graziadio Alumni Network of the Los Angeles Chapter. His appointment would serve to add more diversity to the panel network. Bennett Kim writes, “Same job, same title, no awards, no new ventures... I'm doing twice the work for one-third the pay... Still in LA, still single, no children, no pets... I did go on a date, though... Learning to be a dope b-boy... I love NetKAL.” Jany Lee was featured in the National Assembly Review, May 2010 Edition - Global Korea. She also planned and organized an OC Delegation to Korea, consisting of the O.C. Chair of the Board of Supervisor Janet Nguyen, CEO of the County, Tom Mauk, Garden Grove Councilmember, Andrew Do, and 20 other business and community leaders including the President of ACS - Xerox Company. This was a first trip to Korea for many of the participants including the CEO Tom Mauk. It was a wonderful opportunity to not only strengthen the businesses relationships, but to learn of potential opportunities for them to utilize some of these business practices and new technologies here in Orange County. After completing his Global MBA program and graduate internship at Booz Allen Hamilton, Jason Park landed a full-time consulting gig at IBM Global Business Services, beginning August of 2010. He initially moved to the Washington D.C. area temporarily for graduate school, but after finding a great church and gaining experience with government agencies on a federal level, he’s made a decision to stay there in the long term. Over the past year, he also had an opportunity to return to Barcelona, Spain for a consulting engagement with a powersports company and flew back to Los Angeles to co-emcee the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement Conference. In May 2011, Richard Park will teach a civil pretrial practice seminar at Handong International Law School in Pohang, South Korea. Jane Yoo is essentially doing the same type of work under a new company, Clarus Research. Jane and her husband had their first child, a girl, in 2008. ********************************* NetKAL II Update Sunny Cho is thankful for surviving another election cycle. James Han and his wife, Ahee, had their first child on December 11, 2011. His name is Elijah Joon Hee Han.

Teddy Kang earned the 2010 "Top Biller" award for VincentBenjamin firmwide. Carol Kim has recently joined Health Net, Inc. as manager of its Corporate Communications. Paul Kim is the host and producer of Beats Per Mnet ( Check out his Youtube channel,, and his new website Helena Ku got married in April 2010 in Paris, France to NetKAL Fellow, Gene Rhee. Grace Song started City of Diamond Bar as Senior Planner on January 2010. She also got married in December 2009. For Phil Yu, this year marks the tenth anniversary of Angry Asian Man. He was featured on the November 2010 cover of KoreAm Journal. ********************************* NetKAL III Update Joni Byun went to Korea last July with eleven other NetKAL fellows selected as part of the Overseas Korean Foundation's 13th Future Leaders Conference. Roy Choi announces, “New baby boy! Barely made it into the Year of the White Tiger. January 18, 2011.” Adrian Hong was a visiting Associate Professional Specialist at the Center for Information Technology Policy of Princeton University. Adrian also got married and moved to New York. Angela Hong was promoted to Director last year and participated in the 13th Future Leaders Conference for OKF. She now anxiously waits for her first puppy (welcomes advice). Christine Hong at Google, Inc. has taken on a new role as Head of Android Partnerships for Asia Pacific. She also has identical twin daughters and they are already 2 years old! Janice McCall relocated to Pittsburgh, PA. She writes, “Got the best yellow Labrador in the world (named Tank), started the doctoral program, and most importantly-- celebrating the birth of my first child! Vivian Reese =) Cheers to the year of the Tiger (2010) and Rabbit (2011).” Gene Rhee writes, “Last April, I won the Lottery by marrying Helena Ku, who is also a NetKAL Fellow.” Tad Yo writes, “Turned 39...Enough said.” Hanna Yoon writes, “We entered our birds in a Pets on Modern Furniture photo contest. We won our round (thanks to everyone who voted!) but lost ultimately by judge's decision to a dog with a clown face. Next year we are going to borrow our cousin's dog for the photo.”

