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Lower Providence Republican Committee Meeting October 6, 2010 Meeting called to order by Jim Van Horn @8:07 pm. (following LPRC Election Phone Bank) Attendance – Gloria Corcoran, Chris DiPaolo, Barbara D’Onofrio, Marie Dotts, Jim Dougherty, Carole Gaugler, Doug Hager, Janice Kearney, Glenn Landis, Nancy McFarland, Jonathan Perrone, Linda Tyson, Jim Van Horn. Proxies – Kathie Eskie (Maria Shackleford) Colleen Eckman, Erin DiPaolo Absent – Kim Bursner, Charles Mandracchia, Eric Frey, Neal Basile, Approval of Minutes – Motion made by Jim Dougherty, 2nd by Glenn Landis to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried. Treasurer’s Report – Presented by Linda Tyson. $.11 to be added to total. Motion by Doug Hager, 2nd by Glenn Landis to approve report. Motion carried. Advertisement committee, including Kim, Colleen, Neal, Janice, and Doug, commended by Jim. Over $5000 has already been collected and more money for ads to be received. ELECTION 2010 A. MCRC – Reception and dinner event November 21. Tickets available through Doug or Jim. B. Area IV – Phone banks. Doug encouraged people to come out to make calls. Phone calls made from 6:30-8:00 before meeting. C. Lower Providence Township Day – Great location, many people stopped by. Rafferty, Kampf, and Meehan all attended. D. Shannondell Meet the candidates - Friday, October 8 meet and greet candidates in the Bradford building. Toomey, Meehan, Rafferty, and Kampf will attend. Call Glenn Landis to RSVP. E. Oktoberfest – Sunday, October 10, 2010 IBEW picnic grove 12-4 1. Ad Book – Doug Hager, happy about the response, more ads than previous years.


G. H. I.

2. Picnic Food – Nancy McFarland, food is ready, centerpieces complete and music reserved. All is ok. Please arrive @10:30 to help set up. 3. Beer – Jim VanHorn working with Austins for better price. 4. Decoration – Chris DiPaolo will bring decorations etc. 5. Baskets – Gloria Corcoran, 20 baskets complete working on others. Still looking for gift certificates. Need 50/50 tickets. Doug may have some from last year. Campaign Updates – Polls are tightening. Rafferty and Vereb are confident, doing ok. Kampf vs. Drucker is a tight race. Jim suggested giving Vereb, Rafferty, Toomey and Meehan each $500 for their elections. Because Kampf has less resources and a tighter race he suggested giving him $1000. Corbett is not in need of extra. Jonathan Perrone motioned to give money to candidates, 2nd by Nancy McFarland. Approved. Independent Voter Outreach – Nancy and Chris volunteered to come up with additional literature etc. Sign Blitz – Important to get out signs, dems signs out already. Newsletter – Sent out one week ahead to include Independents. Mailed from MCRC will need volunteers from the committee to stuff/prepare literature. Jim will inform committee members about time.

LOOKING AHEAD 2011 election we will need two supervisors and five school board member candidates. OLD BUSINESS – Nothing NEW BUSINESS – Janice mentioned that Victory Center will send out paid post card. (Jim FYI – I talked with people at Victory Center yesterday and the only mailer they are planning on sending out now is one for Corbett and it is a post card) [JK note: Victory 2010 was offering to let committee members address & sign ‘remember to vote’ cards from the Corbett campaign, for which they’d pay the postage. Nice way for committee people to keep their names in front of their voters at no cost. Several committeepeople took advantage of the offer].

Motion to Adjourn – made by Glenn Landis, 2nd by Marie Dotts, motion carried. Linda Tyson (Acting Secretary)

Lower Providence Republican Committee Oct 2010 minutes  

minutes of LPT republican committee 10-10

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