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......... LOWER PROVIDENCE REPUBLICAN COMMITTEE MEETING March 9,2011 Meeting was called to order by Chairman Jim VanHorn at 7: lOpm Attendance - Neal Basile, Kim Bursner, Gloria Corcoran, Chris DiPaolo, Erin DiPaolo, Barbara D'Onofrio, Marie Dotts, Jim Dougherty, Colleen Eckman, Kathie Eskie, Eric Frey, Carole Gaugler, Doug Hager, Janice Kearney, Glenn Landis, Charlie Mandracchia, Nancy McFarland, Jonathon Perrone, Linda Tyson, Jim VanHorn. Proxies - none Absent - none Approval of Minutes - none given Treasures Report - none given Endorsement - Process was given by Chairman Jim VanHorn. Each candidate will have three minutes to make a presentation, than time for questions and answers. Candidate for Auditor - Mary Ralston There were four candidates, - Dick Dean, Janice Kearney, Jason Sorgini, and Jill Zimmerman. Each candidate will draw a number as to order of presentation. Janice Kearney was given the courtesy of going first, since she is a committee person. After all had given their presentations, votes were contented by Kathie Eskie, Eric Frey and Doug Hager. The endorsed candidates are - Jason Sorgini and Jill Zimmerman. The other candidates were thanked for their time and interest. Motion to Adjourn LPRC meeting and convene joint meeting with Worcester Republican Committee to endorse school board candidates.- made by Kathie Eskie, seconded by Neal Basile, motion carried. 7:35pm. Next Meeting - April 6, 2011, 7:30pm, I.B.E.W. Respectfully Submitted,

Kathie A Eskie, Secretary

Lower Prov Republican Comm 3-9-11 endorsement minutes  

notes from 2011 candidate endorsement meeting

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