********************************* NetKAL IV Update Nick Bosco joined forces with a few friends to launch a brand of fashion called Rock Paper Scissors. The premier season of specialty graphic knits and licensed apparel can be seen at Marshalls and TJMaxx Stores nationwide. For a sneak peak into the spring line of fashion, join our Facebook page, ESP Apparel. "Like" the page and we'll keep you up to date on the progress of the company and the brand. Esther Chae’s honors include: 2010 Asian American Trail Blazer Award by NYS Governor Paterson, 2010 University of Michigan Emerging Artist Alumni Award, and 2010 King Chavez Parks Visiting University of Michigan Professorship. She just moved to Santa Monica, CA and her wedding will be on October 2011! She has had a successful 2010 tour of So the Arrow Flies in NYC; Washington, DC; Imola, Italy; and, University of Michigan. She writes, “Now working towards adapting stage play into a film ("The Arrow") using animation + live performance for online distribution and early stage collaboration with The Lab at Harvard. I am looking for many other collaborators (producers, animators, multi media makers and lovers) so holler and drop me a line if you'd like to get involved... I never thought I'd travel to Africa twice within 6 months. First, to help build the first film academy in Abuja, Nigeria. Then, to travel to Tanzania, to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Roadmonkey expedition, where I was proposed to at Uhuru Peak summit at break of dawn by adventure philanthropist Paul von Zielbauer (featured in Dec.'s O magazine). After the climb, our expedition team built a fuel-efficient kitchen for a primary school in rural Tanzania. (Yes, in that order).” Julie Chang started a new job as the Head of Investor Relations at Azentus Capital. In the summer of 2010, she relocated to Hong Kong, and will get married in May 2011. She writes, “My life has been full of change!” David Chu got married last December to Esther Lee.

Asia HQ is in Singapore so she will be going to the East more often than before. Sarah has also sent her older boy, Jason, to a boarding school (high school) in Princeton, NJ last September. Although his school is only 1.5 hrs from NYC, she remembers crying the night before Jason's departure at the family dinner table. Now, it has been almost 5 months and Jason is doing well socially and academically, and he manages his daily life efficiently. He comes home from time to time when he has long weekends and breaks. Sara and the family have visited him a couple weekends ago and took him and his friends out to a Steak House nearby for dinner. She still can’t believe how much he has grown. Sara will try to step up after her move and her little one's high school placement are settled. Jenson Ko participated in the 1/2 marathon this past year. ********************************* NetKAL V Update Frank Aum is currently on detail in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Asian and Pacific Security Affairs. Sophia Hong has recently been appointed Director of Planning & Operations for Nickelodeon (MTV Networks/Viacom). Michael Kang writes, “In addition to my work as a filmmaker, I have begun teaching film writing at Towson University as well as workshops on television writing at The Writer's Center. It's exciting to be able to help others realize their dreams of becoming successful storytellers... My daughter did dong in the potty for the first time two nights ago!” As of January 1, 2011, Samuel Kang was promoted to General Counsel at the Greenlining Institute. He is the organization's second general counsel, succeeding legendary public interest attorney, Bob Gnaizda. Christopher Kim began his new employment at the World Bank of Department of Institutional Integrity as a Senior Investigator in March 2011.

Sandor Hau is currently Managing Director and Head of the High Yield Distressed Group at Nomura Securities.

Kendra Lee was selected into the 2010 Future Executive Director's Fellowship hosted by the Nonprofit Roundtable of Greater Washington. She also got married on March 19, 2011 and will be moving to Los Angeles.

Hoon-Jung Kim has been appointed Senior Vice President & Assistant General Counsel of Citigroup Global Markets.

Stephanie Lee was selected by the Council of Urban Professionals to join their 2011 fellowship program.

Kevin Kim is about to acquire a language institute (English, French, and Spanish) in midtown Manhattan. He also just joined the Board of Directors for the Korean American Community Foundation (KACF) in NY and is working on a weekly talk show.

Ray Rivera recently got engaged to Suzanne Gelderman. He also purchased a condo in Dupont Circle, so he is fully committed to the Obama reelection and staying in DC for 4 more years! He has been able to stay involved through Abe Kim at Korean Economic Institute. Ray has sat on two KEI panels, both well organized and well attended, for political appointees. Ray also write how he “also did an advance screening of Michael Kang's movie at KEI, but I unfortunately missed Karaoke night!”

Sara Kim became a JCI (Joint Commission International) business representative as of January, 2011. JCI wants to promote the state of the art Korean hospitals in the international hospital community, so they have appointed her to be a sole representative to Korea. JCI

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2011 NetKAL Newsletter  

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