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1 Montgomery County Republican Women’s Leadership General Meeting Minutes May 10, 2012 Attendance: 22 members, 8 proxies- Quorum present Evening Meeting at MCRC Headquarters Call to Order: Chair– Gayle Michael called the meeting to order at 5:35 PM Minutes: Reviewed minutes from the January 19, 2012 meeting. A motion was made by Marilyn Vaccarello and seconded by Nancy Becker to accept minutes. Motion passed. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Nancy Becker reported a balance of $12,150.91. A motion was made by Katherine Rauch and seconded by Maria Gibbons to file report for audit. Motion passed

Committee Reports Harrisburg: Kate Harper updated us on legislative activity - Voter ID: the law has passed and will be enforced in the 2012 fall election. The law is being challenged by the ACLU, but if anyone needs help with obtaining acceptable ID, they can contact their state representative. Absentee ballots need only the last four digits of your Social Security Number - Castle Doctrine: this has been enhanced to include the workplace but does not include the “stand your ground” feature as in Florida - Marcellus Shale Impact Fee: passed. Forty percent will go to the local government in impacted counties for road improvement and social services. Sixty percent will be used statewide for increased DER and hazardous material mediation activity - Budget: on target to be passed on time for second year. Should be done by mid-June - Kate emphasized how critical GOP turnout will be in the fall election and urged MCRWL members to work hard for increased turnout County: Brittany Tressler reported that MCRC is working to diversify locations to increase volunteer participation in the upcoming election. Chairman Kerns has been devoting his time and energies into paying off all of the MCRC debt and he has been successful. Tom Smith for US Senate Headquarters is located at 800 Pennlyn-Blue Bell Pike in Blue Bell for those wishing to volunteer. Nominating: Committee Chair Vera Andryczyk reported. According to the minutes of the June 24, 2011 meeting three directors, Kate Harper, Liz Havey and Lynn Wolfe were elected to a oneyear term expiring in June 2012. The committee is pleased to report that they have all agreed to run for another term. The nominating committee proposes the approval of the three directors for another term of service. Submitted by Vera Andryczyk, Liz Havey, Alma Jacobs, Pat Mosesso, and Brittany Tressler. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept this recommendation. By-Laws: As a March 28 email notified our members, a By-Laws committee was created and chaired by Regina Durante to broaden our mission statement ahead of the publication of our new directory. Also serving on the committee were Jenny Brown, Kate Harper, Mary Podlogar, Nancy Becker and Marcy Toepel. The old mission was "The mission of the Montgomery County Republican Women's Leadership is to educate and develop qualified Republican women to serve at all levels of government and to be concerned with the needs and issues of all women." The

2 proposed new mission statement is “The mission of the Montgomery County Republican Women's Leadership is to help identify, mentor, educate and promote qualified Republican women to serve at all levels of government; to proactively identify, examine, and address women's issues within the political sphere, and to raise funds to financially support women candidates.” After a period of discussion the motion to approve the new mission statement was made by Regina Durante and seconded by Pam Levy. Motion passed. Our counsel Liz Havey suggested the By-Laws committee reconvene to examine the By-Laws to see if they need further clarification. Membership Committee: About 50 letters were sent to former members asking them to rejoin which resulted in 7 memberships. Mary Shorley has pins for those members. Our fiscal year begins July 1, 2012 and we are now accepting renewals and applications for membership. Renewal membership checks should be sent to Nancy Becker, 1798 Meadow Glen Drive, Lansdale, PA 19446. Application to WL membership should be sent to Mary Shorley, 1523 Sandy Hill Road, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462. Membership dues are $100, 65+ $50.

Old Business: Seminar/Mentoring Session: Liz Havey reported that this successful session was held on March 8, 2012. Jaqueline B. Baker, PowerPrez, Inc., President was the featured speaker along with State Rep. Marcy Toepel, Anthony Spangler and Dr. Richard Kauffman. The session was well attended and considered to be very useful to those running for office. MCRWL Directory: Mary Podloger and Regina Durante are almost finished with this MCRWL tool. It will be published in hard copy hopefully by our June, 2012 meeting and we will include it on a future website. MCRWL members are encouraged to utilize the talents or our members. Chairman: Gayle Michael reported that we received thank you notes for our donations to Risa Ferman and Marcy Toepel New Business: June 12, 2012 Fundraiser: This event will be held at 6 PM at the Evviva Restaurant, 1236 Montgomery Avenue, Narberth, PA 19072. Tickets are $100/$180-couple. Sponsorships are available. Our speaker will be the distinguished Dr. John Templeton, Jr. Dr. Templeton is the president of the John Templeton Foundation and is a world-renowned author, philanthropist, surgeon and influential Republican. Our chair for this event is Lisa Marie Brody. She can be contacted at 215-272-0385 for more information. We look forward to a strong MCRWL turnout! Funds Allocation for Kate Harper: it was moved and seconded that $500 be donated to Kate’s 2012 campaign. Her May 20, 2012 event at the Moreland House was announced. MCCRW 80th Anniversary Dinner: A motion was made by Alma Jacobs and seconded by Karen Guerra that MCRWL purchase four tickets to this milestone event. While the mission of Women’s Leadership is to be centered and focused on mentoring and financially supporting women candidates, we relaxed that mission due to the milestone 80th Anniversary event. Motioned passed with tickets to be allocated to Gayle Michael, Pam Levy, Regina Durante and Brittany Tressler The next meeting will be Tuesday June 19, 2012 at 5:00 PM at MCRC. Light refreshments (wine and cheese) will be served. Meeting adjourned at 6:45 PM. Kate Harper moved and Nancy Becker seconded.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Guerra, Recording Secretary

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