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Frames of Thinking to Aid in Your Male Enhancement Quest Men who find themselves “inadequate” now have a very convenient solution to their problem in the form of natural male enhancement supplement. Male enhancement supplement such as penis pills, especially those made from herbal ingredients, have been proven to increase one’s manhood and sexual virility resulting to the sprawling market for the products that we see today. However, there may still be men out there who may be skeptics or are simply too cheap to spend money on these so-called male enhancers. If that’s the case with you, my friend, then read on. Here are three male enhancement tips-frames of thinking that can help the “average-sized” man (or even smaller) attain a measure of growth in both length and girth of the penis. These are strategies that have had positive results on woeful men for years, even centuries, as you’re about to find out! “The Best Things in Life are Free” To apply this frame of thinking, keep this adage in mind: Once I master the male enhancement exercises, techniques and movements that have been proven effective, then I don’t have to spend a cent on male enhancement products that promise to do the same! The ancient technique of Jelqing is easy to learn and at the same time genuinely effective. Jelqing originated in the Middle East and was allegedly used by Arabic men to enlarge their penises. Basically, it’s an exercise where you repeatedly “milk” your penis from the base to just behind its head, using only your thumb and pointing finger. Take note, Jelqing and similar techniques can be done as part and parcel of any full body wellness program that involves the rest of your body. “Fat: my Penis’ Worst Enemy” This is frame of thinking is simple, healthy and sanitary to boot! Fat—especially around the pelvis, creates what is known as a "pelvic fat pad”. Not only is it an unsightly mound of fat, but it actually obscures your penis, creating the illusion that it is indeed smaller than it actually is! Consequently, a trimmed abdominal area is much more conducive to the appearance of size of your package. It’s much like grooming—better appearance leads to better attraction and overall better results. “Cross-training is the Fastest Way to Success” If you are small and feeling insecure about your size, one of the best ways to build fast is to use a simple series of cross-training exercises. Incorporate the trusted Jelqing technique and pelvic contractions one day, some light resistance and traction the next. A flexible approach is a good way to optimize your gains, as like any other exercise regimen. Whatever your male enhancement plan is, stick to it! Soon enough, the laughing behind your back will stop and the jaws of women will drop! Remember, in the realm of male enhancement, knowledge is power!

Frames of Thinking to Aid in Your Male Enhancement Quest  

Knowledge is power. With the correct frames of thinking, any man can achieve his desired results in his male enhancement quest.

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