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The Real Deal about Male Enhancement Supplements Male enhancement supplements are all over the place, from late night television to magazine advertisements to spam on your email. But what exactly are they? Also known as penis pills, male enlargement supplements are dietary supplements formulated to help support male sexual function. These pills vary in their exact formulation and how they were manufactured but high-quality male enhancement supplements use time-tested aphrodisiac herbs combined with other natural substances to increase erection quality, reduce premature ejaculation, increase orgasm power, reduce recovery time, boost libido and stamina, restore youthful hormonal levels, and support the production of healthy sperm. Unfortunately, the credibility of the male enhancement supplement industry has been damaged due to a lot of bad press caused by a number of inferior, knock-off penis pills. You can avoid getting scammed by doing research and consulting male enhancement product reviews. A high-quality male enhancement supplement is formulated with precise amounts and combinations of ingredients that help increase blood circulation to your penis, particularly to the erectile tissues that are found in a cave-like structure called the corpora cavernosa. Male enhancement supplements share some of the same benefits of Viagra and the other prescription erectile dysfunction medications but they are in a league of their own. Unlike Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra, male enhancement supplements are naturally formulated, are more affordable (in cost alone and in savings from doctor consultations), and are generally safer to use. The number of male enhancement supplements you take on a daily basis varies from product to product and depends on the potency of the ingredients and the size of the pill. Don’t assume that “more is better.” Follow the manufacturer's recommended dosage. Even though most formulations are safe, it would be unwise to take multiple pills at a time (unless it says so on the label), particularly if the product contains potent ingredients that affect blood flow. Even if you don’t experience any ill effects when you overdose, the excess and unused supplement is wasted and excreted from your system. Provided you chose a high-quality product, you should experience results within the first few weeks of supplementation. You should notice an improvement in arousal, climax, erection quality, semen density, and stamina. As you continue taking the penis pills over the next few months, these improvements will continue to build up. However, since no penis pill can provide you with permanent enlargement, you’ll have to take the pills regularly or during days when you need them. Consult your doctor first before trying any penis pill, particularly if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

The Real Deal about Male Enhancement Supplements  

Learn basic facts about male enhancement supplements, including what they can do for you, how often you should take them, and when they take...

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